Charlotte Flair comments on the argument that WWE doesn’t give their women’s division enough TV time

Charlotte Flair gives her take on the argument concerning WWE and spotlighting their women's division on TV

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Charlotte Flair gives her take on the debate.

Going into Survivor Series, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair has been making the media rounds and she sat down with The Masked Man Show to discuss her forthcoming match against Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the state of WWE’s women’s division.

The conversation about TV time for WWE’s women’s division came up and Flair does not agree with the argument that they haven’t been given a solid amount of time.

It’s kind of hard to answer because when I was on Raw, I was the first main event back from COVID and if you count how many times I’ve main evented, whether it was with Nikki A.S.H. or Rhea [Ripley] or Bianca [Belair] or whatever other segment it was, I was in three seg matches — what I mean is I had a lot of time. So I feel like I cannot say that the storylines that I have been in on Raw, I cannot say that. They do give us time and on Raw, if you look, every female, you had Eva Marie, you had Doudrop, you had Shayna [Baszler], you had Nia [Jax], Alexa Bliss, myself, Nikki A.S.H., Rhea. Everyone was on TV so I don’t think that’s fair for people to say. It’s there. Now is it hard to stay there? Absolutely. But, it’s there. I don’t — it’s there. Look it up, the stats are there, the time is there, the opportunities are there.

I think it’s just easier to be negative than positive and if they don’t like a certain storyline or if the wrong girl is in the wrong match, that’s what it’s really about but this is entertainment. Like no, it’s there.

On the August 30th episode of Raw, Flair went one-on-one with Nia Jax. The two had a scuffle during their bout where it appeared that they grew frustrated with one another. Flair was asked about it and said she could call Nia right now as they are still friends.

Do you want to FaceTime her [Nia Jax] right now? Do you want me to FaceTime her? Still best friends.

You know what I think happened? With Nia and I, you hit your friends harder. Like you hit your friends harder. I truly believe — like any time I’ve been in the match with someone I feel super comfortable with and that’s really what it was.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Charlotte touched on the notion that she’s in the position she’s in because of Ric Flair. Charlotte stated that she wouldn’t be wrestling if it was not for her late brother Reid. Charlotte feels that regardless of if her last name is ‘Flair’ or not, she’d still be the best athlete in WWE.

I’m not here because of Ric Flair. It’s weird to say that because I go, ‘Dad.’ I’m here because of my brother [Reid Fliehr], not any other reason. Like, the reason I don’t put down others is because I know what it’s like to be torn down every single day. Every single day, someone wants to take away my success. ‘Oh it was handed to her. Oh it was given to her. Oh she’s Ric Flair’s daughter. Oh she politics,’ all these things. No one can accept the fact that if my last name wasn’t Flair, I would still be the best athlete in this company, man or woman. Not even close. But I still live with that every single day so I don’t take down somebody else’s success to make myself bigger or feel better. I just go, ‘You know what? I need to work harder. How do I get there? How do I get there again?’ Or, ‘I really needed to work on my promos.’ Since 2019, I’ve taken the opportunity to work on my promos. I feel like they’ve gotten better. Are they where I want them to be? No. I’ve worked on my in-ring. If someone looked at my work from 2015 to now, they can go, ‘Damn, she’s right. She’s changed, she’s evolved.’ But if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. That’s why I’m still the queen. I don’t need to be anything else.

Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown is the go-home show before Survivor Series and scheduled for the program is a singles match between Shotzi and Sasha Banks. POST Wrestling will be live at 11 PM EST with a review of both SmackDown and AEW Rampage.

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