MLW’s Richard Holliday reveals battle with stage four lymphoma, halfway through 12 rounds of chemotherapy

Richard Holliday opens about his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and keeping a positive attitude about returning to the ring

Holliday speaks candidly about his cancer diagnosis. 

June 2022 was the most recent time that MLW’s Richard Holliday wrestled. He revealed to Sports Illustrated that the reason he has been out of action is because he discovered that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

In June, Holliday began experiencing a ‘vicious’ bout of night sweats. He said he was taking Dayquil to get through the days and kept pushing forward but he did not feel 100 percent. 

When I wrestled Hammer in June, I was taking Dayquil to try to get through every day. I kept pushing and pushing, but I just felt off. At that point, I had just got home from California. The whole time I was there, I was freezing. I was pale white when I left after a month.

He went to the emergency room in July in initially, doctors thought he was anemic. 

I was taking iron pills to try to counter that, but my levels kept dropping. They checked if I had internal bleeding, which I didn’t, and then they ran a litany of tests and a scan of my body for a possible case of lymphoma in September. Those tests confirmed it was Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Holliday was reassured by his doctor that he could beat the cancer and he is keeping that mindset. He requested to start chemotherapy immediately and that did not change once he found out it was stage four lymphoma. Holliday is halfway through his 12 rounds of chemotherapy. 

He expressed in the piece that he is eager to return to the ring and all he can think about is ringing the bell to signal that he is cancer-free.

POST Wrestling would like to send our well wishes to Richard Holliday as he continues his fight.

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