Iron Survivor Challenge matches announced for NXT Deadline

Shawn Michaels makes the announcement of the Iron Survivor Challenge matches for NXT Deadline on December 10th

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Iron Survivor Challenges made official for Deadline. 

The next special for the NXT brand is their ‘Deadline’ show on December 10th. During the second hour of the 11/15 NXT on USA Network, Shawn Michaels announced the first two bouts for Deadline. 

He introduced a new concept to NXT titled ‘Iron Survivor Challenge’. There will be two of these matches at Deadline; one for the women’s division and one for the men. There are going to be five competitors in the Iron Survivor Challenge and they will enter the match in intervals. 

Once all five talents are in the ring, they’ll have 25 minutes to determine who can score the most falls. If one is pinned or submitted, they’ll spend time in the penalty box. The wrestler with the most falls at the end of the 25 minutes will earn a shot at the NXT Championship/NXT Women’s Championship. 

A review of tonight’s show will be provided by upNXT on 11/16. 

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