TERMINUS Wrestling’s debut show was initially planned for November 2021

Jonathan Gresham shares that he and Baron Black were initially planning for TERMINUS to launch in November of 2021

Photo Courtesy: TERMINUS

Jon Gresham and Baron Black were planning to launch TERMINUS in November.

Come January 16th, Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black will be presenting the debut show of TERMINUS from Atlanta, Georgia. The talent announcements for the event have been rolling out and the likes of Kiera Hogan, Daniel Garcia, ROH World Champion Bandido, JDX, Alex Coughlin and more have been announced thus far.

Both Gresham and Baron are making the media rounds to promote the event and Gresham appeared on Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps show. While detailing what led to himself and Baron deciding to start their own promotion, Gresham shared that they were initially planning for TERMINUS’ debut show to take place in November of this year, but scheduling conflicts was the reason they pushed the launch date to January 2022.

So, Baron [Black] and I have been buddies for over a decade. We started in WWA4 together. We would travel to shows together and we would experience things we didn’t agree with and we would always talk, either going to shows or coming back from shows, how we would do things and it was just fun and games at first and we end up having more serious talks over the phone, you know, over the years and then I think around 2012 or ‘13, we had decided, ‘Hey man, maybe we should run a show one day’ but we didn’t have no money, we didn’t know how to run a show and so, fast forward to now, you know, both of us [are] doing a lot better in life and we just started talking about it and we’re like, ‘We need to do this show’ and we had planned maybe at the beginning of the year to do it in November, this November and I was gonna do the 14th and I ended up getting booked on New Japan’s show and I think around the same time, AEW was doing something so neither of us could really run that show and some of the people we had an idea to use were booked on the New Japan show and they were booked on AEW so they couldn’t really come to the show so we just decided to scrap that and, ‘Let’s put that a little further out in January.’ It just kind of worked out because Ring of Honor dissolved so I knew they weren’t gonna pop up with a show that I had to go to and then he already has AEW’s schedule so like, we knew we were good for that day and that’s how it kind of started. We’d just been talking about it for years man.

Baron Black was in action against Anthony Ogogo on the 12/7 installment of AEW Dark. This weekend at Final Battle, Jonathan Gresham is challenging Bandido for the ROH World Championship.

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Cultaholic ‘Desert Island Graps’ with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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