AEW Blood & Guts Report: Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Blackpool Combat Club

Photo Courtesy: AEW

AEW Dynamite – “Blood & Guts”

June 29th, 2022

By: John Siino

Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI

Commentary: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone & Taz

Orange Cassidy vs. Ethan Page (w/ Dan Lambert)

Orange Cassidy came out to “Jane” by Jefferson Starship to a big pop, along with Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor in tie-dye tracksuits. Dan Lambert made his way down with Ethan Page with a mic and talked trash about Cassidy and said the Best Friends don’t have manager’s licenses and shouldn’t be out there with him and told the referee to do his job and he told the Best Friends to go to the back, which they did. Taz replaced Jim Ross on commentary, but they said JR would be back for the main event. Page took Cassidy down right away, but he popped right back up and kicked Page into the corner to a big reaction from the crowd. Cassidy dives to the outside on Page followed by a top rope cross body for a one-count. Page starts taking control, putting Cassidy’s hands in his own pockets while punching Cassidy in the gut followed by a stalled vertical suplex. Page knocks Cassidy to the outside and distracts the referee, as Lambert starts kicking Cassidy while holding a bottle of orange juice as they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Page hits a brainbuster for a two count. Page tries the Ego’s Edge, but Cassidy breaks it up by putting his hands in his pocket. Page goes right back for it, but Cassidy reverses out of it with a hurricanrana and tries to go to the top rope, but Lambert holds his leg distracting him enough for Page to press slam Cassidy into a power slam for a two count. Page flips off the crowd and goes for a suplex, but Cassidy reverses it into the Stundog Millionaire and goes to body slam Page, but instead ends up hitting a spinning DDT for a two. Cassidy sets up for the Orange Punch, but Lambert gets on the apron to distract him. Cassidy starts poking at Lambert, then takes his OJ and drinks it, ducks a punch from Page hitting an Orange Punch on Page. Cassidy does ‘orange mist’ into Lambert’s face, hits another Orange Punch on Page followed by a body slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy by pinfall at 11:02

The Best Friends join Cassidy after the match and give him the hug.

Motor City Sweathogs

Tony Schiavone is on the stage and introduces Christian Cage who has a match coming up but has something to say first. Cage comes out wearing a black turtleneck again, but this time with a black jacket not looking dressed to wrestle. Cage tries to speak but the boos rain down on him. Cage says he was asked by upper management to come out here and apologise for the remarks he made last week on Jungle Boy’s family, specifically his father. Cage says he is sorry Jungle Boy’s entire family isn’t dead and they had to witness him end Jungle Boy two weeks ago on Dynamite. He clarified and said everyone but his mom and signalled his mom to ‘call him’. Cage says the only thing this city has going for him is that it’s close to Canada and calls them ‘Motor City sweathogs’ and says he’s dressed not to wrestle but he requested a match not for himself, but for Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus comes out with sinister-sounding music and a darker look in his gear, wearing all black.

Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage) vs. Serpentico

Luchasaurus gives a headbutt right away into a wheelbarrow suplex. Luchasaurus follows with a facebuster and puts him into a modified snare trap with a nerve hold as Serpentico taps out right away.

Winner: Luchasaurus by pinfall in 52 seconds

Cage instructs Luchasaurus to continue attacking Serpentico, as he chokeslams Serpentico right onto the floor.

TNT Street Fight

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Scorpio Sky and Wardlow and says they have agreed to no physicality. Sky says he’s not a security guard but the TNT Champion and last time Wardlow came after him he laid him out and pinned him in the ring. Schiavone brought up how he did it with assistance but Wardlow says he doesn’t care and tells Sky to bring every member of American Top Team and he will treat them like he treated the security guards and he will take out Sky after and take that title home with him after. Sky suggests next week they fight for the TNT Championship and makes it a street fight.

Max Caster & Gunn Club (Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) (w/ Billy Gunn & Anthony Bowens) vs. Danhausen & FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)

Max Caster’s freestyle calls Danhausen a ‘juggalo’, a white man wearing white face and talks about drinking all the water in Flint. Danhausen comes out to introduce his mystery partners and says he found some people that are pretty good at wrestling as FTR makes their way out with all six of their belts. Austin Gunn and Cash Wheeler start the match. Austin starts in control as the crowd chants ‘Ass Boys’. Wheeler takes control and hits an atomic drop and an arm drag before tagging in Dax Harwood. Harwood hits a suplex and a leg drop for a two count before Danhausen tags in and hits an elbow drop to Austin for a one count. Danhausen stays in control and takes out Austin, Colten & Caster with hip tosses but Colten stops him with a hard clothesline as they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Caster is in control as they are keeping Danhausen in their corner. Danhausen hits a Northern Lights Suplex but they knock him right back down with a drop kick, but Harwood breaks up the pin. Danhausen crawls over and makes the hot tag to Harwood, as he and Wheeler come in and take down the Gunn Club with each one hitting Three Amigos. Wheeler dives onto Colten on the outside, as Harwood continues hitting German Suplexes to Austin, with three more. They go back and forth with hip tosses, as Austin hits an ugly looking neckbreaker. Harwood tags in Danhausen, who hits a pump kick and calls for Go to Sleep. Billy Gunn tries to get in but Aubrey Edwards stops him. Anthony Bowens runs in off his wheelchair and tries to hit Danhausen with his crutch but ends up hitting Austin instead, as Danhausen falls on him for the pin.

Winners: Danhausen & FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) by pinfall at 9:37

The Acclaimed and the Gunn Club start arguing after the match, with Billy Gunn getting in the middle, knocking over his own son Austin and looking to side with Caster and Bowens as Austin and Colten leave them and head to the back.

Jay is Going to Kill You

We see a video from Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh and tell Samoa Joe to make it official and defend the ROH Television Championship on July 23rd at ROH Death Before Dishonor as Singh chimes in and says Jay is going to kill Joe.

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (w/ Stokely Hathaway & Kiera Hogan) vs. Leila Grey

This was an open challenge that Grey had accepted yesterday. Jade hits knees right away before slamming Grey down and kicking her in the head. Grey stops Jade in the corner and dives onto Jade, just to be caught and tossed over with a fall-away slam. Jade stays in control while talking trash to the crowd, as Grey rolls Jade up for a two count. Grey stays in control in the corner but Jade blocks a bulldog and hits a pump kick followed by Jaded for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jade Cargill by pinfall at 1:56, to retain

Stokely gets on the mic after, but Jade snatches his mic and says he is tired of all these fans and women in the back bitching and moaning and says next time he wants some real competition. Stokely says Jade is fired up because last night at 11:49 pm gave an opportunity to every single woman in the locker room and someone who doesn’t even work here seized the moment. Stokely calls out Kris Statlander and Athena, and says they aren’t overlooked, but lazy. Athena and Statlander run out and go after Jade and Kiera. Athena goes to the top rope, but gets knocked down by Leila Grey who joins in on the attack with the Baddies. Leila goes to extend her hand to Stokely, but Jade smacks it away as the Baddies head to the back.

Forbidden Door Not Quite Closed

We go to the back with the Young Bucks who say they are the only ones left and say Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole are all out injured and it isn’t even Brandon Cutler filming but some guy ‘Fred’. They say they don’t have any friends left except their titles and say the Forbidden Door is still open just a little bit and challenge Hirooki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi for this Friday on Rampage and say they have to beat them first if they want a shot at the tag team championship.

Rampage Line-Up

  • The Young Bucks vs. Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi
  • Nyla Rose vs. Toni Storm
  • Royal Rampage – 20 man battle royal for a shot at the Interim AEW World Championship) w/ Frankie Kazarian, John Silver, Orange Cassidy, Rush, Adam Page, Konosuke Takeshita, Penta Oscuro, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Darby Allin, The Butcher, The Blade, Dustin Rhodes, Max Caster, Tony Nese, Matt Hardy, Dante Martin & Brody King

Jim Ross makes his way over to the commentary table, as the cage lowers and we get a video package for Blood & Guts as members of the AEW roster such as Ruby Soho, Dean Malenko & Excalibur talk about the teams before we go to the rules

  • Blood & Guts begins with 1 member from each team for a 4-minute period
  • After the 4 minutes have expired, 1 member of the J.A.S. wil lenter – giving them a 2-on-1 advantage
  • Each team will then alternate sending a man in every 3 minutes
  • Once all 12 men have entered the cage, the Blood & Guts match will officially begin
  • The only way to win is to make your opponent submit or surrender
  • Referees will be stationed around the cage

Blood & Guts Match: Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker & Matt Menard) (w/ Tay Conti) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta), Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz

William Regal came out with Claudio and Yuta, then joined the commentary table. Sammy Guevara is in the ring to start the match for his team and challenges the competition, for Claudio to accept it. They run into each other right away with Sammy tripping over the ropes in the middle and getting caught by Claudio in the corners as he delivers uppercuts. Sammy tries to escape and starts climbing the cage with Claudio chasing after him knocking him off the side of the cage on the ropes. Sammy gets away by jumping the ropes and making his way to the other ring. The crowd starts chanting ‘Fuck you Sammy’, as Sammy counters a pop-up uppercut with a cutter. Sammy gets distracted as Claudio starts swinging him, just for Daniel Garcia to run in and stop him as they go picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Wheeler Yuta runs into even the odds diving onto Guevara and hitting Garcia with four German Suplexes, before hitting Guevara with a bunch ending with an uppercut assist from Claudio. They stay in control until Jake Hager runs in and catches Yuta off the top rope. Claudio and Hager start tossing everybody else around until they go face to face as we have a reunion of The Real Americans and the crowd chants ‘we the people’. The J.A.S. takes control as Yuta gets rammed into the steel cage by Hager, only for Yuta to come back and hit a missile dropkick on Hager. Jon Moxley comes in next and tosses a chair into Hager’s face before going after Guevara and Garcia in the corner. Moxley starts digging a fork into Garcia’s head as everybody else is brawling, involving more chairs as we see Garcia is busted open. Yuta and Moxley hit the Hart Attack on Garcia as Claudio press slams Guevara into Moxley for a cutter followed by a flying headbutt by Yuta. The BCC all start delivering hammer elbows as Angelo Parker runs in next, only to back off and run away. Claudio catches him and hits a gut wrench suplex. They all start taking turns uppercutting Parker as the BCC is standing tall. Ortiz runs in next and starts taking down members of the J.A.S. as they go picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Matt Menard runs in with a chair and takes out Yuta and Ortiz before going after Claudio and Moxley with it. We see that during the break, Moxley hit a piledriver to Parker on broken glass before jamming the glass into Hager. Moxley and Parker are now busted open as well. Santana goes in next, bringing in a table and a barbed wire bat with him but hits a back suplex on Menard and an ugly looking uranage on Garcia, falling down awkwardly as a result. On the other side, they brawl into the camera man knocking him over. Moxley starts driving skewers into Menard’s forehead, busted him open. Yuta and Garcia have a wild exchange in the middle of the rings as Chris Jericho comes in as the final member of his team with his bat, but Ortiz takes him right down and starts using a chair on him. Guevara takes out Ortiz with a flying cutter as we see Santana hobbling on the other side of the rings. They all start going at it, knocking each other down before Jericho takes Claudio down with a Codebreaker.

Eddie Kingston comes in last as the bell rings and the match officially begins. Kingston goes right after Jericho with the kendo stick before grabbing a bottle of rubbing alcohol from his pocket, but Hager takes him down as the rest of the J.A.S. jump him. Tay Conti sticks another bottle of rubbing alcohol into the ring for Jericho to grab. Yuta and Moxley take Garcia out with the Doomsday Device as Ortiz and Kingston put Hager through a table. Moxley and Yuta grab bags of tacks and spill them throughout the ring as Claudio is stripping the mat off the other ring. Parker ends up hanging on the outside of the cage as we go picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Jericho is dragging Moxley through the tacks before putting him in the Walls of Jericho but Kingston grabs a handful of tacks and tosses them in Jericho’s face to break it up. Jericho grabs a fire extinguisher and sprayed it in Kingston’s face. Tay Conti took out Aubrey Edwards and tried to open up the cage with the keys, but Ruby Soho ran out to take her out. Jericho starts climbing the outside of the cage but Kingston goes right after him as they both start fighting on the top of the cage until Kingston hits the Uraken. Guevara joins them and holds Kingston down, face first into the top of the cage. Kingston gets up and tosses Guevara off the cage to a table all the way on the ground before going picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Jericho has Kingston in the Walls of Jericho on the top of the ring, but Claudio scales up to join them and boots Jericho off of Kingston. Claudio starts doing the giant swing to Jericho on top of the cage before putting him in a Sharpshooter, but Menard is up there and breaks it up. Claudio is able to put Menard in a sharpshooter as Kingston has Jericho in the Stretch Plum. Menard taps out first, as Kingston is upset because he thought Jericho tapped out first.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta), Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz by submission at 18:39

Claudio tried to help Kingston get up after the match, but he said he can’t because of his back, but he’s okay though. Yuta, Ortiz and Moxley join them up there, with Claudio finally helping Kingston up. Santana isn’t up there, as he was being attended to for the majority of the match when he got injured.


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