STARDOM Osaka Super Wars Report: Queen’s Quest vs. OedoTai, 10 Million Yen Unit Tournament

Karen Peterson covers STARDOM's Osaka Super Wars event featuring OedoTai vs. Queen's Quest, and a 10 Million Yen tournament.

Photo Courtesy: STARDOM

STARDOM’s Osaka Super Wars

By: Karen Peterson

The final stop on the CHOJO TAISEN series, and while this is seemingly one of STARDOM’s shortest events on paper, the gravity surrounding the events is undeniable. The Edion Arena (Gymnasium Number 1) in Osaka.

English Commentary: Unavailable; Commentary by Katsuya Ichikawa & Makoto Oe. No special guests were announced ahead of time. Wrestler commentary for the semi & main events.

From Tokyo Super Wars to Osaka Super Wars

For the sake of avoiding spoilers from Osaka Super Wars, the news items in this section that reference Starlight Kid as “representing OetoTai” and Momo Watanabe “representing Queen’s Quest” were written prior to Osaka Super Wars. They have not been audited to reveal the results of the Captain’s Fall Match. The outcome for that match will be listed AFTER the Spoiler-Free Synopsis Section.

Konami to Leave & Giulia to Return (2021.12.04)

An impromptu press conference prior to the show held on December 4th, Rossy Ogawa had two brief announcements. The most shocking was the sudden announcement that Konami would be departing STARDOM after Ryogoku Dream Queendom on December 29th. After her battle with acute enteritis and subsequent hospitalization earlier this fall, Konami fought hard to return to in-ring action. However, like most medical conditions, often the recovery period, even for professional athletes, can take longer than expected. Konami and STARDOM did not go into great detail as to the reasoning behind the decision beyond what was presented in the interview.

“I need time to completely treat my physical condition. When the time comes for me to return to professional wrestling, I would like to stand in a STARDOM ring once more.” – Konami

Giulia interrupted Konami, insisting that if Konami were leaving, that the two share a match at Ryogoku Dream Queendom, as Giulia declared she was cleared to officially return to in-ring competition on the same date. Konami accepted, agreeing to be Giulia’s return match opponent, making Giulia her send-off opponent.

Konami had an outstanding UWF Rules SWA Match against Syuri at Tokyo Super Wars (which if you haven’t yet seen it, definitely add it to your queue right now). Syuri would confirm in a post-match backstage interview with Battle News Online, that Konami informed her of the decision to leave on the 27th, prior to their match at TSW. Konami turned down offers from Unagi Sayaka and Maika to be their tag partner for the Year-End Climax, stating the only person she wanted to tag with was Syuri. Unagi and Maika agreed to tag together so they could wrestle Konami a final time on December 25th.

Koguma & Waka Tsukiyama Formally Sign with STARDOM (2021.12.04)

Prior to Ogawa announcing Konami’s departure, STARDOM’s Executive Producer announced that full-time contracts were signed by Koguma and Tsukiyama.

Additional announcements include the full Ryogoku Dream Queendom match card announcement and more at the bottom of this event report.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

    • Masked Assailant Watch Will the sledgehammer return tonight?
    • Special Gauntlet Match – Syuri vs. Lady C, Mai Sakurai & Waka Tsukiyama Syuri’s last stop before Ryogoku Dream Queendom, Utami Hayashishita & a chance to become a triple crown champion.
    • 10 Million Yen Unit Tournament 
      • Donna Del Mondo (Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi) vs. MARVELOUS (Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Maria) – Bonus Stipulation: Artists of Stardom Championship Match – Recommended
      • STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Koguma) vs. Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano, Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka) – The Grudge Continues
    • Captain’s Fall Loser Joins Opposite Faction Match Momo Watanabe (Captain) & Queen’s Quest (Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani & AZM) vs. Starlight Kid (Captain) & OedoTai (Ruaka, Saki Kashima & Konami) – Will QQ save Momo from being dragged into the darkness? – Highly Recommended
    • Ladder Elimination Match Finals: Winner of STARS/CA vs. Winner of DDM/MARVELOUS – You don’t want to miss it!! – Highly Recommended

Wonder of Stardom Challenger Special Gauntlet Match – Syuri vs. Lady C, Mai Sakurai & Waka Tsukiyama (Under 7:00)

After the entrances, each of the challengers made it a point to demonstrate sportsmanship by asking to shake hands with Syuri. One of the things I’ve really appreciated about Syuri in the last year is her drive to elevate newer talent, helping showcase their talents in the ring and directing the flow of the match not just as a veteran, but almost as a player-coach. Cosmic Angles’ Unagi Sayaka and Mina Shirakawa second at ringside and really help build the mood by trying to rally applause from the crowd. 

  • First: Syuri pins Tsukiyama
  • Second: Sakurai taps out to a Sleeper Hold
  • Third: Lady C taps out to a Figure Four Leg Lock

After the match, Syuri rolls out of the ring, immediately going to the officials’ table, where her opponent for Ryogoku, Utami Hayashishita is sat, alongside Executive Producer Rossy Ogawa. Syuri holds up her SWA Championship for the very calm and collected World of Stardom Champion, allowing for a closer look. Utami stands to meet her gaze, but Syuri walks off without any further exchange between the pair. Although the quick and decisive winner, Syuri exited through the crowd, not using the entrance ramp.

Tsukiyama and Sakurai help Lady C up and the three take a bow together. However…

The Masked Assailant Returns… and They are NOT Alone?!

When I saw the first MA attack the trio from behind, my immediate reaction was, she’s much shorter than I remember from the previous shows! The First (Dark Gray Jumpsuit; minus sledgehammer) is joined by The Second (Olive Camo Print Jumpsuit; blood-splattered mask). Their targets have consistently been the rookie, Lady C and newcomers, Sakurai, and Tsukiyama. The Second nearly revealed her identity when she scoop-slammed Lady C, but the wig and mask she wore underneath helped to conceal her identity.

With the mass exodus of five talents from Ice Ribbon to become deathmatch freelancers, my suspicions immediately went to any combination of Suzu Suzuki, Risa Sera, Mochi Miyagi, Kurumi Hiragi, and Akane Fujita. Recent free agent, Maya Yukihi, was another that quickly came to mind. With Arisa Hoshiki announcing indefinite suspension of all activities, she is ruled out. While there have been a number of former STARDOM foreign roster members released into the wild in the last 18-months, immigration and international entrance embargoes have banned any new work visa holders for any free agents abroad.

While Utami, Unagi, and Shirakawa were all previously at ringside, they had all left to prepare for the trios match. So no one ran to the ring to help or chase off The Masked Assailants. They simply strolled back up the entrance ramp, leaving Lady C, Waka, and Mai to drag themselves to the backstage area unassisted.

Event Announcement: STARDOM Cinderella Journey in Aore 2022 (Wednesday, February 23rd; National Holiday) at Aore Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture. Details will be forthcoming on Stardom’s homepage and social media, so stay tuned!

10 Million Yen Unit Tournament

Mayu Iwatani’s brainchild: a four-team trios tournament with the finals being a ladder elimination match for a briefcase containing TEN MILLION YEN. At the press conference, Donna Del Mondo announced that as current Artists’ of Stardom Champions, they would like to defend their titles in the series. With a 10 Million Yen winner’s purse at stake (courtesy of BUSHI FIght!), each of the groups were tasked with announcing what they would like to do with their winnings.

  • MARVELOUS: Host a big event card that is free to attend
  • Donna Del Mondo: DDM Vacation Plan!
  • STARS: Throw Hazuki a Welcome Party, get matching Trios costumes, and Special Fan Event
  • Cosmic Angels: Special Free Cosmic Angels Event 

Tournament Match 1: Donna Del Mondo (Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi) defeat MARVELOUS (Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Maria); Bonus Stipulation: Artists of Stardom Championship Match

During Goddesses of Stardom Tag League, Natsupoi and Himeka had a fight, but neither one seems to be willing to be the first to apologize. Natspoi seems to be sad about their fight, but Himeka seemingly believes she did nothing wrong. Himeka expects Natsupoi to apologize, but at what cost? Could this jeopardize DDM’s ability to retain the Artists’ belts?

MARVELOUS entered first. I have really loved seeing the crossover between MARVELOUS and STARDOM since All-Star Cinderella in March. My hope is that their continued working relationship will start bringing more fans over to MARVELOUS and the smaller women’s promotions in Japan. Whenever they are in a STARDOM ring, they consistently work hard to showcase the breadth of talent in their own company. With Iroha also being a STARDOM original, she’s been a focal point throughout the tenth-anniversary celebration. She will tag with Mayu Iwatani at Ryogoku in the 10th Anniversary Special Tag Match against Momo Watanabe and Hazuki.

I was curious to see how the mounting friction between Himeka and Natsupoi would impact Donna Del Mondo’s Pop Idol-style entrance for MaiHimePoi. Himeka answered that question quickly by simply skipping over the dance on the top of the ramp, striding forward on her own, leaving her tag partners to rush down after her. While they completed their dance together in the ring, the rift amongst the members was rather prominent. Refusing to get involved, Maika is getting caught in the middle, which could spell disaster.

The match was very solid, without any single wrestler looking weak throughout the match. The even match-up made for an entertaining and heated Artists of Stardom match. The confidence of MaiHimePoi to nonchalantly throw their championships into the tournament from the first round, compounded a mini-tourney with a lot at financial stake, but already heavy with stipulations.

During a roll-up exchange, a melee ensued and Natsupoi hit Himeka with a dropkick. Would the misfire come into play? Much to DDM’s luck, it didn’t and Himeka closed out the match by powerbombing and pinning Maria. DDM retained the Artists’ of Stardom Championships, making their second defense a success. Maika intentionally separates Himeka and Natsupoi for the hand raise, and they leave without any comment or challengers, likely meaning they’ll put the belts up in the main event against the winner of STARS/Cosmic Angels.

Tournament Match 2: STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Koguma) defeat Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano, Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka)

Full Disclosure: while Cosmic Angels aren’t my favorite unit (not yet anyway), I truly appreciate their constant evolution to grow into a more cohesive unit. While they haven’t achieved the complete matching costume stage yet, aside from the signature CA chokers, their new dance entrance is quite fun and really leans into the pop idol aspect of being idol wrestlers. The return of the underlying Tam built CA right under Mayu’s nose while in STARS did add that continued grudge match layer to make the match-up still feel fresh. Plus, I love it when Mayu gets gritty, taking out that frustration on CA.

Like the previous match, the teams are somewhat evenly showcased with Hazuki and Shirakawa at the center of the action. The advantage that CA holds over STARS is their reign as Artists of Stardom Champions. However, Hazuki would be the one to roll up Shirakawa, securing STARS’ place against DDM in the Finals. The only disappointment was seeing CA being sore losers after the match. Interestingly, Tam chose not to advance upon Mayu while Unagi and Mina stepped up to Hazuki and Koguma.

Syuri joins commentary for the Captain’s Fall Match. Giulia was at a PR Event for a Bushi Road Trading Card Game which will feature STARDOM wrestlers in the booster packs.

Captain’s Fall Elimination Match – Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe ©, Saya Kamitani, AZM & Utami Hayashishita) versus OedoTai (Starlight Kid ©, Konami, Ruaka, & Saki Kashima)

Since the 5★ Grand Prix, Starlight Kid has tried everything to drag Momo Watanabe into her spiral of darkness. I found OedoTai’s bring all the weapons to the ring entrance fun, but predictable. However, what stood out to me was Starlight Kid with Unit Leader, Natsuko Tora’s, signature metal pipe. As the Captain for OET, it was a nice touch to honor their group leader who is still out with injury.

Queen’s Quest – I can’t ever get enough of their pageantry. I love the coordinating costumes and entrance masks, the gorgeous entrance gowns, and that upgraded QQ flag. I loved that AZM and Saya added Momo’s signature blue to their hair. The cohesiveness of QQ is undeniable, which makes the potential for a vacancy in the group rather heartbreaking. Should Momo leave, they are going to have to work hard to find someone who fits that very distinctive puzzle piece in the group.

Konami and Utami are eliminated first as they go over the top rope together. Utami slings Konami over the top rope, and The Submission Sniper makes sure that if she’s going out, she’s ensuring that she’s taking the World Champion with her.

Saki Kashima also takes out a very ballsy Saya Kamitani who hops onto the top rope for a shotgun dropkick. She connects on her second attempt after a close call, and with an assist from Momo regains control of the match. With a run-in from Ruaka, Kashima pins Saya with a klutch. AZM jumps in next, nearly following up with Azumi Sushi, but Kashima tags out to Ruaka. Momo gets caught in the corner as SLK grabs her hair, forcing her to watch Ruaka lay out AZM. After a jumping double foot stomp, MOMOAZ gives Ruaka a double kick, and AZM taps Ruaka out with an arm lock, and immediately eliminates Kashima in succession.

SLk find herself trapped in a 2-on-1 with MOMOAZ, but Konami evens the odds, by tying up AZM on the neutral corner. A High-Speed tease as SLK anz AZm roll all over the mats in a series of pinning transitions. SLK takes down Momo with a dragon screw on her heavily taped knee. Momo nearly gets the best of SLk with a Tequila Sunrise, but she kicks out. With a Peach Sunrise in place, Konami yanks the referee out of the ring.

During a MOMOAZ double team, SLK ducks AZM nails Momo with a kick! SLK almost pins Momo. OedTai ties up all the QQ members along the edge of the ring. SLk hits a moonsault, but it isn’t enough! Her arrogance costs her as AZM breaks free and dives in for the save. Ruaka’s box and a chair find their way into the ring. Momo turns and nails AZM and the referee with the chair!! Momo didn’t lose. She CHOSE to leave. Utami and QQ rush in and all of OedoTai beat them down. A cackling SLK welcomes Momo as the new member, complete with OedoTai merch starter kit.

“I’m so tired of carrying all of you. Queen’s Quest Leader, Momo Watanabe, is GONE. From now on, I’m The Black Peach of OedoTai.” – Momo Watanabe

Utami and AZM’s plead for answers are ignored as SLK informs everyone that OedoTai will keep growing. Naturally, Konami closes out the conversation with “Queen’s Quest. THE END.”

With Starlight Kid already announced for the Wrestle Kingdom 16 STARDOM match, as the first representative from OedoTai, the likelihood of her losing and changing factions for the second time in the same year seemed very low. Additionally, with how heavily she’s been marketed as the frontwoman for OedoTai since going dark, and how she is STARDOM’s only masked wrestler, having her unmask when there aren’t any other masked wrestlers in STARDOM just seemed unrealistic. I know it was supposed to up the ante on the match, but seeing as she had been forced from STARS to OedoTai in July, having her possibly move to QQ less than six months later, also seemed odd. Personally, I was hoping that if SLK were to lose, go to QQ and unmask: 1) it would be her choice and 2) it would be due to a returning Natsuko Tora coming back and kicking out the girl who was supposed to be the absolute top of the pile that jumped to the top in her absence. If anything, now that she is nearly 20 and a legal adult, I just want her to drop the “Kid” part of her name because she isn’t a child any longer.

Honestly, the outcome felt predictable from the get-go. However, Momo took control of her future, but turning on QQ was the twist the match needed. However, it reminded me too much of Konami turning Jungle Kyona, which led to the dissolution of TCS. With Konami leaving at month’s end and Natsuko Tora’s return still unannounced, I am wondering if the move is to help keep OedoTai competitive with the other factions in the intermediary. With Utami at the helm of Queen’s Quest as World of Stardom Champion and Saya Kamitani capturing the Cinderella Tournament and featuring on multiple New Japan Pro-Wrestling undercards, Momo’s place as the leader of QQ felt as if it were diminishing over the last year. While her 5★GP Finals match with Syuri was outstanding, Watanabe seemingly protested too much. While a heel turn for the longtime babyface is refreshing, OedoTai is already the largest faction, and now QQ’s numbers are dwindling, making it feel like when TCS was pushed toward disbandment last year. This makes me wonder if Lady C will choose to join up or if a STARDOM Draft is on the horizon.

Moving forward, QQ is going to need allies, especially if the next stage is OedoTai versus QQ moving into the New Year. Knowing how close-knit QQ is, seeing the raw emotion from everyone, especially the forever stoic Utami, really got me in my feelings very early in the morning.

10 Million Yen Unit Tournament Ladder Elimination Match Finals with Artists of Stardom Championships: Donna Del Mondo (Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi) defeat STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki & Koguma)

During the ring cleaning prior to the main event, backstage comments from the 10 Million Yen & Artists of Stardom Championship Ladder Elimination Match were brief and to the point. Both teams want to win. It seemed that MaiHimePoi fixed whatever problems Himeka and Natsupoi had with one another after their first-round match, putting the DDM trio back on the same page. I did like that they put this match as the main event, more so to have both teams ample time to rest before what seemed to be everyone’s FIRST ladder match.

I did find the briefcase comically large as Syuri’s Queendom contract case was more compact and the stacks of cash could have easily fit inside it. While I appreciated the gold satin lining and the dramatic reveal of the referee unlocking and opening the case, I feel like the size of the case will become an issue in the match. Also, I don’t know if it is the venue size, but the case looked like it was way too high above the ring at the beginning of the match. I’ve been on one of those ladders before when I lived in Japan, they’re very lightweight aluminum, meaning they break and tip over very easily. I did like that the match required tagging in and out, which helped manage the pace of the match as a safety precaution.

I liked that when Himeka and Mayu scaled the ladder, Hazuki and Koguma immediately slid into the ring, to hold the base of the ladder. That is always a big concern I have when watching ladder matches: safety. I found it interesting that Referee Maruyama kept folding the ladder and sliding it out of the ring when the participants were grappling and not attempting to free the case.

Maika’s Ladder Brainbuster. Watch it again. And again. I’ll wait.

Mayu’s Ladder Moonsault. Watch it again. And again. I’ll wait.

Hazuki & Koguma showcase their tag team synergy as FWC and as Goddesses of the Ladder, doing everything in their power to ensure the ladder remains stable and out of Natsupoi’s flying crossbody backfires as STARS dodge it, leaving Himeka and Maika to catch her.

Koguma’s Diving Crossbody OFF THE LADDER. Watch it again. And Again. I’ll wait.

Himeka is about to get a three count on Koguma, when Hazuki smacks her with the ladder. Himeka and Koguma battle one another in a power battle, but Himeka manages to hit a lariat and rolls up Koguma for three. Koguma is eliminated. Natsupoi and Hazuki jump in next and Mayu assists Hazuki with the double team. Himeka breaks up the pin but is pitched out by Mayu. Hazuki grabs the ladder, and Natsupoi does everything she can to tear her off the ladder with a German suplex. Himeka pulls Mayu off the ladder and Natsupoi elects for a Doomsday Device instead of going for the case. As she climbs back up, Hazuki does a springboard dropkick, knocking her off. Himeka peels Hazuki

Himeka puts Natsupoi on the ladder and climbs up together, bracing Natsupoi so she doesn’t fall with the case. Maika braces the ladder as HimePoi hug atop the ladder with DDM’s 10 Million Yen! MaiHimePoi retains the Artists of Stardom Championships and now DDM can go on one fancy vacation together!

“If we’re going to go for breaking the defense record, we do have that match on December 29th at Ryogoku…” – Himeka

MHP’s opponents for Queendom: Unagi Sayaka, Mina Shirakawa, and Mai Sakurai, pop up at ringside, and MHP is great at keeping them at bay. The challenge is accepted by Unagi, seemingly taking the leadership role of the three.

The Road to Ryoguoku Dream Queendom and into 2022!

UPDATE: STARDOM Ryogoku Dream Queendom Full Card Announced (2021.12.12)

In the evening portion of the STARDOM Year-End Fan Meeting, a press conference and contract signing was held in addition to the meet and greets.

  • Future of Stardom Championship: Ruaka © vs. Hanan (STARS)
  • High-Speed Championship Triple Threat: Starlight Kid (OET) © vs. AZM (QQ) vs. Koguma (STARS)
  • Artists of Stardom Tag Match: Donna Del Mondo (Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi) vs. Cosmic Angels (Mina Shirakawa, Unagi Sayaka & Mai Sakurai) – After winning the 10 Million Yen Ladder Elimination Match, MHP elected to make the match for the Artists Championship (2021.12.28)
  • Hello & Good-bye Special Single Match: Giulia (DDM; returns to in-ring action) vs. Konami (OET; last match… for now)
  • 10th Anniversary Reunion Tag: Mayu Iwatani & Takumi Iroha (MARVELOUS) vs. Hazuki (STARS) & Momo Watanabe (OedoTai)
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship: Tam Nakano © (CA) vs. Saya Kamitani (QQ)
  • World of Stardom Championship/SWA Championship: Utami Hayashishita © World (QQ) vs. Syuri © SWA (DDM) – No Time Limit

ANNOUNCED: New Year’s Day This 12-Hour Special Programming Marathon

From 10PM-11PM JST on January 1st and resuming at Midnight through 11AM JST on January 2nd, a twelve-hour programming marathon will air on TOKYO MX inside Japan as well as on STARDOM’s Official YouTube Channel.  

  • Featured: Mayu Iwatani, Utami Hayashishita, Giulia, Starlight Kid Tam Nakano, and more!
  • Guest Appearances: Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW), Tomoaki Honma (NJPW), Yuzuki Aikawa, Momoyo Koyama, Yuzuki Watase, and more!

UPDATE: STARDOM Participates in Wrestle Kingdom 16 Night 2 (2021.12.12)

After the main event on the afternoon show on December 12th, representatives from each of the five units drew straws to see who would represent STARDOM at the Tokyo Dome. Unlike this year’s Wrestle Kingdom and MetLife Dome shows, where STARDOM had pre-show matches on both nights, STARDOM currently has only a single WK16 match in 2022. However, this time around, the match will be the second match on the card, after what will certainly be a hotly chaotic Junior Tag Team Championship Triple Threat match to open the show. There were five lots, two blue, two red, and one blank. The representative drawing the blank lot would not be participating in the tag match.

World of Stardom Number One Contender, Syuri, drew first and managed to draw the blank lot, meaning all of Donna Del Mondo would be excluded from the Tokyo Dome match. Could this be a bad omen for The Women Unlike Any Other!? No one was rocked more by this result than Syuri!

Saya Kamitani begged World of Stardom Champion, 2021 Tokyo Sports Female Wrestler of the Year, Queen’s Quest stablemate, and AphroditE tag team partner, Utami Hayashishita, to permit her to represent QQ as by the conclusion of Queendom, she intends to walk out the Wonder of Stardom Champion. Utami agreed.

Mayu Iwatani (STARS) and High-Speed Champion Starlight Kid (OedoTai) drew the blue lots and Wonder of Stardom Champion, Tam Nakano (Cosmic Angels) and her December 29th, Ryogoku Dream Queendom Challenger, Saya Kamitani (Queen’s Quest) drew the red lots. I am curious to see how the powershift plays out after the result of the Captain’s Fall Match with SLK’s mask and place in OedoTai at stake, with the reluctant M☆K Sisters reunion between herself and her former Goddess Tag League Partner and STARS leader, Iwatani. Equally fascinating (or concerning) is how Tam may handle teaming with Kamitani, should The Golden Phoenix finally topple The Shining Stardom Dream to claim the Wonder of Stardom Championship the week prior to the Tokyo Dome.

Unlike previous STARDOM matches on NJPW shows, where they were either complete dark matches or part of the undercards at the opening of the broadcast, the Women of Stardom are slotted in as the second match on the January 5th card, after the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match featuring Robbie Eagles/Tiger Mask © vs. Ryusuke Taguchi/Rocky Romero and Taiji Ishimori/El Phantasmo. It was noted by NJPW’s Chris Charlton after the online press conference the night after the Finals of World Tag League and Best of the Super Juniors, that the placement of the match on the card due to a live broadcast of the match of CS Asahi, possibly during prime time television.

Medical Updates

  • Saya Iida – No further updates; No return match announced yet.
  • Natsuko Tora –  No further updates; No return match announced yet.

UPCOMING EVENTS (December 2021-February 2022)

Live PPV Details for future events are currently TBA. Follow @We_Are_Stardom and @WWR_Stardom for details and announcements. 

  • December 2021
    • Kirameku Marugoto Stardom Mini-Marathon (2021.12.29) – Fighting Samurai TV
    • Ryogoku Stardom Dream Queendom (2021.12.29)
  • January 2022
    • Stardom 12-Hour New Year’s Special (2022.01.01-02) – Tokyo MX & YouTube
    • Stardom Awards 2021 (2022.01.03) 
    • Wrestle Kingdom 16 Night 2 (2022.01.05) – Tokyo Dome main card match announced!
    • NEW YEAR STARS (2022.01.08-09) 
    • Nagoya Supreme Fight (2022.01.29) 
    • Cinderella Journey Aore (2022.02.23) – New Event Announced!

December 2021

Kirameku Marugoto Stardom Mini-Marathon- Stardom’s brand new variety program will air all three episodes prior to the start of Ryogoku Dream Queendom on December 29th. These programs are not available at Stardom World. However, Stardom did upload episodes one and two for one-week limited engagements on their YouTube channel. It is likely that episode three will be available as it is scheduled to air on December 23rd. 

  • Time/Date: 2021.12.29 
    • Episode 1 (2 PM JST) Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, & Giulia
    • Episode 2 (3 PM JST) Utami Hayashishita, Natsupoi, Unagi Sayaka, Koguma, & Saki Kashima
    • Episode 3 (4 PM JST) Lady C, Saya Kamitani, Hazuki, Mina Shirakawa & Himeka
  • Location: Kirameku Marugoto Stardom on Fighting TV Samurai

Ryogoku Stardom Dream Queendom

  • Time/Date: 2021.12.29 (Time 5PM JST)
  • Location: Ryogoku Sumo Hall (Sumida Ward Tokyo)
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