Rita Chatterton comments on her Vince McMahon allegations resurfacing via New York Magazine article

Former WWF/E referee Rita Chatterton discusses her allegations against Vince McMahon resurfacing by way of the New York Magazine feature

Rita Chatterton was initially being interviewed about her refereeing days, but was contacted again once Vince McMahon’s name was back in headlines.

In late June 2022, Abraham Riesman of New York Magazine published a feature story about Rita Chatterton, former referee for the WWF/E. In 1992, Chatterton went public and accused WWE’s Vince McMahon of sexually assaulting her in the summer of 1986. New York Magazine reached out to WWE and their attorney Jerry McDevitt ahead of the story’s release but did not hear back.

Chatterton also guest appeared on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast and shared her thoughts about her allegations coming back to the light. She said she is being contacted for numerous interviews and to appear on television.

Initially, Chatterton was interviewed after accepting an award from the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame but when the Vince McMahon hush-money story was reported, she was contacted again for additional questioning.

Well, it [allegations against Vince McMahon] pretty much came to light, I had met Abraham Riesman and had talked with him about my referee days and this was after I had received the award from the [International Pro Wrestling] Hall of Fame and next thing I know, McMahon was in the papers again for paying hush money and Mr. Riesman called me and asked me a few questions, I answered a few questions for him. Next thing I know, we’re in the magazine and here we are. Things are crazy. My phone is going crazy with people wanting me to do interviews, wanting me to do television, wanting me to do this show and that show. At this point, I have chosen not to do anything. Doesn’t mean I won’t in the future but at this point, I am not quite sure what I’m doing so I’m just gonna sit back, take my time, think about it and figure it out. If anyone wants to see it, they are more than welcome to read the article, it’s New York Magazine or if they wanna know the rest of the story, I reported this story 30 years ago with Geraldo Rivera on ‘Now It Can Be Told’ and that’s on YouTube. So they’re more than welcome to go and see it there. But, as far as I’m concerned at this point right now, today in my life, I’m just not even going there. I’m not going there in my life again. It still hurts. The whole thing still bothers me so I would really just rather not go there.

No, not at all [she’s not surprised Vince McMahon is back in headlines]. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to be honest with you.

Rita went on to share that she has been keeping up with what people have been saying on social media since the New York Magazine article’s release.

She further spoke about the Hall of Fame honor, mentioning that along with Seth Turner, President of the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, her daughter encouraged her to accept the ‘Trailblazer’ award.

You know, the last couple of weeks, I have [seen what people have been saying], yeah. Just to see what’s going on out there just out of curiosity. But, you know, it still — it brings back a lot. It was a long time ago but it still brings back a lot. When Seth [Turner] asked me to do the [International Pro Wrestling] Hall of Fame with him, I said no. I absolutely wanted no part of it and he’s like, ‘But Rita, you know, we want you to have the first Trailblazer award’ and on and on and on and he wouldn’t — he was relentless. He wouldn’t let up and then he got my daughter involved and between the two of them, they kind of ganged up on me and I was like, you know what? It’s right here in Albany, I know everybody that’s gonna be there. I don’t have a problem with the people that are gonna be there. It’ll be a thank you very much, see you, hi, goodbye and done. Well that’s not how it’s turning out. So people are coming out of the woodworks.

When asked if she would ever consider getting back into the wrestling business, Chatterton stated that she does not hate wrestling nor is she down on it. A return for her would depend on what that return entails but said she is currently helping train someone that wants to be a wrestler.

I would consider it [getting back into the wrestling business]. It would depend on what it was… I never completely close a door. I would never go back to work for Vince McMahon, okay? Never. But that doesn’t mean I hate wrestling, that doesn’t mean I’m down on wrestling. In fact, I have a little girl right now that I’m training, I’m helping train.

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