Lady Frost opens up about the mental state she was in, thought she was going to step away from wrestling

Lady Frost speaks candidly about her mental health and the state she was in that led to her considering stepping away from wrestling

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Lady Frost speaks candidly about the mental state she had been in.

From April 2022 until early July, Lady Frost had not been in action. The month prior to her in-ring return, she publicly shared that she requested to be released from IMPACT Wrestling, who she signed with in 2021.

Frost was welcomed onto ‘FaceTurn’ with Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Candace Cordelia and as their conversation went on, Frost was asked what is next for her. She said she does not know and went on to open up about the mental state she had been in.

She thought she would end up stepping away from wrestling because she felt deflated and heartbroken. She touched on a recent string of matches she had that made her feel rejuvenated.

I have no idea what’s next. Honestly, I think — I will be very candid. I’m one that’s open about mental health and I think being happy comes first because if you don’t have you, you have nothing. There is no wrestling, there’s no dogs and a pool and I know that I… I definitely struggle and I think happiness comes first and I was in a place where I was not happy mentally, so I am choosing to kind of put myself first and honestly, I thought I was just gonna quit wrestling because I was just deflated, a little brokenhearted I think and it wasn’t until this weekend — it always happens — you have a great match or a great crowd and a great little girl and you’re fulfilled again and you understand why we love this so much but I feel like so much was taken away from me personally that I wasn’t sure what my place was gonna be, I wasn’t sure if, I don’t know. I was heartbroken, really, but I did have a great weekend. I had two great shows and I love it, I love wrestling, that’s it. I know that and I hate it sometimes [Frost smiled]. I think we all go through that. I’m very honest about that too. Not everything is great forever, it’s a lie. If you see that, it’s a lie. So yeah, I don’t know what’s next. I know I love my fans, I love performing, performing is everything so we’ll see. I have no idea what’s next [Frost laughed].

In 2021, Frost worked a handful of dates for the National Wrestling Alliance, including being part of EmPowerrr and NWA 73. She spoke about her grandfather, Tony Marino, who wrestled in NWA territories for 15 years and she hopes to get back to NWA and achieve something that she feels would connect back to Marino.

It’s crazy that it came full circle that I became an adult and then realized, holy cow, I’m doing the same thing [as my grandfather Tony Marino] and got to learn about his history and watch matches on YouTube and now I hear stories from fans which is super, super cool but, I would love to eventually get back to NWA and maybe hold a title or have one of those meaningful matches that I feel connects directly back to my grandfather. But, it is super cool to feel like I might be following in his footsteps but it wasn’t even really intentional.

This weekend, the NWA is presenting their 74th Anniversary two-night event[s] in St. Louis, Missouri.

There’s an interview here on the POST Wrestling site (via Andrew Thompson Interviews) with NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille.

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