Scorpio Sky comments on TNT Title win, hoping to have the title for six months or longer

The newly crowned TNT Champion Scorpio Sky speaks about his title victory and his goals for this go around with the belt

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The new TNT Champion chats his title win.

Headlining the 4/27 edition of AEW Dynamite on TBS was Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara competing in a Ladder match for the TNT Title. In the end, it was Sky regaining the belt and becoming a two-time holder of the TNT Title.

Scorpio’s first reign lasted for just over a month before losing it to Guevara at Battle of the Belts II in April. Sky appeared on Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha to discuss his recent victory and how it feels to be champion once again.

Yeah, two times [as TNT Champion]. It’s really an honor. Just to win it one time is incredible, you know? I know people look at professional wrestling and a lot of things — sometimes people think wins and losses and things like that don’t matter but in AEW from the very beginning, they wanted to make a statement that wins and losses do matter and there haven’t been a lot of people that have held championships and so to be able to have the honor of being a champion, not only one time but two times and actually three times because I was a tag team champion, it is exactly what I said it was, it was an honor.

As far as what Scorpio is looking to accomplish this go around, he simply wants to have a lengthier title run. He mentioned the possibility of having the belt for six months to a year and added that he’s looking to have ‘classic’ matches along the way.

Above all, Sky wants to tell stories because he feels that-that is what people will remember the most and how he’ll be able to leave his mark as champion.

I didn’t get to do too much in my first run [as TNT Champion]. I lost the title in like 31 days. I only had one title defense unfortunately but, I did regain the championship in the shortest period of time in AEW history, 12 days so now, we’ve got a new start so the first thing I wanna do is hold onto it for at least 32 days and pop myself. But no, really, I wanna have some classics. I grew up a diehard, passionate wrestling fan that dreamt of winning championships and having classic matches so if I can run with this title for six months, a year or longer and really get in the ring with everyone and have some really memorable championship matches that I used to like watching when I grew up, that one’s a goal and telling stories. Most of all above anything else, I wanna tell stories and because that’s what people will remember and that’s how you leave your mark.

Sky did state during the conversation that he’ll be on this week’s Dynamite with Dan Lambert to celebrate the title win. Despite losing the TNT Title, Sammy Guevara was able to win the AAA World Mixed Tag Titles alongside Tay Conti at Triplemania Monterrey over the weekend.

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