BTWA #14: WWE King of the Ring (2002) w/ Chad Gelfand & Chris Jeter

BTWA #14: WWE King of the Ring (2002)
Photo Courtesy: WWE


Martin Bushby & Andrew Thompson are back with another round of Wrestling Adventure. This month they are joined by Chad Gelfand & Chris Jeter to go back to WWE King of the Ring 2002.

The three talk about the show’s build-up with Steve Austin “taking his ball home”, Hulk Hogan’s brief run with the Undisputed title, the period’s decline in ratings and house show attendance, and the infamous “Plane Ride from Hell”.

They talk about Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam opening the show, the rise of Brock Lesnar, and this being the last time we would see the concept as a PPV event.

Finally, they talk about other available wrestling of the period, Xavier Woods recent King of the Ring victory, and more.

Photo Courtesy: WWE


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