GCW Dead On Arrival: Masato Tanaka teams with Great Sasuke, Jun Kasai vs. Effy

Jon Pine's review of GCW's second show from Japan featuring Jun Kasai vs. Effy and Great Sasuke teams with Masato Tanaka.

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GCW: Dead On Arrival
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, Tokyo, Japan
Air Date: October 1, 2022

6 Man Tag team Match: Joey Janela, Nick Wayne, and Jordan Oliver vs. The Stronghearts (Cima, El Lindaman, and T-Hawk)

Nick Wayne and Cima started the match off with a chain wrestling sequence that saw neither man getting the advantage; Janela pointed out to Cima that Nick Wayne is only 17 to which Cima stumbled in shock. Nick Wayne’s shoulder is taped up which provided a perfect target for his opponents, Cima made the tag to T-Hawk who chopped Wayne a couple of times, and Wayne created some separation which allowed him to tag in Janela. At this time Janela, Wayne, and Oliver ran wild on T-Hawk with a series of trios-based offenses which culminated in a near fall and left Oliver and T-Hawk alone in the ring. T-Hawk was saved by his partners as they responded with offense of their own. Oliver made the tag to Janela who ran wild on El Lindaman. Janela, Wayne, and Oliver caught the Stronghearts with a low bridge and took them out on the floor with a series of dives. The Stronghearts turned the tables and hit their finishers onto Nick Wayne at a furious pace, Cima hit a top rope Meteora for the victory. 

The Stronghearts Defeated Joey Janela, Nick Wayne, and Jordan Oliver

Tag Team Match: Masato Tanaka and The Great Sasuke vs. Kikutaro and Jimmy Lloyd (in a Kikutaro mask) 

Lloyd slid two chairs into the ring and he and Tanaka started dueling with the chairs. Eventually, Lloyd kicked Tanaka’s chair away and made the tag to Kikutaro. Kiku struck Tanaka in the head a couple of times but it didn’t do any damage, Tanaka made the tag to Sasuke who started doing some of his shenanigans with Kiku. The two did some ‘comedy’ spots, which saw Jimmy Lloyd bumping off the apron to the floor after Sasuke threw an imaginary thing at him. Tanaka was tagged back into the match and started to work over Kikutaro’s head, Kiku responded with a couple of chops and attempted a shoulder tackle but was unsuccessful. Kikutaro made the hot tag to Jimmy Lloyd who connected with a couple of superkicks followed by an assault driver for a close near fall. Lloyd went to the floor and grabbed a handful of chairs, he broke one over Tanaka’s head and then proceeded to set up four chairs on the ring apron and entranceway. Lloyd went back into the ring and attempted to Suplex Sasuke over the ropes onto the chairs but Sasuke blocked it, Tanaka and Kiku started trading forearm strikes in the center of the ring, Kiku hit two shining wizards but was unable to secure the victory. Tanaka took Kiku off his feet with a stiff lariat but his pin was broken up by Jimmy Lloyd. Lloyd climbed to the top rope but was cut off by Tanaka and Sasuke who powerbombed him over the top rope onto the 4 chairs on the apron. With Lloyd taken out of the match, Tanaka and Sasuke beat down Kikutaro and got the victory. 

Masato Tanaka and The Great Sasuke Defeated Kikutaro and Jimmy Lloyd

Tag Team Deathmatch: Mance Warner and Cole Radrick vs. Abdullah Kobayashi and Ryuji Ito 

Ito and Mance Warner started the match off by trading chops and strikes in the center of the ring. Neither man made any progress so they tagged in their partners who locked up and did a little comedy. Cole attempted to take the much larger Kobayashi off of his feet but was unsuccessful so he instead caught him with a low bridge and hit a dive to the floor, Mance Warner teased a dive but poked both Ito, no relation, and Kobayashi in the eyes. All four men brawled on the floor, Kobayashi and Radrick battled over a barbed wire chair in an encounter that left both men bleeding. Back inside the ring, Cole and Warner sent Kobayashi into a barbed wire board in the corner, Mance whipped Cole into the corner to try and further punish Kobayashi but he moved out of the way and Cole crashed back first into the barbed wire. Kobayashi tried to stick a fork into Mance Warner’s head but Warner reversed it and stuck it deep into Kobayashi’s head. Kobayashi pulled the fork out of his head and slammed a gusset plate into Cole Radrick’s arms, Ito continued the beat down with a kendo stick to Radrick’s back. Kobayashi was limited as a worker, to begin with, but he has slowed down tremendously, he’s still entertaining but it’s teetering on sad. Kobayashi tagged in Ito and the two were able to take Cole out momentarily with a superplex, Mance Warner made the save for his partner but was quickly sent to the floor by the Japanese legends. Ito hit a frog splash for the victory. 

Abdullah Kobayashi and Ryuji Ito Defeated Mance Warner and Cole Radrick 

Deathmatch: SHLAK vs. Masashi Takeda 

The moment the bell rang, SHLAK and Takeda each grabbed a bundle of tubes and threw them at each other’s heads, and started trading forearms in the center of the ring. The brawl went to the floor where Takeda started to slice away at SHLAK’s forehead with his shears, SHLAK returned the favor by stabbing the shears into Takeda’s head. SHLAK hit Takeda over the back with a chair, Takeda recovered quickly and set up a bunch of chairs on the floor, while he was setting them up SHLAK interrupted him with a light tube to the face and a chair to the back. SHLAK strung Takeda up in the ropes and hit a tube-assisted second rope leg drop for a two count. SHLAK yelled, “here, hold these ” and threw a bunch of tubes to Takeda and then broke them across his stomach with a double sledge to the stomach. SHLAK continued his onslaught by back suplexing and powerbombing Takeda onto a pile of tubes, Takeda kicked out at 2 and broke a bunch of tubes over SHLAK’s head. Takeda brought SHLAK onto the apron and suplexed him off onto a pile of chairs on the floor. Takeda went to smash one of the light tube towers onto SHLAK but SHLAK hit Takeda with a lariat. SHLAK then tried to do the same thing and Takeda cut SHLAK off with a drop kick, they both grabbed bundles of tubes and ran into each other which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Takeda attempted a backslide, SHLAK attempted a schoolboy followed by an Oklahoma roll but Takeda was able to kick out each time. They then resorted to breaking more tubes over each other’s heads in the center of the ring with SHLAK hitting a sit-out slam onto a pile of broken glass. Takeda kneed SHLAK in the liver and hammer fisted a tube across SHLAK’s head, dumped him on his head, and pinned SHLAK. This was one of the best deathmatches of the year and over-delivered on the pre-match hype. 

Masashi Takeda Defated SHLAK

Deathmatch: Jun Kasai vs. EFFY 

EFFY and Jun traded headlocks at first, EFFY leap-frogged Jun and dropped to his knees which caused Jun to back off. Jun kicked EFFY in the face twice and attempted a running boot but EFFY sidestepped him and hit one of his own followed by an over-the rainbow. EFFY transitioned that into the tarantula followed by a body block for a two count. EFFY tried to Irish whip Jun into the ropes which were strung up with light tubes but Jun reversed his momentum and sent EFFY crashing into the tubes cutting his back open. Jun started to work over EFFY with a couple of light tube shots to the skull followed by a light tube-assisted headbutt. The two fought in the center of the ring with EFFY once again being sent back first into the light tubes; EFFY eventually fired back up and cut Jun in half with a spear for a close near fall. EFFY grabbed the fork board and sent Jun head first into it for another close near fall, EFFY went to the floor and grabbed a big bundle of tubes and placed it on the chest of Jun Kasai, EFFY climbed to the top rope but Jun skewered EFFY’s head. Jun took off his shorts revealing his own setup fishnets, he climbed to the top rope and hit a destroyer off the top through the bundle of tubes. Jun Kasai stuck a fork in his own head and took EFFY down with a lariat, EFFY kicked out at 2, Jun scoop slammed him and put a handful of tubes across EFFY’s chest and splashed him for a 2 count. Jun grabbed the fork board and hit EFFY with a piledriver for the victory. 

Jun Kasai Defeated EFFY 

6 Man Tag Team Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch, Alex Colon, and Rina Yamashita vs. Drew Parker, Violento Jack, and Sakuda 

All 6 men started brawling on the outside which left Alex Colon and Drew Parker alone in the ring, Parker sent Colon to the floor with a dropkick followed by a tope. Violento Jack and John Wayne Murdoch were next to engage each other with Murdoch getting the best of the situation, Sakuda came to Jack’s help and proceeded to break a tube across Murdoch’s head. Sakuda and Rina fought for a little bit with Jack coming to Sakuda’s aid; Parker, Jack, and Sakuda all beat down on Rina which culminated in Sakuda driving a barbed wire board into Rina’s arm, Alex Colon broke up the pin attempt with a frog splash. Murdoch re-entered the match and was sent into the corner by Sakuda but he battled back only to be sent to the floor by Violento Jack. This match was just a sprint of different spots, with no real story behind the moves other than the action itself.

Rina and Parker fought each other inside the ring after Alex Colon took everyone else out with a light tube-assisted dive. Violento Jack and Alex Colon traded strikes in the center of the ring, Rina tried to assist Alex but Jack stacked them both up on his shoulders and Samoan Dropped them. Murdoch came back in, took Jack off of his feet, and held two tubes in place which allowed Alex Colon to hit his running double knee on Parker and Jack. Sakuda grabbed one of his metal skewers and pierced John Wayne Murdoch’s mouth and placed Murdoch on the top rope, Murdoch fought out of it and hit the deep south destroyer onto Sakuda, Violento Jack took Murdoch out with a running forearm. Around the 10-minute mark, Drew Parker brought a ladder into the ring and attempted to splash Colon on the entranceway, Murdoch took Parker off the ladder but before he could do anything Violento Jack hit Murdoch over the head with a bundle of tubes and then suplexed him off the top of the ladder onto another bundle. Parker tried to hit a Swanton off the top of the ladder onto the prone Murdoch but Murdoch got out of the way. Sakuda broke a bundle of tubes over Alex Colon’s head and then Colon hit the second rope style clash through a bundle of tubes for the victory. 

Alex Colon, John Wayne Murdoch, and Rina Yamashita Defeated Sakuda, Violento Jack and drew Parker

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