MLW Fusion Report: Inaugural women’s featherweight champion crowned

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #149

June 16th, 2022

2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Raiding The Office

We start the show with an exclusive of Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau breaking into Cesar Duran’s office. They start drinking his bottle of Hennessy and playing with his guitar. They start singing a song about fucking Duran up. They find money in his office and take it along with some other valuables laying around.

After the intro, we cut to Cesar Duran who is trying to fix his office and he’s talking about all the bad things he will do to Fatu and Finau. Duran gets on the phone and tells someone to stop whatever he’s doing and go after the Samoan Swat Team. Taya Valkyrie walks in and says she has her sights set on the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship and wants to make sure Strange Sangre won’t get involved. Duran says he will do his best and Valkyrie says you can take the boy out of Boyle Heights, but you can’t take the Boyle Heights out of the boy.

Gangrel (w/ Holidead, Arez, Mini Abismo Negro & Dr. Dax) vs. Budd Heavy

Budd Heavy starts the match landing some punches, but Gangrel comes right back with punches of his own and drops Heavy throat first onto the top rope followed by an elbow drop. Gangrel starts working on Heavy in the corner, but Heavy comes back with a running splash and sits on the top rope. Gangrel stops him and hits a Bulldog off the top rope. Gangrel follows that with the implant DDT for the pin.

Winner: Gangrel wins by pinfall at 1:30

Strange Sangre attacks Budd Heavy after the match.

MLW World Tag Team Championship: Hustle & Power (Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka) (c) vs. 5150 (Danny Rivera & Hernandez) vs. The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich)

Jose & Joel Maximo of Los Maximos are ringside with their Spanish Announce Table. We saw an insert of Alicia Atout interviewing the Von Erichs last week and asked what the logic of befriending someone like Alex Hammerstone, as Marshall said she’s changed a bit. Atout said Hammerstone isn’t loyal and will stab them in the back. Danny Rivera gets on the mic before the match and says he’s in ‘the city of bums’ and the Philadelphia 76ers fired Doc Rivers and goes on more about their sports team decisions. Rivera starts talking about the Von Erichs and Marshall having flat feet walking around like Psyduck. He continues talking about the Phillies who lost to the Yankees as he has a jersey on before talking trash about Hustle & Power. The Von Erichs music cuts them off as they rush into the ring and start the match brawling with 5150. Hustle & Power run out shortly after and attack Hernandez as the Von Erichs are attacking Rivera. Hustle & Power and Von Erichs go face to face and start brawling before 5150 joins in. Hernandez takes down EJ Nduka and hits a headbutt down low followed by a slingshot that Rivera hits a superkick and a senton as they go to commercial.

When we come back, they are brawling on the outside, making their way over to Los Maximos’ table. Rivera takes Calvin Tankman and tosses him over the table into Los Maximos. Ross and Marshall takedown Rivera before Tankman and Marshall get back in the ring and start shoving each other before going into a forearm exchange. Tankman takes him down before him and Nduka starts double-teaming Marshall hitting him with a sidewalk slam/neckbreaker combo. The Von Erichs start double-teaming Tankman in the corner as Marshall hits a standing moonsault for a two. Hernandez takes Tankman out with a shoulder tackle before Rivera dives onto the outside with a twisting plancha. Hernandez follows with a dive of his own before posing on the apron. Hernandez and Rivera hit the 4-5-6 Head Crack on Ross, but he kicked out at two. Tankman stops Rivera with a spinning back fist before putting Rivera on the top rope. Hernandez stops Tankman and tries to hit Border Toss, but he slips out as Nduka hits Hernandez with a spear. The Von Erichs take Hernandez out by hitting him with Iron Eagle through a table on the outside as Tankman catches Rivera off the top rope and hits a spiked Tankman Driver with Nduka’s assist as Tankman pins Rivera for the win.

Winners: Hustle & Power (Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka) by pinfall at 9:12, to retain

Los Maximos jumps in the ring after and starts brawling with Hustle & Power.

Battle Riot IV Control Center

They announce the next round of entrants.

·       La Estrella (Dragon Gate)

·       Mads Krugger

·       Myron Reed

·       Ken Broadway

·       Warhorse

·       Microman

Myron Reed in Team Ambition

Davey Richards walks into Myron Reed’s locker room and says Reed is doing great and knows he has the ambition to be world champion and is always looking for people to make his team better and there’s a slot for him on Team Ambition in St. Louis. Reed is honored and says he will be there.

The Target is Fatu

We get a promo from Mads Krugger ahead of his Weapons of Mass Destruction match and says he was born and molded by war, and it made him a living breathing weapon and that’s why Contra sought him out. And it’s time for the war to come to an end and his mission doesn’t end until his target is eliminated, and Jacob Fatu is his target.

We see another promo for Killer Kross.

Who’s Driving a Black Caddy?

We cut to nZo in the parking lot who is asked about Battle Riot before a female that’s with him tells him that somebody hit his car. He looks at it and asks who’s driving a black Cadillac. Someone off-screen says he thinks that’s Jacob Fatu’s car as nZo says he’ll be right back.

Jealous Agency

We see Richard Holliday walking around Beverly Hills. He’s on the phone and asks the person on the other line if it’s a prank call and asks if it’s the other agency that he didn’t sign with, and they are calling them jealous that he signed with the top agency in Los Angeles. He said his new agency has meetings for his new movie, his book, and his cologne and they understand that he’s an influencer and the next MLW World Champion. Holliday talks about the only person in 3 years to defeat Alex Hammerstone and he will continue to prove that he is the next world champion.

MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead (w/ Gangrel & Dr. Dax)

This match is to determine the inaugural champion as Taya Valkyrie is making her debut on Fusion. They lock up right away and go into wrist locks and arm drags. Taya hits a couple back elbows, but Holidead hits one back. Taya traps Holidead on the ropes and hits a sliding German Suplex as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Holidead trips Taya off the apron and drags her to the outside before slamming her face first onto the apron. They take it back into the ring where Holidead hits a guillotine leg drop before choking and biting Taya. Holidead hits two more leg drops before missing the third. Taya comes back with kicks and a spear for a two-count. They end up back on the outside where Holidead hits the Angel’s Wings on the floor, sending her back inside for a two count. Holidead puts on a Camel Clutch, but Taya reaches for the rope to break it. Taya hits a cross body and a single leg drop kick before a running hip attack in the corner and a Meteora for a two count. Holidead blocks the Road to Valhalla and hits a spinebuster for a two. They start trading chops before Holidead hits a Killswitch for a two. Arez runs out and gets on the apron but Taya pushes Holidead into him. Holidead hits a big boot but Taya dodges her running knee and puts her into an STF as Holidead taps out.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie by submission at 9:00, to become NEW MLW Women’s World Featherweight Champion

Next Week

·       Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

·       MLW World Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed (c) vs. KC Navarro vs. Arez

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