Braun Strowman states that he still owns Control Your Narrative

The Control Your Narrative promotion that was started by Braun Strowman and EC3 is still owned by Strowman

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Control Your Narrative is still owned by Strowman. 

Following Braun Strowman’s first run with WWE coming to an end, he went into promoting the Control Your Narrative brand that was started and funded by himself and EC3. 

Their first event as a traveling promotion was in early March. When Strowman returned to WWE in September, a statement was issued by EC3 about the future of Control Your Narrative and it was noted that the vision remains the same but the immediate future was unknown. 

Strowman shared with Shakiel Mahjouri that he still owns C.Y.N. and anything could happen in the future but right now, Strowman is happy being back in WWE. 

The biggest thing was another avenue for people to go and do what they love [Strowman said about Control Your Narrative]. It was all financed by me and EC3. All the money that we ever made which wasn’t much, we put right back into the company. I was a firm believer in making sure if you wrestled on one of our shows that you got paid. Because this industry is so cutthroat. A lot of stuff with this ‘pay your dues’ B.S. that everybody wants to say and that ‘pay your dues’ is lining some promoter’s pocket on your hopes and dreams and broken back which I get it. I mean, that’s ‘business’. But I wanted to give an avenue for people to do what they love, hone their craft, be able to make some money, travel around and have fun. At the end of the day, this should be the absolute most fun job you could ever have on earth. We get to travel around the world and fight with our friends and make money doing it and how could you not? It’s every five-year-old’s dream and it was just an opportunity to try and help others live theirs and unfortunately, like I said — it’s something that I still own, CYN. EC3’s still doing some of ‘em so who knows what’s gonna happen down in the future but right now, I’m so blessed to be back home. I love the WWE, I love the WWE universe. I’ve said this time and time again, I’m a film believer that God put me on this earth to do this. I’m back where I belong, I’m home, it’s good to be back and I can’t wait to keep making memories for the fans for many more years.

The most recent Control Your Narrative show was a joint event in July and in the main event, Strowman, EC3 and Austin Aries competed in a six-man tag. 

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