Will Ospreay looking forward to debuting in MLW, doesn’t know why his 2021 appearance didn’t happen

Will Ospreay touches on his scheduled appearance for Major League Wrestling in 2021 and guesses why it did not come to fruition

Ospreay speaks about his scheduled appearance for MLW in 2021.

This past October, Major League Wrestling made the announcement that Will Ospreay would be making his debut for the organization in December 2021. Ospreay’s appearance did not happen but he later tweeted that his MLW debut will happen at some point.

The reigning RevPro British Heavyweight Champion was a guest on WRESTHINGS and touched on that once-scheduled appearance. He does not know what fell through. He took a guess and thinks it possibly had to do with him being booked for a specific date in a specific area and that was changed. He went on to add that he’s looking forward to when he can debut there and thinks MLW has a talented roster on hand.

I honestly don’t know [what happened with the scheduled MLW appearance]. I think they booked me in a specific venue and the reason why I wanted to be at that venue is because like — well not at that venue but in that area because I know the area and then I think they just changed it and moved it to a completely different place and I don’t know if that was my office clashing or their office clashing or something along those lines but I have someone who does it for me so if someone comes, hey, MLW. We want Will Ospreay. They have to go through the office and then the office comes to me and I say, ‘Of course I wanna go to MLW’ and once again, I would love to go to MLW and wrestle their guys because once again, they got a real sick roster. But like, on that note, I have no idea what the f*ck happened. I was announced and then all of a sudden I was taken off and like, trust me on this, there’s no such thing as like, this guy’s working the show and they said he can’t be on the same roster. It’s just like guys, I’ve been the ring with guys from NOAH, I’ve been in the ring with guys from All Japan, I’ve shared rings with — I’ve been in the ring with NXT UK guys whilst contracted to WWE. The IWGP Junior Champion and the NXT UK Champion was in the same ring at the same time so if that’s your excuse, then you really need to think of a new excuse. I think it was literally just they had [it] at this specific place and they needed to go here the next day, but this specific place didn’t wanna accommodate this one, so they just cut that one out. But, it doesn’t say that I’m not going back there. Of course I will go back there and I look forward to the day that I can go to MLW but like, right now, I’m a f*cking busy boy. It’s hard being the best in the world. It’s hard.

Next month, Ospreay is scheduled to be in action for Game Changer Wrestling at their ‘I Never Liked You’ event. He’ll be taking on Nick Wayne in singles competition.

Ospreay is flattered that Wayne views him in such a special light in regard to Ospreay’s in-ring ability. He highlighted that Wayne looks at him like how he looked at AJ Styles.

I would ask to pick a different hero just because I don’t — although I see myself very highly as a wrestler, I don’t see myself very highly in a role model position and maybe you should pick a better role model but like, I’m flattered, I’m really am just because he [Nick Wayne] looks at me how I looked at AJ [Styles] and I think the fact that I can give back in some way and I can help this guy become the next big thing by just whooping his ass for a little bit. But like, I get excited about sh*t like that. I’ve had people come up to me and say that they used to watch me when they were 13 years old and that makes me feel old, but in the same sense, I take it with great pride.

Revolution Pro Wrestling is hosting a show today and Ospreay was going to be on the card, but the promotion announced that he is sidelined with a kidney infection.

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