KAIRI suffers ruptured eardrum at STARDOM World Climax: The Top

During her match with Starlight Kid at STARDOM's 3/27 show, KAIRI suffered a ruptured eardrum

In her first singles match since 2020, KAIRI walks away with an injury.

STARDOM wrapped up their World Climax events on 3/27. Both the 3/26 and today’s show emanated from Ryōgoku Sumo Hall and featured the in-ring return of former World of STARDOM Champion KAIRI.

Yesterday, she teamed up with Mayu Iwatani and they picked up a win over Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka. Today, KAIRI had her first singles match since July 2020 when she took on and defeated Starlight Kid. KAIRI spoke to the press after the match and shared that she ruptured her left eardrum during the bout. She credited her opponent and said Starlight has become a different fighter since they last crossed paths.

My eardrum [is] ruptured right now, so I can’t hear…. Each move had weight, and I was on fire during the fight. She was a different person from the previous [Starlight] Kid. My eardrum was torn, but I was happy, or rather, the pain made me happy.

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