MLW Fusion ALPHA #6: TJP vs. Alex Shelley, Fish vs. Moriarty

MLW Fusion: ALPHA featured more opening round matches of the Opera Cup with TJP vs. Alex Shelley and Bobby Fish vs. Lee Moriarty.

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MLW Fusion ALPHA #6

October 27th, 2021

2300 Arena – Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

The End of Your Bargain

We start the show in Cesar Duran’s office where he is talking to the MLW National Openweight Championship pondering what she should do with it as men have fought wars for gold but he has an idea what he should do with it. On the Thanksgiving episode of Fusion, the championship will have a new home through the miracle of violence, and we will give thanks to him. King Muertes shows up in the room with his new Caribbean Championship and tells Duran he did as he asked and now, he must fulfill the end of his bargain. Duran asks Muertes if he understands there must be a sacrifice and he says yes, as Duran hands Muertes over a wooden box that he opens, and sees a light shining out of.

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round: Lee Moriarty vs. Bobby Fish

Moriarty has an insert promo saying that now he represents AEW, but the pressure isn’t something that will stop him, and he will walk away with the Opera Cup. As Fish goes to the ring, the crowd chants ‘Undisputed’, as this newly signed AEW wrestler makes his MLW debut. Fish tries to start with kicks, but Moriarty dodges them. Fish takes Moriarty down to the mat a couple times before keeping him in the corner with kicks. Moriarty comes back with arm drags as they go to fight on the apron. Fish gets knocked down but trips Moriarty off the apron while he was distracted a bit by the referee. Fish stays in control on the outside for a bit before throwing Moriarty back inside. Moriarty comes back with some offense and pin attempts, but Fish is able to quickly hit a Dragon Screw and a low clothesline for a two count. Fish turns a suplex attempt into a sleeper hold, but Moriarty runs into the ropes and hits a double stomp to the arm of Fish. Fish comes back with an exploder suplex to Moriarty on the ropes. Fish hits another kick and suplex for a two. Moriarty tries multiple pin attempts, but Fish traps him in the Fishhook to get the submission victory. Fish goes on to face Davey Richards in the Semi-Final.

Winner: Bobby Fish by submission at 12:21, to advance

After War Chamber

Emilio Sparks caught EJ Nduka in the parking lot and asked him about his relationship with The Dynasty. Nduka says CONTRA Unit thinks they are running the show and he respects Alex Hammerstone and says maybe he can pay him back with a title shot after War Chamber.

MLW Coming Up

·       Nov. 3rd – Sea Stars in Action

·       Nov. 6th – MLW Live in Philly (2300 Arena)

·       Nov. 25th – MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving

Tankman is Out

We were supposed to get Calvin Tankman vs. Gino Medina, but as Tankman was getting interviewed backstage about needing help from Alex Kane and King Mo, he ended up getting jumped by them and attacked with a wire with a metal piece that ends up opening Tankman up and bleeding from the face.

Los Parks is For the Children

We go to some trick-or-treat tips from Los Parks. They show off ‘the gringo’s candy’ and say they name confectionaries after our solar system and that it’s a stupid gimmick. They say Mexican sugar is so pure, so magnificent and that’s what they should be giving out instead. They said they hook that shit up, and when you roll to their crib, they got those big, fat, king-sized bars as they respect Halloween and as Wu-Tang say, this is for kids. A masked guy walks past their promo time and they jump him and ask what is this idiot doing wearing a mask of that hairless snake Konnan before pulling it off and attacking him some more, saying the candy is for the children not cosplaying Konnans.

Still a Mercenary

We go to Cesar Duran who is backstage on the phone as Mads Krugger interrupts him and says he doesn’t answer to anyone. Duran says Fatu has fallen and Hammerstone is champion so what will he do now and tells him to win the world heavyweight title from Hammerstone and reminds me that he was a mercenary and Krugger says he still is before heading over to the ring for his match, but Duran tells Krugger he needs to return to his roots.

Warhorse is Coming Soon

We get a fire-themed promo for Warhorse that says he is coming soon to MLW.

Don’t Cut the Line

Emilio Sparks stops Willow Nightingale at the merch booth and asks her for an update on her condition after being attacked by Holidead. Willow says she’s a bit traumatized from it and says she needs a minute as she gets on the phone with Cesar Duran, and he makes a match for her vs. Holidead. Willow tells Sparks not to cut the line next time.

Dr. Dax (w/ Holidead) vs. Mads Krugger

They give an update that Calvin Tankman was transported to a hospital after his attack. Krugger kicks and clotheslines Dax, followed by a splash in the corner and a Full Nelson front slam for the pin and the quick win.

Winner: Mads Krugger by pinfall at 38 seconds

Krugger gets on the mic and tells Hammerstone he hopes he enjoyed that display of violence and there is no challenger for the Black Hand of CONTRA which prompts Budd Heavy to come out.

Mads Krugger vs. Budd Heavy

Heavy comes out with a chair, but Krugger knocks it out and delivers a big boot followed by his Full Nelson front slam again for the pin.

Winner: Mads Krugger by pinfall at 22 seconds

We Eat Chair Shots

We get a video from 5150 with Konnan who says since they took out Injustice, they now want Los Parks. Slice Boogie says he will eat chairs if they swing them, and Rivera says 5150 vs. Los Parks is a big-money match and they will sacrifice them.

War Chamber Update

They announce for the War Chamber match on November 6th, that Josef Samael has added a mysterious Sentai Death Squad soldier to his team in CONTRA Unit making it 5 on 5 so Alex Hammerstone has to find two additional men to join his team with Richard Holliday and EJ Nduka. Alicia Atout is backstage with Hammerstone who says it’s time to finally put a nail in the coffin of CONTRA Unit and says that he and Holliday will challenge CONTRA to a tag team match. Holliday comes in with his face all wrapped up and nobody can understand what he says, but he does say something to Atout that upsets as she smacks him and storms off.

My Name is nZo…

We get video from TMZ Sports with nZo (Enzo Amore) who says he is coming to MLW to have great matches with great opponents as he is seen watching MLW and checking out the talent.

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round: TJP vs. Alex Shelley

They start the match locking up and trading wrist locks and pin attempts with Shelley coming out in control. Shelley continues with wrist locks trying to slow TJP down, but TJP comes back with a wristlock of his own. TJP gets Shelley in the corner with a boot wash, but Shelley fights back working on TJP’s left arm. TJP hits a crossbody to Shelley on the outside as they go to the commercial.

They are back in the ring when we come back, with TJP in control. Commentary mentions how Alex Kane is waiting to enter the Opera Cup as an alternate if Calvin Tankman isn’t medically cleared to continue. TJP keeps Shelley down on the mat with head scissors locked on Shelley’s neck. Shelley fights back with strikes, but TJP bounces back with a sharpshooter into the Muta Lock. They fight back and forth but Shelley hits a running knee to TJP in the corner, a tornado DDT, and a frog splash for a two count. They fight back and forth again with TJP hitting a low drop kick on the knee of Shelley. They trade strikes from their knees to their feet until Shelley hits a superkick, but TJP hits an Enziguri himself and hits a boot wash before going to the top. TJP misses the Mamba Splash as Shelley puts on a cross-arm breaker. TJP turns it into an STF, but Shelley puts on a crossface. TJP rolls Shelley up and holds on to the rope for leverage and gets the pin and the win. As of now, TJP will face Calvin Tankman in the semi-final.

Winner: TJP by pinfall at 14:46, to advance

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