MLW Battle Riot IV Report: 40-person battle royal

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Battle Riot IV

November 3rd, 2022

Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Technically, You’re Competition

The show starts with new backstage correspondent Sam Leterna who’s with the MLW World Tag Team Champions Hustle & Power; Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka who are selecting their ballots for the Battle Riot. Tankman seems a bit happy with his number and won’t tell Nduka as ‘technically he’s competition’. Nduka gets his number and seems he’s happy as well and he is destined to be World Champion.

Welcome Back to MLW

MLW matchmaker Cesar Duran makes his way down to the ring with Los Aztecas as commentary announces that next week will see the season premiere of MLW Fusion on Pro Wrestling TV. Duran puts on a New York accent and tells them to ‘talk to him’ before making fun of how they talk. Duran says tonight we will find out who will have a title shot, anytime and anywhere but not against Alex Hammerstone, as they will be facing his luchadores instead. Hammerstone makes his way down to the ring and confronts Duran as Los Aztecas attack Hammerstone and the bell rings.

Alex Hammerstone vs. Los Aztecas (w/ Cesar Duran)

Alex Hammerstone fights them off, hitting one with a big boot and the Nightmare Pendulum for a quick win.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone by pinfall in 38 seconds

Hammerstone goes and corners Duran in the corner, but Richard Holliday appears from behind and attacks Hammerstone with a chair. Holliday continues to attack Hammerstone with the chair as Alicia Atout joins him in the ring to make out with him. As they leave, we see Hammerstone who is bleeding from what commentary assumes is internal injuries.

The Mission Does Not End…

We see a video of who looks to be Prince Nana handing Mads Krugger his new mask after having his face destroyed by Jacob Fatu. Krugger says his mission does not end until his target is eliminated, and it is time.

Next Week on MLW Fusion

·       Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Clara Carreras

·       MLW World Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed (c) vs. Lince Dorado vs. Arez vs. La Estrella

·       Real 1 vs. Jacob Fatu

Running Numbers

We go to Myron Reed & Alex Kane of The Bomaye Fight Club who draw their Battle Riot numbers. Reed wasn’t happy with his number, so Kane distracted the referee and picked a different number. Reed then distracted the referee as Kane went and chose his number.

We get an update on Alex Hammerstone that he is undergoing medical evaluation.

Battle Riot Official Rules

·       Elimination can occur by pinfall or submission or by sending an opponent over the top rope.

·       40 wrestlers will riot.

·       A wrestler enters the Battle Riot every minute until all 40 competitors have made their entrance.

·       No DQ, anything goes.

·       Winner receives a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship opportunity any time, any place.

Battle Riot IV

EJ Nduka drew number one, followed by Calvin Tankman who was entrant number two as the World Tag Team Champions start the match against each other. They shake hands to start but don’t do much before Mr. Thomas comes out as #3. Hustle & Power double-team him, as Nduka hits Thomas with a suplex. Lince Dorado is #4 followed by Arez as #5. Thomas and Tankman fight on the apron, as Nduka knocks them both off eliminating them at 3:46. As Nduka is trying to apologize to Tankman and shake his hand, Arez and Dorado hit him with a double dropkick eliminating Nduka at 4:14. Microman is entrant #6 who goes after Arez and Dorado before Mini Abismo Negro comes out at #7. La Estrella is #8 as all the luchadores go at it. KC Navarro is out at #9 and Kim Chee at #10 who everybody attacks.

Joel Maximo at #11 as everybody gets on Chee and makes him submit at 10:19. Killer Kross is at #12 and right away hits Joel with a Saito Suplex to pin and eliminate him at 11:05 and press slams Arez to the outside to eliminate him at 11:14. IMPACT Wrestling’s Sami Callihan is #13, being a big surprise as he uses his bat on everybody. Real 1 is #14 as Callihan knocks Abismo off the apron at 13:45, followed by Real 1 kicking Microman off the apron eliminating him at 13:52. Gangrel comes out at #15, followed by Kwang at #16. Budd Heavy is #17 as Callihan tosses Estrella over the top rope at 16:49. Little Guido is #18 as Kwang sprays the green mist in Heavy’s face, so Real 1 takes advantage and tosses Heavy over the top rope at 17:43. Kross tosses out Kwang at 17:52.  Jose Maximo is #19, followed by Davey Richards at #20.

Callihan tosses Gangrel out at 19:29 as Lance Anoa’i comes out at #21. House of Glory’s Ken Broadway is #22 as Kross tosses out Dorado at 21:40. Homicide is #23 who comes in and pins Jose Maximo at 22:43, followed by Richards making Guido submit to the ankle lock at 23:05. Rickey Shane Page comes out at #24 with a trash can full of weapons before setting up a table on the outside. Juicy Finau comes out at #25. Callihan tosses Broadway out at 24:55, as Anoa’i tosses out Homicide at 24:58. One of Los Aztecas is out at #26 and commentary calls Ochenta, but the Samoan Swat Team goes after him and Juicy hits him with a top rope splash, pinning and eliminating Ochenta at 26:04. During all this Real 1 eliminates Anoa’i from behind at 26:08. Dr. Dax is #27 as RSP catches Navarro and powerbombs into the table he set up earlier, eliminating him at 27:03. Jacob Fatu is out at #28 and right away superkicks Dax to pin him at 27:39. Mads Krugger is out at #29 wearing his new mask followed by Wil Maximo at #30.

Krugger goes after Wil, slamming him down face first to pin him at 29:48. Warhorse comes out at #31 followed by Myron Reed at #32 who goes right after Richards. Two more Los Aztecas (Veintidos & Treinta Y Tres) come out as #33 and #34 but Fatu eliminates one at 32:45. As everybody is trying to toss out Finau, Real 1 hits him with the final blow eliminating Finau at 33:21. Matt Cross is out at #35 as Fatu eliminates the other Azteca at 34:17. Mance Warner comes out at #36 as a big surprise making his return to MLW going after Callihan who originally beat Warner to cause his exit from the company. Fatu tosses out Cross at 34:53 as Alex Kane comes out at #37. RSP tries to use a crutch on Krugger, but that only upsets him as he tosses RSP out at 36:04. Savio Vega is out at #38 and starts attacking everybody with a kendo stick. Taya Valkyrie is out at #39 becoming the first ever female entrant in a Battle Riot as Richards pushes Kane into Reed off the apron to eliminate him at 37:22 then Richards tosses out Kane at 37:25. Parker Boudreaux comes out at #40, being the final entrant as Real 1 tossed out Vega at 38:21.

Boudreaux goes right after Taya, tossing her out at 38:57. Kross and Boudreaux go at it, as Real 1 helps Callihan toss out Richards at 39:57. As Richards tries to leave from the back, he gets assaulted by Alex Kane, Myron Reed & Mr. Thomas. Krugger and Warner fight on the apron, resulting in Krugger knocking Warner off to eliminate him at 41:21, only for Fatu to toss out Krugger at 41:29. Krugger and Warner continue fighting all the way to the back. Callihan and Kross double team Boudreaux, tossing him out at 42:12.­ We are down to our final four being Kross, Callihan, Fatu, and Real 1 (who the entire match has been constantly going to the outside to avoid any confrontation). Callihan and Real 1 fight on the apron, but Fatu superkicks Callihan off eliminating him at 43:48. Kross and Real 1 start double-teaming Fatu, both attempting to pin him. Real 1 eventually turns on Kross, who just comes back and hits a pedigree on Real 1, but as Kross is celebrating, Fatu tosses him out over the top rope at 47:07. As Kross is leaving, he’s fighting off the officials but Real 1 tosses Fatu into the referee knocking him out, so he doesn’t see that Fatu tosses Real 1 over the top rope. Real 1 quickly runs back in and eliminates Fatu, but the referee is still out. As the referee comes to, Fatu runs in from behind and tosses Real 1 to officially win the match.

Winner: Jacob Fatu wins the 2022 Battle Riot at 48:52

Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i enter the ring with some beers and celebrate with Fatu. Fatu gets on the mic and thanks New York for tonight and says it’s been three long years, but tonight’s the night. Fatu talks about his family making history since the late 70s and it feels good to be part of The Bloodline. Fatu continues they have sacrificed everything and dedicates this to all seven of his kids and says daddy is coming home.

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