POST NEWS UPDATE: Tamyra Mensah-Stock talks being at NXT 2.0, fans chanting “USA” for her

Tamyra Mensah-Stock on her NXT 2.0 experience, Mick Foley on how he deals with heat from WWE, Will Ospreay note, Toni Storm and more

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** NXT 2.0 ring announcer Alicia Taylor went live on Instagram with Olympic gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock. Tamyra was in attendance for this week’s NXT 2.0 and shared her thoughts about the show and the crowd.

It was really fun, it was intimate, the crowd was incredible. I love that support that they give the athletes. Yeah, it was great and the athleticism that all the wrestlers displayed [chef’s kiss gesture], loved it.

When she was shown on-screen, the crowd began to chant “USA” which made Tamyra emotional.

I cried [when the crowd started chanting “USA” for me]. I felt very emotional, it was awesome. It was very touching. I was not expecting that. It was — I loved it. I loved it, it was awesome.

Mensah-Stock is the first Black woman from the U.S. to win gold in wrestling at the Olympics. She was asked what message her win sends to the Black community and here was her response:

I feel like it sends a message of you can do anything you put your heart — you basically can do anything you set your mind to. I felt like this was a goal that I knew that I could accomplish and nobody was going to stop me and I knew I was making history when I got into the finals and anything could have happened but at the same time, I wanted to be in control of my story and I need people to know that. You’re in control of your own story. No one’s gonna stop you from doing what you put your mind to and no one’s stopping me and I got it. I don’t got my gold medal right now but, ain’t nobody stopping me and nobody should stop you.

** Highspots Wrestling Network hosted a virtual signing with Mick Foley. Foley touched on his past remarks about WWE that do not favor the company. He recalled a situation in 2014 when it was suggested to him that he had heat within WWE. Vince McMahon said he didn’t care if there was a conflict or not and requested that Mick appear on TV to promote Seth Rollins versus Jon Moxley at Hell In A Cell 2014.

Hey, a little inside info about having heat in WWE: When I came back, I did a promo, one of my favorite promos was with [Jon] Moxley and Seth Rollins and they were looking for a way to put a little extra emphasis on the Hell In A Cell match and someone suggested me and then they heard that I had heat with the company and Vince [McMahon] said, ‘I don’t give a damn if he’s got heat. Can he make it more interesting? Give him a call’ so, I’m not really too concerned about upsetting people. I think overall they appreciate what I did and then all my — anything I say is done with their best intentions in mind.

Mick has spoken at length about his friendship with Becky Lynch. He recounted the time when Lynch asked for his thoughts about possibly using ‘The Man’ nickname

I got into the backseat of the limo because WWE sends us by limo and Becky [Lynch] said to me, ‘Mick, I’m thinking about calling myself The Man. What do you think?’ And I was like, ‘That’s money’ so, I was one of the first people that she bounced that idea off of. She debuted it the next Raw and the rest is history.

All Elite Wrestling has been partnered with KultureCity since their start. Foley connected KultureCity founder Julian Maha and AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes to get that relationship started.

Hey, for those who don’t — this is a pretty cool, a little insight. KultureCity is an organization I had worked for and volunteered for and contributed to. They do a great job on helping people [on] the spectrum reach their full potential and the gentleman Julian Maha, his name, brilliant doctor, wanted to know if he thought I’d be able to get AEW connected and doing things for sensory free environment for children who might be — or adults too –might be having difficulty with everything around so I sent a message to Brandi [Rhodes]. She said, ‘Yeah, I’d be happy to talk to him’ and that organization has become [tight], the two of them, AEW and KultureCity so thanks to Orange [Cassidy] for doing that [donating]. I’m just so happy that-that relationship has been really beneficial.

** The latest guest on the All Real Wrestling Podcast is Jeff Cobb. While looking back on his time in Lucha Underground, Cobb shared that he is planning to publish an autobiography about his career in wrestling.

I had such a blast at Lucha Underground. Like you’re talking about pros and cons. The pros was like that locker room was so — it was so fun. We all hung out after the tapings, we all hung out during the tapings, you know, so it’s a great — it was a great time for everybody and like, because it was a TV show, they had great catering so I can’t complain about that. But you know, the cons was it —  for me personally, it was a TV company so, I felt a lot of times a TV company kind of stepped over the lines and was kind of bleeding into the wrestling aspect of it and I mean, I’m sure you remember all the headlines about, you know, wrestlers getting lawyers and whatnot and it was just one of those things where it’s like I wish it could have been handled differently where we didn’t have to go public with those kind of things but, I mean, at the end of the day, they’re gonna do what they wanna do. We’re looking out for our livelihood essentially. I was kind of bummed the way it ended but, I mean, the four seasons that I spent there were definitely magical. I’ll definitely have more stories whenever I write my autobiography so, so stay tuned for that.

At Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view in 2018, Jeff Cobb went one-on-one with newly crowned AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page. Cobb feels that ROH could have done a better job of promoting their match. That led to Cobb and Hangman going into the bout with a chip on their shoulders.

The Final Battle 2018 is like myself and Hangman Adam Page were wrestling for the [ROH World] TV Championship and I felt like we didn’t get as much, I guess — I don’t know. ‘Buzz’ isn’t the right word but like just notoriety for that match leading up to it or leading up to the pay-per-view because you know, I feel championships should definitely be — because that’s what people are fighting for in pro wrestling so I feel like they could advertise us a little bit more so I think we went in that match with a chip on our shoulders and we just wanted to pretty much kill and then come back through the curtain and be like, ‘Yup, follow that guys’ and I think myself and Adam Page did it.

Cobb was in the opening match for the ROH and NJPW G1 Supercard main show. He was supposed to work Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport that week, but Ring of Honor did not want him working the event.

I’m excited to do a Bloodsport with fans. I tried to do the one in 2019, but Ring of Honor was like, ‘Uh, you’re in a very high-profile match, in Madison Square Garden [at G1 Supercard] but I did attend the Bloodsport show. That was one of the — actually the only show that I wanted to go watch was Bloodsport and that was — it was such a blast. I was so jealous that I couldn’t partake, but I get where Ring of Honor was coming from. It’s like I’m not gonna fight that too much but man, the atmosphere and the matches on that show was ridiculous. Yeah, I was sad I couldn’t do it but I was happy I was there.

He credited PWG for boosting his stock value. He feels that most of his current success should be attributed to the opportunities he was afforded in PWG.

I did Lucha Underground before I ever did any PWG shows but, the only downfall with that was Lucha Underground, I was under a mask so nobody really knew who Jeff Cobb was. They only knew the character that I portrayed. But when I got into PWG and I did that first PWG show against Chris Hero and my booking inquiries went up like a thousand-fold and it was such a surreal feeling because like, I’ve known of PWG for a while prior to working there and the, you know, the reputation that they have of it’s an all-star wrestling roster so, being able to debut for them and being a part of that roster, it definitely bumped my stock value up tenfold so, I definitely always attribute it to — like my success now, definitely attributed to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling held an online meet-and-greet with Will Ospreay as the featured guest. While discussing some of his favorite venues to wrestle in, he said he’s going to retire at Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. Ospreay added that in three years, he’ll retire in that arena.

Ryōgoku Sumo arena just because it was the first arena that I ever performed in-in front of Japan. Indeed [it was the match against KUSHIDA], which is — I love this venue because I’ve only lost one match [in it]. In my five years in wrestling in Japan, I’ve lost one match in that venue and that was to KUSHIDA. So it’s kind of been my good luck charm in a weird way and the main reason I love it is because when I was living in Japan in my apartment, I could look out of my apartment and I could see Sumo Hall arena every single time so it was the best time. Like, if they went, ‘Oh, we got a show in Sumo arena,’ I would get out and I would walk to the venue… It was so easy. Ryōgokus the best venue. I love the Tokyo Dome and I love Korakuen [Hall] but there is just something magical with me about Sumo arena. The moment I walk through those doors, it just feels like something big is about to go down.

Ryōgokus my all-time favorite, got a special place in the ole’ heart. I’ll retire at that venue. I’ll make it my thing, I’ll retire there. In three years time, I’ll retire.

He dove into his transition from a junior heavyweight into a heavyweight talent. Ospreay said there’s certain moves he can’t or won’t do because it brings him pain such as the ‘Robinson Special’.

Eating [was the biggest challenge when moving up to the heavyweight division]. I’m not even joking. Eating so much food to try and put on mass. I think if anybody saw me when I first came into New Japan Pro-Wrestling, I looked more like I worked in Tesco rather than a professional wrestler. So, actually stacking on the weight, learning about how my body works was a hard bit but it’s also just like understanding that my body now does not move in that way. I actually was watching some stuff… but now, even watching me from back then, I could see things I wish I could do now and I just can’t do it anymore because I’m too big but my body is a little bit more protected. I say that, I’ve just come back from injury but just like, it’s just finding out A, how your body works and realizing what your strengths are compared to what your weaknesses are. Like when I was a junior, my strengths was my speed. I still have that kind of speed and that agileness but I’ve realized that my elbows are a lot more damaging than a standing Shooting Star Press and this isn’t — it’s not like the standing Shooting Star Press doesn’t do damage but just not enough as a pure elbow to the jaw. So that’s a habit I guess was the eating and learning about how my body now can’t do certain things.

I can still do some of the things. It’s just — I can’t do the Robinson Special anymore, like the double spin kick, I can’t do it anymore. It ruins my lower back so, it’s all just — and once again, it’s just trial and error. I didn’t just jump to heavyweight and instantly succeed. I fell on my ass a few times and then you know, just gotta get the reps in. So, it’s about just keep doing it.

Ospreay spoke about the status of the independent scene in the United Kingdom. He says the scene was flourishing and then whenever a talent got some buzz, they were signed immediately. He did throw Ricky Knight Jr. and Dan Moloney’s names out there as two talents to keep an eye on.

Wow that’s hard because I just — it is like a legitimate, legitimate question. I honestly — there are so many guys that I could say but they’re just — I don’t wanna say missing something but it’s almost like there is points and elements that they are missing and it sounds so stupid because I don’t know how I end up becoming a star. I just stood out in a crowd. I did things like the Assassin’s Creed jacket and stuff like that. I just don’t see anybody doing anything. But I will give credit where credit’s due, Ricky Knight Jr. is — as much as I can’t stand him, he’s a hard worker. He puts in the work and he wants to learn, he wants to get better, he wants to be a part of New Japan as well so I’ll happily shout him. Dan Moloney as well actually now that I think about it. It’s just for me, it was like — and it’s not a dig before anyone goes nuts and there’s — I can hear it now. It’s all gonna be over Twitter drama but this is gonna be one of those things where I say the U.K. scene was flourishing really well and then like, every now and again when a guy does really well, they just get swiped up by either like NXT UK or any promotion but I can’t blame ‘em because it’s money, do you know what I mean? I love money, everyone loves money. You guys like money? Everyone likes money. So it’s a case of sometimes it’s just like any type of time a star is about to go, they just take it and go over there so that’s why sometimes I haven’t really got an answer and once again, it’s not a dig. It’s literally just like that’s just how it is.

** Longtime WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel guest appeared on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw. Chimel spoke about the way he announced Edge to the ring. He added that one would think WWE would bring him back seeing as how Edge is back on the talent roster.

The truth is me and [Jimmy] Korderas, when we were driving together all the time, if somebody did something stupid which was usually every 20 minutes or so, one of us would say, ‘Wile E. Coyote, suuuuper genius!’ You know? When somebody did something stupid. So then when Super Crazy came to WWE, I started announcing him as ‘Suuuuper Crazy’ so then when Edge had the Rated-R Superstar, I just added a little bit more to it and more to it and he really loved it which you can’t blame him. I mean it’s the greatest announcement ever, but you know, that’s how that got started and he always wanted me to announce him when he was there, which of course now that I’m no longer with the company of course you would think they would bring me in to do that but I guess they don’t.

Chimel began ring announcing for WWE after Bruce Prichard saw Chimel announce a show overseas. Chimel joked that Prichard is the smartest man in wrestling for recognizing his talent.

You know, I think that was Bruce [Prichard]. I think so because I was overseas and ring announcing there and I think it was the first time Bruce said — I don’t know if they did a pay-per-view there but you know, back in those days, it wasn’t like a big TV type of thing but it was something on TV, something like that and Bruce really liked my announcing and thought I did a good job which you know, even better.

He was the smartest man in the business [for recognizing that]. Anyway, next thing I know, a couple months later they asked me if I wanna start announcing on TV and stuff like that so, you know. That was just the beginning of me becoming famous I guess.

There was a running joke between Chimel and Vince McMahon where Vince would act surprised that Tony was still employed by WWE. Tony was released from the company in late 2020.

Yeah, he [Vince McMahon] always used to say that to me. He said, ‘Chimel, you still work here?’ So the one time I’m — he says, ‘Chimel, you still work here?’ I said, ‘Well not really Vince but you’re still paying me’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna have to look into that’ and I said, ‘No! No! Easy Vince. That’s okay.’

While Chimel went over how he got his start in wrestling as a member of the ring crew, he mentioned that from what he understands, once Vince McMahon Jr. took over the company from his father, Gorilla Monsoon and Arnold Skaaland got lifetime contracts.

Ah, my boy [Mike] Chioda. Yeah, well, we were all friends together [Chimmel, Chioda & Joey Marella]. I think Joey knew Chioda a little bit more than I did at the beginning so, when Gorilla [Monsoon] I guess owned part of the business, it was Gorilla, Phil Zacko, Arnie [Skaaland] and Vince [McMahon’s] dad and when Vince’s dad died, Vince took over and I think he bought out the other three or whatever and the story I heard was that I guess Gorilla and Arnie got lifetime contracts with the company.

** Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon and SoCal Val welcomed Kiera Hogan onto GAW TV. Towards the end of Kiera’s run in IMPACT, there was a segment when she was tossed into a trash bin and pulled out a trash bag that had “Mickie” written on it. Kiera was not aware that Mickie James was coming to IMPACT Wrestling when the segment was taped. According to former IMPACT creative team member Tommy Dreamer, Kiera’s last match in IMPACT was going to be against Mickie.

I didn’t know anything! [about Mickie James returning to IMPACT Wrestling]. I did that promo and then they didn’t say anything and I was like, ‘So what does this mean? Like is anybody gonna tell me? No? Okay.’

Lisa Marie Varon spoke about her transition from WWE to TNA. She was excited to work with some fresh faces but added that the money was not good.

When I saw TNA, I got obsessed with Awesome Kong and Gail Kim and I was like, ‘Oh my God, these girls are freaking kicking ass’ and I was like — when they offered me a contract, I was like, there was so many women that I’d never faced and I was just like, ‘Yes’ and the pay wasn’t great, I’ll be honest with you. It was not like WWE.

** WWE Deutschland’s interview with Toni Storm aired on their digital channels. Storm spoke about the transition from NXT to the main roster. She said the women’s locker room has been very welcoming and specifically mentioned Liv Morgan as someone who helped make things smooth.

Everything is different I would say. The whole thing. To be honest, it’s been a totally different change to my entire life. Now I’m back on the road after barely traveling for such a long time, and yeah, it’s just everything there. Everything down to the people, the way it’s run, everything. It is completely, just completely the opposite. Just completely different and it’s been quite an adjustment trying to figure out how to find my feet in the roster but it’s been cool. There’s been — a lot of the girls have been really cool and really welcoming and helped me backstage. Liv Morgan’s been really cool, you know? When I first got to SmackDown, she was there and you know, she’s right there with advice and help, a lot of the girls are like that though. Everyone’s really cool and I feel like I’m in a really good place, a really good place to start on the main roster so yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

** G4tv relaunched and WWE’s Xavier Woods will be hosting his own show on the network. He told CinemaBlend he’s hoping that he’ll be able to have wrestlers outside of WWE on the show such as AEW’s Adam Cole.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m hoping that it’s not [out of the question] because I think that it would be a great opportunity to show that when people sit down and break bread together from different places, everybody can win. I’m not sure the ins and outs of things like that, but I am definitely hoping that we see a little bit of [holds up Adam Cole t-shirt]…some of that. So if we can re-link up with some Da Party stuff, that’d be great.

** Ethan Page partook in a virtual signing hosted by The Asylum Wrestling Store. During the meet-and-greet portion of the signing, Page expressed that he feels there’s “big money” in a feud between Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky & Page) versus S.C.U. (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) given their history with Scorpio.

And honestly, I feel like there’s such big money in Men of the Year versus S.C.U. if that was ever possible but I don’t think Christopher Daniels is ever allowed to team with Frankie Kazarian again.

Scorpio and Ethan have been paired with Dan Lambert on-screen for several months. Ethan has enjoyed working with Lambert and being aligned with the MMA fighters that Lambert brings into AEW.

Oh it’s amazing [being paired with Dan Lambert in AEW]. He’s got like a wealth of knowledge in wrestling, even though he hasn’t been in the wrestling business in a while. He’s been a fan his whole life so he’s bringing in stuff from decades past that I might not even ever seen or heard of and then plus, he’s such a big fan that he has the biggest amount of respect for what we do that collaborating with him has been amazing, and then obviously the fighters that he brings in. You’re talking about main event stars just popping up on AEW. We had a UFC contracted fighter [Andrei Arlovski] wrestle on an AEW pay-per-view on Saturday.

** Torrie Wilson is listed as one of the investors for ‘SageSpot’, which is a next-gen content creator platform. Wilson, along with Larry Fitzgerald and Tom Brady invested into the service. Forbes spoke to Wilson about the venture and her relationship with WWE. Wilson said every time she goes back, she thinks she’s scratched the itch for a while but when the company calls again, things get exciting.

Every time I go there I say, ‘I think I’m good for a while,’ then low and behold they call you up and you’re like, ‘OK, this sounds exciting,’ and it’s like a family reunion. I probably speak for a lot of retired wrestlers who go through the same thing. I think I’m good for now, but when Vince (McMahon) calls, you never know.

** MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone was interviewed by Joey G. of Wrestling Headlines. Hammerstone provided an update on how his ankle is doing after suffering an injury at Fightland. Hammerstone did compete at MLW’s War Chamber tapings.

I’m doing good, now. The thing was ankle injuries is they kind of nag on for months, you know, I’m just being smart, you know, keeping [my brace on while wrestling] and things of that nature. And as far as did it redirect what we’re doing that night? Um, you know, slightly here and there. I had to adjust my game and what I was doing, but I was very committed to finishing the match the way I wanted to. There was a time when it was like, ‘Okay, well, do you just throw in the towel? Do you just, you know, take it home early?’ But it was just like, ‘No, these people have been wanting this main event for years.’ I’m going to deliver that main event.

Hammerstone reflected on his time as a part of The Dynasty in MLW alongside MJF and Richard Holliday. Hammerstone says that was the most fun he’s had in wrestling.

From the time I stepped in, I was just really excited. I knew it was a big opportunity to start proving myself and right off the bat I got paired with The Dynasty, and I remember at the time being kinda like, not into the idea that just because, you know, I was like, ‘Oh, man, I’m gonna be this big breakout singles star,’ you know, and then it’s like, okay, well, you’re this faction of guys. But it turned out to be like the most fun I’ve ever had in wrestling. I never really kind of took my character on its own natural path, you know, because I just started kind of being myself and really having fun with the promos and stuff. And I think The Dynasty became one of the hottest things on the show for a long period of time. And I attribute that as kind of a really good launching pad if you will.

** A Q&A that Tony Schiavone and Arn Anderson recorded was uploaded to the ARN podcast feed. Schiavone told the story of when Arn sarcastically broke the news to him that he and his wife Lois were expecting their third child, Chris Schiavone.

So we’re talking about probably January or February of 1985 now and I’m doing promos in the backstage area at Crockett’s office like we did on Wednesdays and I saw Lois [Schiavone] walk in the back and talk to Arn [Anderson] and she had a big smile on her face and Gene Anderson who was our producer back then said, ‘All right, next interview’s gonna be –’ and Arn kind of told Gene, said, ‘Shut up a second. I got something I wanna say’ and he said, ‘Our fat, short, round, dumpy announcer is getting ready to have another baby. Can you not keep it in your pants?’ And that’s how I learned I was having my third child. Arn Anderson announced it to me and all the wrestlers that day so…

** Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN conducted an interview with Booker T. He commented on being quoted during his ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast. He brought up how when he has constructive criticism concerning CM Punk in AEW, Punk doesn’t fire back.

I don’t know. I think it’s a coordinated deal. I seem to be the guy that they quote, and a lot of times, they misquote me. Just say, for instance, AEW. I always say a company like AEW for the wrestlers is a great thing because more guys get a chance to have jobs. Guys get a chance to work. Guys get a chance to feed their families. Nobody doesn’t hear that. They never hear anything. It’s just like somebody coming to me and saying, ‘Hey man, is wrestling fake?’ I remember a kid coming to me one day. He goes, ‘Booker T, is wrestling fake?’ I told that kid, ‘Kid, anything that puts a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back is as real as it possibly could be.’ That kid walked away with a whole different experience about what life is truly all about. That’s what people don’t understand. Constructive criticism is good. Personally, if I hear constructive criticism, like, for instance, with CM Punk.

I’ve said things about CM Punk, but if he heard those things and read into it, he hears it as constructive criticism. I haven’t heard one word from CM Punk saying, ‘Booker T this and Booker T’ because as a professional, you should be able to take that and utilize it if there’s something that you lost. Let’s put it that way.

** FOX Sports’ Ryan Satin caught up with a multitude of WWE talents to get their favorite memories of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Natalya shared that after she and Tamina won the Tag Turmoil match on night one of WrestleMania 37, Johnson sent them a video message expressing how proud he was of them.

I’ve had many meaningful interactions with The Rock. The most special interaction I’ve had with him is the very first day of WrestleMania 37, when Tamina and I were the first women to compete in two matches for the Tag Team championships, the day all of us at WWE returned to having fans after the pandemic. The Rock sent a beautiful video to myself and Tamina Snuka about how proud he was of us for carrying on our family tradition as women in the industry and for us to keep reaching for our dreams and to enjoy the moment. I remember him saying, ‘It’s not about the wins or losses but the moments in our lives that truly mattered.’ It meant so much to me that he cared about us to drop everything he was doing to film a video for us when he’s one of the busiest humans on the planet. The Rock constantly proves to everyone that you’re never too important to spread love.

** Big E told New York Post that Kofi Kingston going on his singles run in 2019 and winning the WWE Championship opened the door for he and King Woods to get more opportunities.

I think that definitely helped show, oh, there is enough with the three of us for us all to get these opportunities. I’m thankful for Kofi for having such a great run and such a great reaction and being so beloved.

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling is promoting a “special press conference” for November 20th.

** Kevin Owens vs. Tommaso Ciampa from Ring of Honor’s ‘Summer Heat’ tour in 2014:

** Jeff Cobb and TJP are representing New Japan Pro-Wrestling at CMLL’s Arena Mexico show on November 21st. They’ll be taking on Atlantis Jr. and Volador Jr.

** At Warrior Wrestling’s event on December 12th, Trey Miguel is defending the Warrior Wrestling Championship in a three-way against Will Ospreay and Blake Christian.

** Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso caught up with Moose.

** Sasha Banks appeared on ESPN’s ‘Jalen & Jacoby’ show to promote Survivor Series:

** The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with guest Roman Reigns:

** Drew McIntyre spoke to Sportskeeda for an interview. McIntyre was also interviewed by NEWS10.

** Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake will be present for the opening of Vintage Toy Universe in Ocala, Florida.

** NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results (11/18) Nagano Athletic Park Gymnasium
– Kosei Fujita vs. Yuto Nakashima – Time Limit Draw (10:00)
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: El Phantasmo def. DOUKI
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: BUSHI def. YOH
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: SHO def. Ryusuke Taguchi
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: Taiji Ishimori def. Robbie Eagles
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: Hiromu Takahashi def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
Best Of The Super Junior Tournament Match: El Desperado def. Master Wato

** Bianca Belair, Titus O’Neil, Drew McIntyre and Dana Brooke represented WWE at the ‘Be a STAR’ event in New York.

** Tajiri’s first defense of the MLW World Middleweight Championship will take place on All Japan Pro Wrestling’s November 28th show against Atsuki Aoyagi.

** Ahead of Mercedes Martinez challenging Mickie James for the Knockouts Title at IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point, Mercedes chatted with WrestleZone for an interview.

** The NWA uploaded Mickie James and Kylie Rae’s match from NWA 73 to their YouTube channel.

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