Bo Dallas guarantees that he’ll be back in the ring ‘in the next couple of months’

Bo Dallas promises that he'll be back in the ring soon, discusses the idea of teaming with Bray Wyatt and if it was thought about in WWE

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Bo Dallas sets a timetable for his in-ring return.

Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas) tallied up 13 years in WWE before being released by the company in April of 2020. He was signed when he 18 years old and throughout his tenure, he held the NXT, Raw Tag Team and 24/7 Titles.

He has not wrestled in a sanctioned match since November 2019 but during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Taylor clarified his in-ring status. He shared that over the past year, he’s been tied up with different projects and was not been focused on getting back in the ring. Now that those personal projects are sorted out, he guaranteed that he’ll be back wrestling within the next couple of months.

I guess this is a good platform to make this clear. I had no interest — not ‘no’ interest. I love wrestling, will always love wrestling but for the past year, I have had no interest in trying to wrestle. I’ve been working on a bunch of other business ventures and doing a bunch of different things that I’ve wanted to do outside of wrestling. Not saying I’m done with wrestling or that’s what I’ve been saying for the past year and now that I’ve got that squared away and that’s in the works, I can get back to my passion. I will be back in the ring in the next couple of months and that’s a guarantee because… I don’t make promises I don’t deliver on.

Earlier in the signing, Taylor responded to a comment which read that he would fit well in AEW. He is not ruling that out, but joked that no one knows what to do with him creatively.

I appreciate it [person in the chat room saying he belongs in AEW], but I’m not sure anybody knows what to do with me [he smiled] and I really appreciate it and take that as a compliment and it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Taylor’s brother, Windham Rotunda, formerly known as ‘Bray Wyatt’ finished up his run with WWE in 2021 when he was released in July. Windham has not appeared in a pro wrestling on-screen setting since his WWE run but has done conventions, signings and is working on a feature film with Jason Baker.

While they were in WWE together, there were discussions held about Taylor and Windham teaming up but he’s not sure how far those talks went. He shared that after a certain point, they wanted to go on their own paths but present day would be a good time for them to do what they’ve always wanted to do which is team up.

Yes [the idea of me and Windham teaming up in WWE was discussed]. I don’t know how far I can get into that. Discussed quite a bit and I think if it were in one of me or my brother’s favor, it would have already happened. We wanted it to happen since we were Bo and Duke Rotundo in FCW and just going back to an earlier question, what’s it like to be in a generational shoes or whatever, that’s kind of [how] we both went into this process. We both knew we had to make completely different names for ourselves other than our dad, our uncle, our grandfather and I mean ‘Bo Dallas’ and ‘Bray Wyatt’ are nothing like Barry Windham, Blackjack Mulligan and Kendall Windham and that’s on purpose and we strived to be different, even from each other even though accidentally, unselfconsciously, we both kind of turned into cult leaders in a weird way. That was completely unintentional but, we always wanted to work together for a very long time ‘till we both got comfortable enough to where we were like, ‘I just wanna be on our own. I wanna be on my own trajectory’ and when that happened, we both wanted to be alone and neither one of us were like — he was with The [Wyatt] Family and I was with Social Outcasts and stuff like, we wanted to be together but we wanted to prove ourselves to our families more than anything so we accepted whatever we were given to get past that. Now, we’re past that. I think we can both look at both of our careers and realize we’ve both accomplished enough to be satisfied. I like a lot more singles stuff but like, I’m satisfied. If it ended tomorrow, I’ve done a lot of good, met a lot of great people and I’m happy with it but I think we both know, us together in doing what we do best together is a completely different formula and something that’s never been seen on national TV. When we were doing that together, it was before either one of us were on TV and then we both kind of [split] to save ourselves, went down our own trajectories and that’s okay because we both still love each other but like now, we’re back to a point where we can meet up again and do something we’ve always wanted to do.

He later spoke highly of Windham’s creativity and the amount of effort that was put into the development of the ‘Bray Wyatt’ character. Taylor witnessed it from the start and said it was one of the most impressive feats he’s ever seen when it comes to an individual turning themselves into a completely different person.

I think that time period where I was getting into the ‘Bo Dallas’ character and he [Windham Rotunda] was — well, I was there very much at the beginning of him creating the Bray Wyatt character. That was just a cool experience because how much time and effort and research and what he did to make that character, God damn. Screw any Hollywood actor man. That was legitimately one of the most impressive feats of turning yourself into another person I’ve ever seen and I’ll never take that back.

Taylor Rotunda is 31 years of age. He has not had any pro wrestling experience outside of WWE. Last summer, he shared that he worked a portion of his WWE run with a broken neck.

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