REWIND-A-WAI #111: The Office (S2E6) & Friends (S3E24)

John Pollock & Wai Ting review two fight-themed editions of popular sitcoms The Office (S2E6 – “The Fight”) and Friends (S3E24 – “The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion”).

They discuss their histories with both NBC sitcoms, the ratings each drew at the time, comparisons between Michael Scott and Vince McMahon, what national TV exposure meant for a struggling UFC in 1997, Big John McCarthy’s run-in with a Friends cast member and more.

The Office is available on Peacock in the US and Netflix in Canada. Friends is available on HBOMax in the US and Crave in Canada.

The Office (S2E6 – “The Fight”) Synopsis:

When Dwight punches Michael in the stomach at work, a rematch is quickly organised off the premises. Things become awkward between Pam and Jim when he becomes too physical.

Friends (S3E24 – “The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion”) Synopsis:

Monica finds herself dating a guy who wants to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Meanwhile, Chandler finds his male boss’s attentions just a little too friendly, and the group overhear a scandalous conversation at Central Perk.

This review was selected by Espresso Executive Producer, Tony Arthur.

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