GCW: Say You Will: Jeff Jarrett returns, Gresham vs. Scorpio, Markus Crane Tribute

Jon Pine reviews GCW's 'Say You Will' featuring a Markus Crane Tribute Deathmatch, Gresham vs. Scorpio, and the return of Jeff Jarrett.

Photo Courtesy: Game Changer Wrestling

GCW: Say You Will

Saturday, January 15, 2022, Grand Sports Arena, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

By: Jon Pine

Coming off last night’s killer show at the Legendary Harpos in Detroit, Michigan, Game Changer Wrestling returns to Hoffman Estates, the site of All In, a week away from their own version of All In at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Tonight they are in the Grand Sports Arena at Hoffman Estates, this is the venue they have run during All Out Weekend since 2018, Two Cups Stuffed, and Three Cups Stuffed, and the same venue where they had the first ever Art of War Games Match. There is a lot of history in this venue for GCW— Effy took on Nick Gage, cementing himself as one of the cornerstones of the GCW roster, and it’s also where G-Raver suffered his catastrophic injury. This was a fantastic show that featured every style of match competed at the highest level. The company has incredible momentum going into their biggest show of all time.

This morning WrestlingNews.co posted an interview they conducted with GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale who commented on his relationship with Ring of Honor and how they were able to work out a deal that saw some of their franchise players turn up in GCW:

“We had talked several times over the last couple of years about the possibility of working with certain people, having certain people work on our shows, getting exceptions, and for whatever reason, it never worked out until this most recent attempt. We had been trying to get The Briscoes in particular in GCW for a long time. Some ideas came into place. “I had a meeting with some of their people at one of their TV tapings. We threw ideas back and forth and the idea of how we can have a mutually beneficial relationship using their talent, and at the same time, being able to promote Ring of Honor, and reminding fans who don’t follow Ring of Honor as much what they are and who they are. Reminding people who the Briscoes are and whoever else might come over and spark an interest from our fans to check out Ring of Honor. At the same time, allowing these people who haven’t been seen out of the ROH world to get back into the regular indie universe, freshen things up, and make things interesting. We got as far as discussing the Briscoes and having an arrangement in place, and obviously, we know what happened. Ring of Honor is changing some things up, so we didn’t get much further than that. That’s honestly how it happened. I’ve heard a lot of people’s speculation on how this or that happened. There was no other crazy stuff planned. It was just, let’s start with this, see how this goes, and see where this leads us. As far as the ROH World Title, Gresham is the champion. He wants to defend it, so when it makes sense for him to defend it, when he’s at GCW, that’s a thing. Ian Riccaboni, what better person to call an ROH world title match on such a big stage than him? That’s how those pieces came into place.”

GCW Detroit Results:

Gringo Loco wins the Scramble Match, Jordan Oliver Defeated Leon Ruff, Alex Shelley Defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Cardona Defeated Rhino to win the ECW TV Title, Tony Deppen Defeated Dark Sheik, Atticus Cogar Defeated Matthew Justice, BUSSY Defeated Ricky Morton and 2 Cold Scorpio, Alex Colon Defeated Hoodfoot to Retain the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

Blake Christian vs. Bandido
Tony Deppen vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey
Allie Katch vs. Kylie Rae
John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bently vs. The Briscoes

Scramble Match: Dark Sheik vs. Gringo Loco vs. Alex Zayne vs. Dante Leon vs. Nick Wayne vs. Ninja Mack

Chicago’s own Gringo Loco gets an amazing reaction from the crowd as the match begins with a furious pace. Alex Zayne takes control of the match, laying out all the participants with a series of high-flying moves only to get cut off by Dante Leon. Nick Wayne is a special athlete, I would love to see him do a sit-down interview with Jon Alba. Dark Sheik punches Nick Wayne in the dick but Wayne kicks out at 2. Gringo Loco takes control over the match displaying his absolutely amazing Lucha Libre abilities, flying all over the ring taking out all the participants. Loco is as good on offense as he is at selling. Nick Wayne’s quickness would make Seattle Slew blush as he hits a tornado shooting star press taking out Dante Leon and Alex Zayne on the floor. With most of the competitors on the floor it was time for each man to dive to the outside and take each other out; culminating in a double stack (Nick Wayne on top of Alex Zayne who was on the shoulders of Gringo Loco); Doomsday device with Dark Sheik taking out Wayne, and Ninja Mack spearing Alex Zayne. Gringo loco hits a second rope sit-out powerbomb onto Ninja Mack for the victory. I cannot wait for his match at the Hammerstein.

Gringo Loco wins the Scramble

I really wish GCW would fix their audio mix. At best it’s 95% announcers, 5% crowd/ring noise.

Singles Match: ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey vs. Tony Deppen

With his 5 year ban over a visa complication in his past, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey is set to once again take the North American wrestling scene by storm. ‘Speedball’ broke out when he put on a series of incredible performances at PWG. Since then he’s been mulling around various overseas promotions biding his time until he can come back to America. It’s been a while since I have seen Mike Bailey in action but from what I can remember this man is an incredible striker and highflier. I am very excited to see Mike Bailey in action once again and I hope we can get a Ninja Mack vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey match before Mack reports to Pro Wrestling NOAH. Ninja Mack even teased as much on Twitter this week.

Within seconds of the match starting, I remembered why I was such a big fan of Mike Bailey, amazing athletic ability and quickness, and is able to land such stiff strikes as well. Tony Deppen is the perfect first opponent for ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, Deppen never has a bad match and can match the agility and striking abilities of Mike Bailey.

After the opening sequences of the match, the two start the next phase of the match with a standoff in the middle of the ring laying in chops as hard as they can. These two are pretty evenly matched as they each cannot seem to get in a series of consistent offense on each other; Bailey was able to land a flurry of kicks but Deppen shrugged it off sending Bailey to the floor. The action returns to the ring as the two men trade more offense and near falls, Bailey hit a variation of the One-Winged Angel for a tremendous two count, Bailey scampers to the top rope, goes for a shooting star press but is cut off mid-air by a dropkick from Deppen, Bailey recovers for a moment only to be small packaged by Deppen.

Tony Depen Defeats ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

This was a very fast-paced match between two of the best independent wrestlers on the scene today. Bailey is going to have a MONSTER 2022.

Singles Match: Bandido vs. Blake Christian

At the last set of GCW shows over New Year’s weekend Blake Christian and Alex Zayne defeated Ninja Mack and Dante Leon, only to lose the next night to the GCW Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes.  Before his battle with Jonathan Gresham for his Ring of Honor World Championship, Blake Christian has to take on the other Ring of Honor World Champion, Bandido. These two are very evenly matched as they are both unbelievable highfliers, this should be an amazing match that captivates the rabid GCW audience at the Grand Sports Arena. At the Hammerstein, Bandido will team up with ASF and Laredo Kid to face off against Team Gringo Loco, which consists of Arez, Demonic Flamita, and Gringo Loco.

The crowd was waiting with bated breath as these two locked up for a very loud ovation as they delved into some chain wrestling and started the feeling out process. They hit shoulder tackles but pop back up right away and face off in the center of the ring. The match quickly accelerates at the pace at which you’d expect in a matchup between these two wrestling to a high-flying stalemate to the delight of the crowd and the viewers.  Blake Christian has control for the first portion of this match, getting cockier with every series of strikes and evasions. Bandido fires back up hitting various Lucha moves as he starts to work over the much bigger Blake Christian; he calls for the Three Amigos successfully hitting them in a tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero for a near fall. So far the pacing of this match has been interesting as they have relied more on strikes and brawling as opposed to the high flying that you’d think you’d normally see. This highlights how much these two have grown as competitors as they don’t have to solely rely on flashy moves and can tell more of a story. The two spill to the floor and start exchanging chops, Bandido goes back into the ring and hits a Fosbury flop for a two count. Bandido goes to the floor and is taken out by Blake Christian who hits him with as much force as the Tongan Volcano shockwave, sending Bandido into the 4th row taking out a fan in the process. The two go back into the ring and face off in the center of the ring as they continue to fight for the advantage, trading near falls along the way. Blake Christian eventually does a springboard 450 followed by a frog splash and finally a brainbuster for the victory.

Blake Christian defeats Bandido

Ring of Honor World Title Match: Jonathan Gresham (Champion) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Coming off his tremendous victory over Chris Sabin at IMPACT’s Hard to Kill, Jonathan Gresham gears up to take on the living legend and trailblazer, 2 Cold Scorpio. Jonathan Gresham has gone on record stating that this match is extremely important to him. I have loved how Ring of Honor has handled their World Title, the traveling champion gimmick has been fantastic. I would love to see him pop up on one of AEW’s programs. Since the pandemic started 2 Cold Scorpio has been very active on the Independent scene with his most notable matches occurring in Game Changer Wrestling.

Blake Christian is on commentary for this match and notes that he has just beaten one of the Ring of Honor World Champions and now faces the next one at the Hammerstein. Blake Christian notes how 2 Cold set the table for all the future highfliers in the industry today. The two start the match with a series of headlock takeovers, this is a much different match up for 2 Cold than what he experienced last night with BUSSY as the two wrestle to a stalemate. Dave Prazak notes that tonight’s Ring of Honor World Title match will not be contested under PURE rules, which is the normal rule set for a Jonathan Gresham world title match. At the start of the match the two went hold for hold and though it’s a break from his usual style 2 Cold Scorpio is able to keep up at every step. Gresham works over 2 Cold for a couple of minutes, slowly breaking down the larger opponent, 2 Cold fires back up briefly but attempts a pin too close to the ropes. The two men start exchanging hard chops culminating with 2 Cold backhanding Gresham across the face, as the crowd starts chanting ‘New Champ’. 2 Cold hits the flipping leg drop for a 2 count to the show of the entire crowd. “I thought I was about to be wrestling 2 Cold”- Blake Christian. Gresham hits a series of rolling elbows but 2 Cold fires up and hits a giant forearm taking out Gresham for a moment as they go into the Frye-Takayama spot. Gresham locks in a sleeper hold but gets cornered and flipped over by 2 Cold. 2 Cold signals that he’s going to go to the top rope, he gets his ankle picked and locked in the sleeper again and passes out.

Jonathan Gresham Retains the Ring of Honor World Championship

Post Match: Blake Christian leaves commentary and enters the ring to face off with his opponent come Sunday at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

GCW Extreme Title Match: PCO vs. AJ Gray

This past weekend at VxS vs. No Peace Underground,  AJ Gray took on ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont in a House of Horrors Match that was an early Deathmatch of the Year contender. It was a beautiful display of wrestling violence that culminated in an AJ Gray victory over the living legend. This week he takes on the French Canadian Frankenstein, PCO for the Game Changer Wrestling Extreme Title. PCO has been solid since he’s come back to Game Changer Wrestling, he reintroduced the Extreme Title a couple of shows back and his first successful defense was against the Bulldozer Matt Tremont. AJ Gray is sporting wounds on his arm from his war with Tremont last weekend. Before Emil J can introduce AJ Gray, PCO hits a flipping senton to the floor taking out AJ Gray and we are off and running. The PCO threw AJ through several rows of chairs and followed it up with a senton on AJ through a chair on the floor. AJ Gray lays out PCO in the ring and throws a bunch of chairs and doors into the ring to the delight of the crowd, the two men start exchanging shots really laying into each other; those are followed by a chairshot to PCO’s head and AJ Gray going through a door via a top rope senton from PCO. Before PCO could go for a cover, AJ Gray rolls out of the ring, PCO attempts a moonsault but crashes and burns, he recovers and drapes AJ Gray on the apron with a chair and hits a senton onto the prone AJ Gray. AJ Gray hits a shining wizard followed up by a top rope chair-assisted leg drop for a two count. The two men pick pieces of the broken door and start hitting each other in the heads, AJ Gray hits a lariat, PCO jumps back up and spears AJ Gray through a door as the crowd goes crazy. PCO puts AJ Gray on a couple of open chairs and hits a senton, but he doesn’t go for a cover, rather sets up more chairs for further punishment. PCO goes for a moonsault but nobody was home, landing headfirst onto the chairs, AJ Gray turns the chairs backward and drops, PCO goes to the top rope and gets thrown onto the backs of the chairs. AJ Gray hits a 6 of lariats and finally pins PCO ending the 1,226-day reign. I hope they turn the Extreme Title into what the NEVER Title is in NJPW, the more strong style associated with the belt.

AJ Gray Defeats PCO to win the GCW Extreme Title 

Matthew Justice takes the mic and reiterates his points from last night about 440H! And Atticus Cogar says that he still wants a fight and it doesn’t matter how many of them he has to face. Atticus Cogar comes out flanked by Greg Iron and Bobby Beverly who surround the ring, Justice spears Iron and starts beating down Bev, Atticus cuts off the momentum and hits Justice over the head with a chair. It’s a 3 on 1 beat down as they continue to beat down Justice with chairs. Atticus retrieves the skewers from his pocket and outcomes Jordan Oliver who goes right after Atticus Cogar. It’s a little too late as Bobby Beverly and Greg Iron peel Oliver off of Cogar, goes to hit his finisher on Oliver when George Kittles’ former teammate 1 Called Manders hits the ring and takes out Iron and Beverly. Manders hit a powerslam onto Atticus, Justice goes for a top rope maneuver but Atticus bailed to the outside. Atticus rallies his troops and they go to run into the ring but Cogar and Beverely pull up short leaving Iron alone in the ring by himself. Manders, Justice, and Oliver hit their finishing moves onto Iron as they celebrated in the ring.

Singles Match: Ricky Morton vs. Matt Cardona

Last night at GCW Most Notorious, Matt Cardona defeated Rhino to win the ECW TV Title, but it was not without controversy. In the closing moments of the match, Chelsea Green gouged Rhino’s eyes, scampered into the ring to check on her husband. As she turned around she was Gored through the door that was propped up in the corner, her husband came away unscathed and proceeded to low blow The Man Beast and pinned him to win the ECW TV Title. Matt Cardona has gone on to state that tonight he is going to retire Ricky Morton and make him look as ugly as Robert Gibson.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green come to the ring, Matt is wearing his newly won ECW TV Title and a trash can, Chelsea takes the mic from Emil J as she starts riling up the crowd, the boos drown her out only causing her to get even angrier. She recounts the incident from last night as the crowd chants shut the fuck up at Chelsea. She says that even though last night was rough the Deathmatch King and Queen are doing fine, she formally introduces Matt Cardona as the ECW TV Champion. Matt Cardona takes the mic from his wife, he goes on to explain why he has a trash can; he explains that GCW stands for Green Cardona Wrestling, he gloats about winning the TV title and tells Paul Heyman to kiss his tan ass.

“I know WWE is going to hit me cease and desist but I’m always ready”.

Chelsea grabs the trash can and Matt Cardona says “I’m sorry, I love you” and drops the belt into the trash can. He says that he is going to kill Joey Janela at the Hammerstein and he’s going to kill the career of Ricky Morton. Matt Cardona says he’s more of a Boy Band Express, he starts singing Bye Bye Bye with parody lyrics mocking Ricky Morton. Cardona has a decent voice and the lyrics were pretty funny.

Ricky Morton comes to the ring to a monster ovation as the match begins with the usual shenanigans from Cardona and Green. It’s really underrated how massive Cardona is compared to most of the GCW roster and especially Ricky Morton. Ricky goes to throw a punch in the corner but it’s broken up by the ref, as Ricky just punches Cardona with his other hand. Ricky Morton hits a headscissors and briefly has the advantage over the much larger Matt Cardona. Cardona hits the Broski Boot for a near fall and starts choking Morton with his T-shirt, Chelsea did the same while Cardona distracted the ref. Ricky runs wild on Cardona and rolls him up for the quick victory. This was a really fun match, it’s really impressive that Morton can still be so nimble at this age.

Ricky Morton defeats Matt Cardona

Post Match: Cardona calls for the mic and the crowd chants shut the fuck up, Matt Cardona says you’re right I’ve been an asshole. He mentions how he grew up watching Ricky Morton wrestle, mentions he just achieved a dream and thanks Morton for the experience. Morton doesn’t buy this act and neither does the crowd, Chelsea Green gives Ricky a hug, and Matt Cardona does the same, they parade around the ring for a little while until Chelsea Green low blows Morton as Cardona starts working over Morton with a steel chair. They try to  Pilmanize Morton’s ankle but Joey Janela hits the ring for the save and runs off Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. Joey Janela grabs the mic, and says the chains are off and that he’s going to sacrifice Matt Cardona at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae comes out smiling and to a hero’s welcome as she runs around the ring greeting all of her fellow Chicago natives. Allie Katch comes to the ring with her game face on, they shake hands and begin the match with a stiff collar and elbow with Rae gaining the early advantage. They showcase their various escapes in a battle of headlock takeovers and chain wrestling ultimately reaching a stalemate. Katch goes for the piledriver but Rae quickly escapes to the opposite corner with a concerned look on her face. They shake hands again but Rae kicks Katch in the stomach and beats her down in the corner as she starts mocking Allie Katch; she wipes her into the corner and hits a side slam for a near fall. She goes to the floor and retrieves a chair and slides it into the ring, and while she was gloating Katch rolls her up for a near fall as both competitors start getting frustrated. Allie Katch starts running wild on Kylie Rae hitting her series of hip attacks in the corner while mockingly wearing Kylie’s bow. Allie hooks in a chin lock and really works over Rae’s neck for a while, Rae is able to get out of it, strings together some offense with the sequence finishing in a brutal superkick to the head as she rolls up Allie Katch for a 2 count. Rae once again goes to the floor and brings in a door, Katch cuts her off before she can use the door as they once again jockey for position, Kylie Rae locks in the STF and rolls Katch into the center of the ring. The crowd is chanting for Allie Katch as she tries to fire back up on Rae. Rae sets up the door in the corner and gets Katch on her shoulders but Katch wiggles out. They go for a series of near falls on each other but Katch lands a brutal strike to Rae’s face. Katch sets Rae up on the top rope and superplexes Rae, holds onto her, and DVD’s Rae through the door for only a 2 count. The crowd goes crazy and Katch doesn’t know what else to do. “Am I on mushrooms right now, how the fuck do you kick out of that”- Kevin Gill.

Katch is toying with the down Rae as Rae begs for mercy, Katch doesn’t care and goes to smash Rae over the head with a broken piece of door, Rae picks up the door piece and busts it on Allie’s back, Kylie locks in the crossface as the much stronger Allie Katch is able to muscle her way to the ropes breaking the hold. The two take their fight to the floor, as they exchange a series of brutal strikes and headbutts. Both women crawl into the center of the ring as they start throwing a flurry of fists, Katch gets Rae on her shoulders, Rae goes for a victory roll for a 2 count. Katch then hits the piledriver for the victory. This was a really great match, Kylie Rae is an incredible talent and I hope we get to see her more often in Game Changer Wrestling. Allie Katch improves every single time she steps in the ring, she is a very fluid wrestler, who can do much more than the comedy stuff.

Allie Katch defeats Kylie Rae

Post match: Katch notes that during these past couple of months she’s faced her toughest opponents and how she is a much more confident wrestler and person this past year. “You have to stop saying what if it doesn’t work out, you have to start saying what do I do when it does work out.” She cuts a very passionate promo about how much it means to her to face Ruby Soho, her dream match.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with a guitar in hand, Allie Katch is yelling at him, Jarrett isn’t saying anything, just staring. Allie Katch flips off Jarrett, the crowd chants ‘Fuck You’ and Jeff Jarrett breaks the guitar over her head. Jeff Jarrett gets into it with a fan as he goes to the back surrounded by GCW security.

GCW Tag Team Titles Match: The Briscoes (Champions) vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley)

This is the first-ever match-up between these two legendary teams and is a dream match for some. In 2017, The Rejects defeated Devin Cutter and Mason Cutter, and Private Party to win the Game Changer Wrestling Tag Team Championships; they went on to hold the belts for 197 days and successfully defended the belts on 7 different occasions. On May 13, 2018, The Rejects lost the belts to Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) who ended up holding the belts hostage until they were finally returned to GCW this past year.  This match tonight is going to be intense as both teams are known for their hardcore brawling style.

Jay and Murdoch start off the match as the crowd is going nuts for this big-time main event, the two men battle for position, and Murdoch goes to the floor to retrieve a bundle of light tubes, Jay does the same thing to the delight of the crowd. I can’t recall ever seeing the Briscoes doing a match with Lightubes. Murdoch breaks a bundle of tubes over Jay Briscoe’s head as Mark runs in but The Rejects cut him off and work him over in the corner. Jay Briscoe returns to the ring, takes the Rejects to the floor and Mark takes out both of them with a tope. Mark hits the froggy bow off the apron onto John Wayne Murdoch and they send Reed Bently into the third row of chairs. The match has broken down as they run wild through the building brawling amongst the crowd, hitting dives off of the bleachers onto The Rejects. Mark and the Rejects start brawling in the ring eventually leading to them putting Jay Briscoe through a door that was propped up in the corner. Murdoch brings out another bundle of light tubes and slides them onto a door that’s set up on the outside of the ring. All four men sit in chairs on the outside of the ring and participate in the Necro Butcher Bar Fight spot; they are all punching each other in the face with Bently really striking Jay with some stiff strikes. All four men make it back inside the ring and continue to punch each other in the face with the Briscoe Brothers getting the best of the exchanges, hitting a running neck breaker onto John Wayne Murdoch for a two-count. The Rejects bridge a door between two chairs, Murdoch calls for the Deep South Destroyer from the top rope through the door, Murdoch hits it for a close near-fall as the crowd chants ‘Holy Shit’. Mark puts John Wayne Murdoch through the door with the light tubes on it. Jay hits the J-Driller on Bently followed up with an elbow from Mark for the victory. I’d love to see a full series of matches between Jay Briscoe and John Wayne Murdoch.

The Briscoes retain the GCW Tag Team Championships

Post Match: “That’s what the hell I’m talking about, we told y’all before and we’ll say it again, they ain’t a tag team in the world that’s on our level right now. Ain’t nobody fucking with us, we’ve got the ROH Titles, We’ve got the GCW titles, and next week at the Hammerstein Ball Room we don’t even got a match. So we lay it down right now, any tag team in the world, who has the balls to step to them boys, Open Challenge, Hammerstein Ballroom, let’s do this shit”- Jay Briscoe

That match closed our FITE TV portion of the show as we now shift to youtube to honor the fallen Deathmatch Legend: Markus Crane

Markus Crane Tribute 666 Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs. SHLAK vs. Jimmy Lloyd 


Tonight Game Changer Wrestling is in Markus Crane’s neck of the woods so it’s only fitting that they have a tribute match in honor of their fallen brother. This match means the world to these men competing in it. SHLAK posted the following on Instagram this week:

“This Saturday night in Chicago, Me, Alex, and Jimmy are going to take you back to the fucking “HOWELL SHOW DAYS”(the town in which GCW ran their first ever shows) with a tribute Deathmatch to our fallen brother Markus Crane. After the GCW show this match will air immediately on YouTube. If you aren’t familiar with the roots of Game Changer and how this promotion started, we will give you a taste of it’s absolute mayhem foundation.” On Instagram, Jimmy Lloyd posted a collage of himself and Markus Crane over the years and had the following to say: “Tonight is for you. I hope I make you proud. I miss you everyday and I love you. See you on the other side.”

If last night was any indication, this match is going to be very bloody as these men pay tribute to their friend. They do a tell bell salute in Markus Crane’s memory, and the competitors make their way to the ring for this tribute bloodfest. 

Weapons Used: Pane of Glass, Lightube fan, riot shield with light tubes,

Alex Colon comes to the ring with a light tube fan, Jimmy Lloyd comes to the ring with a red spray-painted bundle of light tubes, Alex announces that SHLAK couldn’t make it tonight and that he has a replacement who is the legend himself Sypder Nate Webb, who comes to the ring with Markus Crane’s riot shield with light tubes on it. 3 years ago Markus Crane was the one who brought Nate Webb out of his 10-year retirement from Deathmatch Wrestling. The crowd is chanting Markus Crane as this match gets underway, each man picks up a light tube and starts breaking light tubes over each other’s heads. Nate Webb sends Jimmy Lloyd to the floor as Alex Colon starts going to town on Nate Webb, hitting double knees with a tube and a tope with a tube. Jimmy Lloyd curb stomps Alex Colon through the red tubes as the crowd starts chanting for Markus Crane. Commentary notes that the first-ever show Markus Crane attended as a fan, Nate Webb pulled a young Markus Crane out of the crowd and led a conga line with him around the ring. Alex Colon and Lloyd hit a Sunset flip German suplex combination onto Nate Webb who flies through a door in the center of the ring. Jimmy Lloyd clears house, breaking light tubes over the other two competitors, Jimmy Lloyd is the youngest gaijin wrestler to ever Main event Korakuen hall. Alex Colon climbs to the top rope but he’s cut off and hits with the light tube riot shield sending him off the top to the floor through the glass and a door; there is a lot of glass stuck in Alex Colon’s beard. They go back into the ring and Jimmy Lloyd gets hit with the light tube fan from Alex Colon. Jimmy Lloyd recovers quickly and hits a package piledriver onto Alex Colon as more Markus Crane chants ring out in the arena. Jimmy Lloyd hits a second rope destroyer through a bundle of tubes and pins Alex Colon for the victory. Nate Webb landed badly on his neck after a suplex and wasnt seen for 5min. Brett Lauderdale tweeted that they had a little scare but Spyder Nate Webb is okay.

Jimmy Lloyd defeats Alex Colon and Spyder Nate Webb 

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