World Famous CB was supposed to go on a three month tour with CMLL in 2017, says it fell through

World Famous CB, the former 'Cheeseburger', shares that he was supposed to tour with CMLL in 2017 for three months

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World Famous CB discusses his planned tour with CMLL.

Before Ring of Honor’s hiatus in late 2021, World Famous CB, formerly known as ‘Cheeseburger’ had been a part of the company since 2013. Ring of Honor is now owned by AEW’s Tony Khan and as of this writing, CB’s last match for ROH took place at the aforementioned Final Battle event.

CB was a guest on Alyssa Marino’s ‘Let’s Get Cereal’ show and he touched on the countries, cities and states he’s been able to travel to because of wrestling. One place that CB would like to wrestle in is Mexico. He shared that in 2017 as CMLL and Ring of Honor were establishing their partnership, he was scheduled to go on a three month tour with CMLL but the plan fell through.

So, I was supposed to go to Mexico a few years ago and it ended up falling through. I was supposed to live in Mexico for like three months. From like September to December, I was supposed to live — train and wrestle for CMLL for three months. It’s like 2017. I remember they had just started to deal with Ring of Honor, like a partnership and they were looking for people to go over, the office contacted me and I was like, ‘Sure.’ So, they got me like a visa and everything. I went to the consulate in Philadelphia, got the Mexico visa, CMLL paid for it. I was all good to go and then just out of nowhere, the floor fell through so yeah, I think it was they ended up realizing they couldn’t house me for three months or something like that. So I don’t know what exactly happened there so that was a bummer so I’m trying to get back to Mexico.

He spoke about the transition from ‘Cheeseburger’ to ‘World Famous CB’. He feels that being able to reintroduce himself without fans in attendance benefited him.

CB explained that if fans were in attendance for his reintroduction, there was a chance of them continuing to chant ‘Cheeseburger’ but by the time fans did come back to ROH events, they had already gotten used to the name change.

I think being able to reintroduce the character [World Famous CB] in front of — and on the flip side for me personally, I feel like having no fans helped me kind of re-establish the character because people were kind of just able to see it from like a blank lens if that makes sense, or I’m sorry, a blank slate, rather than coming the first time as a new character and say fans are automatically chanting ‘Cheeseburger’. It’s kind of like having that effect on the character. I was able to kind of have a blank slate and kind of keep the character rolling as I saw fit without having to worry about the fan reaction and then once the character was established, by the time we introduced the fans, I think the fans were able to have an understanding of what it was and this was a different character than Cheeseburger.

Ring of Honor is presenting their Supercard of Honor show on April 1st which is going to be the first ROH event since the company was acquired by Tony Khan. To get a look at the match card for the show, click here.

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