Triple H taking charge at WWE opens the door for “so many” returns says Matt Hardy

Hardy declares he is “Team AEW” but says that Paul Levesque’s promotion is a “game-changer”.

Photo Courtesy: AEW

Matt Hardy has said that the change of leadership at WWE could lead to many more wrestlers returning to the company due to better relationships with Triple H than Vince McMahon.

Speaking on his ‘Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’ podcast, the veteran restated his loyalty to AEW, but said that Triple H taking the helm at WWE was a “game-changer”.

In conversation with Jon Alba, Hardy said:

This deal with Triple H taking over WWE is a game-changer. I mean, on top of that, it also opens up the door for so many people to go back. There are so many more people that have a better relationship with Triple H than they did Vince. 

I have already spoken to people that are there. Triple H has already been so much more accessible, from the people I’ve talked to there with current experience. 

So it’s great. I also think it’s going to make the competition of the industry healthier as well.  

I am team AEW. Whatever team I’m playing for, I’m waving that flag until my dying day, but it is a good thing because there are people who could potentially leave AEW that may end up going to WWE, and they would be more apt to doing that because Triple H is in charge. So I think that it’s a super-positive thing.

Another huge positive thing to Triple H running WWE now is — Vince — it is what it is but his views and his mindset about pro wrestling were a little bit antiquated. That’s no slight on him…as we get older, it is definitely much harder to keep up with what is new and what is trendy, and have your finger on the pulse of pro wrestling. Triple H is much more tuned into 2022 pro wrestling, much like Tony Khan is.

Now I think you have two guys who really have their fingers on the pulse of pro wrestling.

Alba also mentioned that AEW has a “bloated roster”. In response, Hardy said:

It’s got a big roster, and that was by design, you know, to have plenty of people that you could cycle off each week so Dynamite looks different. And we’re also building a Ring of Honor roster as well, so that’s definitely intentional.

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