Marshall & Ross Von Erich’s MLW contracts are set to expire in June 2023

Marshall and Ross Von Erich speak about their collective futures and being open to staying with MLW or venturing to AEW or WWE

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As of this writing, The Von Erichs are scheduled to become free agents in 2023.

The duo of Marshall and Ross Von Erich are the longest reigning tag team champions in MLW history. In 2019, they signed a multi-year agreement with the organization and Ross and Marshall provided an update on their contractual statuses during their appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.

Marshall said he assumes their time with MLW is almost up and their deals expire in June 2023. As far as what happens after that, he said it’s a wait and see game.

Marshall: We’ve been taking the last month to get back into shape and take — we’re gonna pour our next five to seven years, maybe even longer but, we feel like it’s time. I know a lot of people don’t know but I guess our time with MLW is almost up, I think June 1st is when our contracts are up so we’re just gonna see what happens after that, play the field, you know? Never say never but we’re just gonna, yeah, see what comes to us after this.

They were asked about the idea of returning to MLW for the ‘Blood & Thunder’ event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in January. They’re not sure if they’ll be on that show but would like to be on it.

Marshall said he and Ross would like to continue doing shows with MLW past their contract expiration date, adding that they have a good relationship with Court Bauer and the rest of the MLW team.

Ross: We’re not 100 percent sure on that [we’ll be back in MLW for Blood & Thunder in January].

Marshall: We haven’t heard anything yet but yeah, we definitely want to be a part of it for sure… MLW has been a huge blessing in that regard [experiences they’ve had in wrestling through MLW]. We love the whole team, we love all the guys up there and stuff. Made some brothers and stuff so, who knows? Hopefully we’ll keep on doing MLW shows after the contracts are up but we’ll see. I’d say we’re in a good relationship with Court [Bauer] and everybody up there so, yeah, we’ve taken some time off for the house and Court respected that and stuff so yeah, that’s where we’re at right now.

Elsewhere during the conversation, they further stated that they’re open to anything and won’t rule out a destination or route that could possibly be taken.

They’re open to staying with MLW, heading to WWE, AEW or Japan. Ross suggested that hypothetically, if they were to sign a contract that prevented them from making dates, they would like to give back to the independent scene before signing said deal. Marshall added that they’re talking to promoters and nailing dates down for shows in North America.

Marshall: We’re gonna see how the cards unfold. Now, we’re definitely open to anything. Open to staying with MLW, open to AEW, WWE, any promotion that will offer us — maybe go back to Japan. We’re open to anything. I’m not gonna say ‘absolutely not’ to anything but, you know, right now, we’re getting some dates nailed down. I can’t confirm anything yet because I’m still talking to promoters and working out flights and stuff but, we wanna do a comeback. Come back to the States and wanna try to land everywhere or do some shows everywhere just to get our name out there, get our name back out there and let people know we’re still doing our thing.

Ross: Maybe show some love back to everybody that showed us love because, you know, if we do hypothetically sign some contract and we’re not able to do these things, we’re always gonna have such good memories of the indie scene so we just wanna really get that out of our system I guess.

This past May was the most recent time Marshall and Ross wrestled for MLW. They stated during the interview that they were taking care of family business which Court Bauer respected. They reside in Hawaii with their father Kevin and the rest of their family.

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