Tommy Dreamer shares that IMPACT Wrestling wanted to sign Roxanne Perez

IMPACT Wrestling wanted to sign Roxanne Perez but she informed them that she had a WWE tryout

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IMPACT Wrestling wanted Roxanne Perez to join their roster. 

Closing out the December 13th edition of NXT on USA Network was Roxanne Perez besting Mandy Rose to become the new NXT Women’s Champion

Roxanne’s title win was a topic of conversation on Busted Open Radio with Mickie James, Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca. Dreamer, who works with IMPACT Wrestling, mentioned that the company wanted to sign Roxanne when she wrestled for them in January

She told them that she had a tryout with WWE coming up and they wished her well. 

Which means he’s [Booker T] a great trainer. He really is because you saw that [Roxanne Perez winning the NXT Women’s Title]. Think about the ride that she’s had in one year. I believe she went into the year as the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion and she’s leaving , she worked IMPACT, had one hell of a match and we were like, ‘We wanna sign her’ but she was like, ‘I got a tryout with WWE.’ ‘Cool, go. Hopefully it works out’ and boom, she’s ending the year defeating Mandy Rose who had one hell of a reign. Congratulations to you. You reinvented your career, you reinvented your life, you made yourself have so much value and then, you know, for Roxanne Perez, what a great year. What a great book-end year. 

How it is with IMPACT, she was open and honest about, ‘Hey, I have a WWE tryout’ and everybody, ‘Cool, go. Hopefully it works out for you…’ It wasn’t like, no, stay with us. It’s [a] much different vibe than how the industry used to be. 

The day after Perez’s title win, it was first reported by Fightful Select that former champion Mandy Rose was released from WWE

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