Corey Graves & Carmella reality show premiering on WWE’s YouTube on 2/28

A reality show starring Corey Graves and Carmella is coming to WWE's YouTube channel beginning February 28th

Photo Courtesy: WWE

A new reality series coming to WWE’s YouTube channel.

Current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella and Monday Night Raw commentator Corey Graves have been promoting an announcement that they were going to make on their ‘Bare With Us’ podcast. The couple shared that they are going to have a reality show.

The show is airing on WWE’s YouTube channel beginning February 28th. Graves stated that he is not 100 percent sure if the shows will be released all at once or not.

The opportunity to film the series came via Glassdoor Entertainment. They reached out to Carmella and Corey and then Corey and Carmella took the idea to WWE.

Graves: We could not have done it without you [the supporters]. It is because of this podcast, ‘Bare With Us’, because of our stupid Instagram Lives that evolved into this podcast, we are now proud to share with you the next step of the evolution of the Bare With Us universe, the Leah and Matt show, our world is getting bigger. Babe, would you do us the honors.

Carmella: Sure. How do I even say it? So basically, we have a reality show coming out.

Graves: Wait, wait, wait. This has just become the most anticlimactic announcement in the history of announcements. We’re having a reality show [Graves mocking Carmella’s low tone].

Carmella: We have a reality show! It’s through WWE we’re doing this and it’s going to be ‘Corey and Carmella’.

Graves: It is in conjunction with WWE. Full story, full disclosure, as we like to do here on the show, this has been a project that has been in the works since the infancy of this podcast. It happened right away. We got contacted by our good friends now at a company called Glass Entertainment.

Carmella: They contacted my publicist. They saw all our podcasts on — I don’t even know where they saw it. They saw a video that we had posted on our Instagram or something. They contacted my publicist, my publicist contacted me. I was like, ‘Woah, what?’ And they didn’t even really realize that we were in WWE. They had no idea, they say. I don’t know if that’s true and then, the rest is really history. We brought it into WWE, ‘Hey, we have this opportunity. What do you guys think?’ And then of course with time, you know, it just takes time to figure out how we’re gonna go about it and how they’re gonna be involved and you know, a lot of negotiation and all of that. Business stuff.

A pilot episode was shot and that was chopped up into ten episodes that are 4-5 minutes at length.

Both Graves and Carmella were present on this past Monday’s episode of Raw in Indianapolis, Indiana. To hear POST Wrestling’s recap of the show, head over to this link.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit the Bare With Us podcast with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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