Moose opens up about the lingering injuries he had been dealing with

Moose returned to in-ring competition on 8/13 after being out since July 1st. He shared that he was nursing some lingering injuries

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Moose returned to in-ring action on August 13th.

Coming out of IMPACT Wrestling’s Against All Odds event on July 1st where Moose defeated Sami Callihan, Moose would not wrestle again until August 13th at the ‘Second City Slamm’ taping in Illinois.

The former IMPACT World Champion guest appeared on Taylor Wilde’s ‘Wilde On’ podcast and opened up about the lingering injuries he was dealing with. At the time of the recording, Moose was hoping to be back by Bound For Glory which takes place in October.

He described his injuries as minor and said there were just a bunch of different things that were lingering and it caught up to him.

I wouldn’t say [most] trying [time of my career dealing with injuries] because I’ve had serious injuries. Luckily, things I’m dealing with now are not serious. It’s just different parts of the body I’m dealing with so, but I’ve had major injuries. I remember when I f*cked my knee up pretty bad, I wanna say two years ago and I was like, oh my God, I’m definitely gonna need surgery on my knee but thank God that wasn’t the deal. I think the only difference between then and now, then, that was a major injury where this is just minor injuries in just different parts of my body and then you combine them, it’s almost like you have a car and it needs tires, the windshield’s broken, the door won’t shut and there’s no backup rearview mirror, that’s what I am. I’m just a car right now with multiple minor f*cking defects on it so, I’m an old ass car that needs to go to the body shop and get made into new again. But the engine is still perfect and it’s still running. It’s just all the minor, little sh*t is f*cked up so yeah, that’s me right now… All the aesthetics [are messed up]. The major stuff is great, the aesthetics are all f*cked up.

Moose re-signed with IMPACT in the summer of 2021. He became IMPACT World Champion at that year’s Bound For Glory event and lost the belt to Josh Alexander this past April at Rebellion.

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