GCW Maniac: Joey Janela vs. Drew Parker, Bandido vs. Nick Wayne

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Maniac
Saturday, May 21, 2022, Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

By: Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Bandido vs. Nick Wayne
Drew Parker vs. Joey Janela
Extreme Title Six-Way Scramble
Tony Deppen vs. Titus Alexander

Tournament of Survival 7 Update:

First Round Matchups:
Drew Parker vs. Cole Radrick
Rina Yamashita vs. Hoodfoot
Participants: SLADE, Shane Mercer, Toru Sugiura, Matt Tremont

Deathmatch Hall of Fame Update:
Wifebeater, inducted by Nick Mondo
JC Bailey, inducted by Mad Man Pondo
Toby Klein, inducted by Brandon Lee FKA Deranged

COS Update:

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Cage of Survival:
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Alex Colon
Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Masha Slamovich
Talent Announced: Matt Cardona, Drew Parker, Rina Yamashita

Summer of GCW News Update:

You Wouldn’t Understand
Saturday, June 18, 2022, Melrose Ballroom, New York City

GCW World Champion Jon Moxley Returns to GCW
Six Man Tag: ASF, Drago Kid, and Gringo Loco vs. The SAT
Singles Match: Nate Webb vs. Charles Mason
Singles Match: Action Mike Jackson vs. Joey Janela
Singles Match: Jack Evans vs. Ninja Mack

I Never Liked You
Sunday, June 19, 2022, Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island

Singles Match:
Nick Wayne vs. Will Ospreay
Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Allie Katch
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn
Talent Announced: Ninja Mack, Kevin Blackwood, Tony Deppen, SGC

Maniac Results:

Commentary: Kevin Gill, Veda Scott, Emil J, Pollo Del Mar

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Special Guest Ref: Rick Knox

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Blake Christian 

Right as the match got underway the feed dropped for several minutes, once it returned it was Blake Christian who had control over Kevin Blackwood scoring a close nearfall after a powerbomb. Blackwood went for a double stomp but Christian moved out of the way but still was caught with a rolling elbow; he attempted to go for a tombstone but Christian countered into a shoulder breaker. Christian did a handspring off the ropes attempting a cutter but was caught with a knee life followed by the tombstone for a very close near fall. Blackwood went to the top rope and connected with a double stomp but still Christian was able to kick out; Christian hit a flurry of offense culminating with a curb stomp for the victory. 

Blake Christian defeats Kevin Blackwood

Singles Match: Titus Alexander vs. Tony Deppen 

Tony Deppen faked a foot injury while entering the ring, suckered in Titus and eye poked him. Titus fired back up and hit 3 consecutive topes, sending Deppen further and further into the crowd each time. Back in the ring, Deppen tied up Titus with various submission holds as the crowd expressed their displeasure; Deppen had some really cagey tactics. Deppen blew a snot rocket into Titus’s face, Titus responded with a jumping knee followed by a backbreaker and an ace crusher for two. After climbing to the top rope, Deppen was sent to the floor when Titus hit a dropkick followed by a tope con hilo. Titus sent Deppen back into the ring and hit the chaos theory for a near fall, Titus went for a suplex but Deppen was able to slide out of it and went to town on Titu’s arm with a series of kicks. Deppen applied a double wrist lock with a headscissor but Titus was able to get to the ropes but not  before the damage was done. Both men are exhausted as they stand in the center of the ring trading slaps and chops with Tony Deppen getting the best of the exchange. Deppen started annihilating Titus with head kicks and submission holds, finally locking in the cattle mutilation for the victory. 

Tony Deppen Defeated Titus Alexander

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Masha Slamovich

They shook hands and Bailey quickly hit a big boot to Masha’s face and went for the pinfall; the two got into a hockey fight which saw Masha getting the advantage as she dumped Bailey on the back of his head with a suplex. Masha was in control of the match for a little while until she was sent to the floor and rammed into the ring post, Bailey sent her back into the ring and continued to pick apart Masha’s shoulder. Bailey hit a running penalty kick and went for a standing double knee but Masha was able to get out of the way, swinging the momentum of the match in her favor. Masha hit a series of kicks to Bailey’s body and attempted a double underhook pump handle but was unable to connect due to her injured shoulder. Bailey connected with the Speedball kicks but Masha was unphased and dropped Bailey with another high angle suplex; her advantage didn’t last long as Bailey hit a triangle moonsault taking out Masha Slamovich on the floor. The two exchanged a series of elbows and slaps on the ring apron, the action returned to the ring with Bailey relentlessly kicking the injured arm of Masha Slamovich. Masha connected with a dragon suplex, once again dumping Bailey on his head; she went for a spin kick but Bailey ducked and hit a superkick and a head kick for a close near fall. Bailey climbed to the top rope and went for his shooting star double knee but Masha moved out of the way, and connected with a flurry of offense including another high angle suplex for a couple near falls. Masha went to the top rope but Bailey cut her off and connected with the flamingo driver for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Masha Slamovich

GCW Extreme Title Six-Way Scramble: AJ Gray (champion)  vs. Cole Radrick vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Ninja Mack vs. Starboy Charlie 

John Wayne Murdoch was supposed to be in this match but was injured the night prior so taking his place was the returning Starboy Charlie. This is Charlie’s first match back since his devastating leg injury, Charlie cleared the ring and was left with Ninja Mack. Charlie and Mack trade a flurry of offense with Charlie getting the best of the situation, AJ Gray was met with a forearm from Charlie and was sent to the floor. Charlie attempted a tope but was hit over the head with a chair from AJ Gray, AJ rolled him back into the ring and started to go to work on the much smaller Starboy Charlie. Gray went to pin Charlie but it was broken up by Jack Cartwheel, the two of them engaged in offense but Cartwheel cartwheeled out of all of AJ’s offense. Cole Radrick and Jack Cartwheel faced off with Radrick getting the best of the situation, landing a close nearfall that was broken up by Ninja Mack. Jimmy Lloyd is as good of a base as Gringo Loco. Radrick took out all of the competitors with a moonsault followed by a corkscrew Sasuke Special which again whipped everyone out. Cartwheel set up Mack on a door and connected with a springboard twisting elbow drop which sent Mack crashing through the door; back in the ring Radrick and Gray fought for control over a ladder with Gray getting the best of the exchange but was still hit in the face with a ladder. Radrick was tombstoned by Jimmy Lloyd on the seat of a steel chair for a two count, Jack climbed to the top rope, and Jimmy Lloyd followed but Ninja Mack connected with a sunset bomb off of a 15-foot ladder which took out Jimmy Lloyd. AJ Gray power slammed Starboy Charlie through a door that was set up in the corner and pinned him after an Emerald Flowsion. 

AJ Gray Retained the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Biff Busick vs. Jordan Oliver

The match started off with a series of chain wrestling as both men attempted to feel out each other, Busick gained the advantage shortly afterward but it didn’t last long as Jordan sent Busick to the floor. Jordan attempted a tope but was nailed with an uppercut which again put Busick in control who started to beat down Oliver with strikes and kicks. Biff dropped Jordan on his head followed by another suplex for a two count, a pissed-off Biff then tied up Jordan’s legs and hit another curbstomp followed by the psycho driver for a two count. Oliver landed a superkick followed by a clout cutter for the victory. Massive upset. Short and condensed match that served its purpose. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated Biff Busick

Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Dark Sheik 

Sheik sent LuFisto to the floor and hit a second rope trust fall which took out LuFisto for the time being; Sheik threw a couple of chairs into the ring before they started battling on the apron. Back in the ring, LuFisto dumped Sheik onto an open chair with a belly-to-back suplex, she set Sheik up on the top rope and hit a superplex onto a pile of chairs for a two count. Sheik hit a slingshot moonsault followed by a slingshot senton, a swinging backfist for only a two count, and a very fun flurry of offense from Dark Sheik. Sheik hit a series of dropkicks, backed up LuFisto into the corner, and kicked her in the face with a hesitation stomp;  LuFisto laid out Sheik hit her top rope leg drop but only registered a two count. LuFisto fired back up with a fisherman’s buster and a backdrop driver but was cut off with a thrust kick from Sheik, she attempted a burning hammer onto a pile of chairs but Sheik slinked out and hit the ‘hurry up and die’ for the victory. 

Dark Sheik Defeated LuFisto

Singles Match: Bandido vs. Nick Wayne

As expected this match was an absolute sprint as they opened the match with a furious sequence of lucha evasions and offense to the delight of the sold out Ukrainian Cultural Center. Bandido sent Wayne to the floor and threw him into the third row of chairs, Bandido brought Wayne back into the ring and had him up in a delayed suplex for at least a minute, and continued the onslaught in the corner with a stiff enziguri. Nick Wayne fired back up with a short knee strike and a fisherman’s suplex for a two count, he continued his momentum with a sunset flip for a very close nearfall. Bandido had Wayne up in a reverse military press and then face-planted him for another close nearfall, Bandido’s momentum was cut off when he was caught with a superkick and a one-man Spanish fly as both competitors laid on the match exhausted. Wayne connected with an Orihara moonsault followed by a senton for a near fall. Bandido fired back up stacked Wayne up in the corner and attempted a moonsault crossbody, but Nick Wayne countered with an avalanche poisonrana, Wayne went for a cutter but was caught on Bandido’s shoulders and hit was a knee strike and a rebound german suplex for the victory. 

Bandido Defeated Nick Wayne 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. South Pacific Savages (Toa and Juicy Finau) 

Both teams face off in the center of the ring, BUSSY tried to beat up the Savages but they were unphased and grounded BUSSY with a headbutt. Katch jumped off the top rope and hit Toa with a DDT, EFFY hit a tope onto Juicy taking out both of the Savages on the floor. BUSSY has Toa isolated in the ring as they beat him down, their offense didn’t really have an effect as Toa got right back up and chokeslammed both members of BUSSY. With Allie Katch isolated, both members of the Savages pummeled away at her body, slowing the pace down to fit their slow and plodding style. Toa attempted a blackhole slam but Katch reversed it with a DDT and made the hot tag to EFFY who ran wild on the Savages with boots and strikes, he hit under the rainbow onto Juicy, followed by a cutter that planted Toa onto Juicy. EFFY hit a blockbuster for a two count as Katch slid in a pair of chairs which EFFY used on both members of the South Pacific Savages. BUSSY held a door up but Toa ran through it with his head as the Savages took control of the match once again. They hit a series of offenses onto EFFY and attempted a pin but it was broken up by Allie Katch. BUSSY dumped Juicy on the floor and set up Toa on the top rope but Juicy returned to the ring and slammed both members of BUSSY. Even with the momentum on their side, Toa was still able to break through and spear EFFY and Allie Katch. EFFY suckered in Juicy who sent himself through the door that was set up in the corner, both members of BUSSY attempted to take Juicy off his feet, EFFY came off the top rope with a sack ryder, he then hit Katch with a piledriver onto Juicy’s chest for the victory.

BUSSY Retain the GCW Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Drew Parker

Janela took control of the opening minutes of the match-up as they felt each other out as this was their first time facing each other. The match spilled to the floor with Janela still firmly in control of the Japanese Deathmatch superstar; back in the ring, Parker connected with a flurry of kicks and strikes that grounded Joey Janela. Drew connected with a coast-to-coast dropkick onto Joey but Parker’s advantage didn’t last long as Joey sent Parker to the floor and took him out with a tope. Parker went to the floor and retrieved a staple gun, followed by a gusset plate. Joey was able to knock it out of Drew’s hand and planted it on Drew Parker’s busting him wide open.  Drew Parker returned the favor by planting a gusset of his own onto Joey’s head, Parker went to the back and retrieved a pair of barbed wire doors which he set up on the floor. Parker went for a sunset bomb to the floor through the barbed wire door but Joey was able to hold on, Joey used the staple gun on Drew’s head and then his own head just for fun. Joey Janela brought Drew Parker onto the stage and subsequently hit a piledriver off the stage through the door sending both men crashing to the floor. Joey retrieved a bag of thumbtacks from underneath the ring and emptied the bag onto the ring, Drew Parker hit a Spanish fly onto the thumbtacks for a nearfall. The men were fighting on the apron, Drew Parker hit a sliced bread #2 from the apron through a barbed-wire door on the floor. Drew went under the ring for another door, grabbed some lighter fluid and Joey knocked the bottle out of Drew’s hand, dumped lighter fluid onto his shoe, and hit a flaming superkick to Parker. Joey was unable to put out the fire nor take off his shoe and when he did his sock was on fire as well. Fans threw some water bottles into the ring which were used to douse Joey’s flaming foot. Joey hit a DVD through the door in the corner but Drew kicked out at 1, they started exchanging stiff strikes in the middle of the ring but Joey was only able to get a two-count. Drew Parker put a barbed-wire door on Joey’s back, the same giant ladder from the scramble match was brought into the ring and Drew Parker hit a Swanton bomb for the victory.

Drew Parker Defeated Joey Janela 

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