Eva Marie admitted to the emergency room after “massive” allergic reaction to fire ant bites

Former WWE star posts video showing anaphylactic skin reaction

Former WWE in-ring and Total Divas star Eva Marie has posted a video showing what she described as a “massive allergic reaction” to fire ant bites.

The incident occurred on Labor Day but the video was posted to the 37-year-old’s TikTok and Instagram accounts last night.

She captioned the video: “When you have a massive allergic reaction to fire ants and u end up in the ER with anaphylactic shock”.

She further commented on the clip: “I love you guys. This was on Labor Day but all is well now.”

The video clip appears to show a pronounced skin rash on Marie’s back, neck, face, and legs.

Marie was released from WWE in November 2021 as part of a large number of cuts after being rehired in June of that year.

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