AJ Francis signed for multiple seasons of A&E’s ‘Most Wanted Treasures’, contracted through WWE Studios

AJ Francis says he's contracted by WWE Studios to host multiple seasons of 'Most Wanted Treasures'. He isn't sure if he'll be hosting again

Photo Courtesy: AJ Francis

Francis is not sure if he’ll be hosting the next season.

Earlier this week, WWE and A&E expanded their partnership and coming out of that announcement, it was confirmed that new seasons of ‘Most Wanted Treasures’ and ‘Biography’ are set to begin production along with a new series with the working title ‘WWE Rivals’.

The now-free agent A.J. Francis f.k.a. Top Dolla was the host of the first season of ‘Most Wanted Treasures’. K & S WrestleFest brought Francis in for a virtual signing and he shared that he signed for multiple seasons of the show. His contract is with WWE Studios which is separate from the deal he signed with WWE. Francis is unaware if he’ll be hosting the next season.

If they [WWE] called me back and said, ‘Hey –’ I’m signed for multiple seasons [of WWE and A&E’s ‘Most Wanted Treasures’].

No, it’s through WWE Studios [his contract]. It’s a completely different contract than my WWE contract so, I’m signed to do multiple seasons, right? But, contracts ain’t worth the piece of paper that they are wrote on. So, I could be back. When I did the show last time, we started filming in July. I found out that I got in the gig in May. So, it was that quick of a turnaround. I was the last person to be added to the show. So like, that could happen again, or I could never hear from them and fade off into the distance and they do it with somebody else.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Francis touched on the notion that he could be difficult to cooperate with in WWE. He feels that those who feel that way do not know him personally. He added that those opinions, thoughts or ideas could’ve came about because he offered his opinions on how things should be done pertaining to Hit Row.

If people think that I’m difficult because I know what I want, then I’d rather be difficult for knowing what I want than be somebody that gets walked over and doesn’t get what they want. To be honest, when we [Hit Row] first got there, to the main roster, people would be upset because I would say — they would want our music to be played underneath everything that we did, which I was cool with because again, I made the song and the song sounds great. I was cool with all that, but when I would say things like, ‘Hey, can we turn it down a little bit?’ So that, you know, what we’re saying doesn’t get drowned out by the song itself, people would say that I was being difficult because I had an opinion of how things should be done. But, everyone loved ‘Most Wanted Treasures’ and I never held my tongue on that thing. I would tell the director of the show, ‘Hey, what do you think about shooting from this angle?’ I would tell the producers of the show, ‘What do you think about going to this venue?’ I got venues booked on that show, from people that I knew personally. When we went to Sausage Castle for the Jake ‘The Snake’ episode, I made sure that happened, right? So like, I was already doing TV things for years before I got there. So I think they wanted me to just be — certain people, I’m not saying they — like certain people, anyone that says I was ‘difficult to work with’ doesn’t know me.

The HitMakerZ (AJ Francis, Tehuti Miles & Briana Brandy) are scheduled to appear at GCW’s For The Culture. They’ll be taking on Shane Taylor and O’Shay Edwards of Shane Taylor Promotions.

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