Pugh family fundraiser reaches goal, updates on Gracie & Jayleigh Pugh

Photo Courtesy: Ring of Honor

The Pugh family is recovering after the death of Jamin Pugh earlier this week with his daughters suffering serious injuries in the motor vehicle accident.

After Tuesday’s tragedy, concern was immediately placed on Jamin’s daughters Gracie and Jayleigh, who suffered significant injuries in the wreck.

Josh Wharton, a family friend and someone that known Jamin since they were kids, has launched a fundraiser for the family that has already eclipsed its goal of $200,000.

A video from Wharton was posted with updates on the two daughters. They relayed information that included 12-year-old Gracie initially losing feeling from the waist down due to a dislocation of the L2 vertebrae and fractures in the L3 and L4 along with spinal compression. She has begun to have feeling in her thighs but nothing below the knee. Following surgery early Wednesday, they were able to relieve some pressure on the spine and she began to have tingling in her feet on and off throughout the day. The surgery was said to go as well as expected and it’s a waiting game regarding spinal compression.

Jayleigh Pugh suffered a fracture of her tibia and fibula and underwent surgery. She sustained a fracture of her neck in the C7 and will require a brace for the next six weeks along with a fracture in the L3 and L4 vertebrae requiring a brace for twelve weeks. Additional injuries included a broken right clavicle, perforated bowel, and broken rib. They got the internal bleeding under control during surgery.

Wharton was blown away by the response from the wrestling community and not realizing how influential Jamin was in this industry.

NBC News 10 in Philadelphia spoke with Jana Pugh, the mother of Jamin, who added that she and her husband arrived at the scene of the crash with Jamin’s father, Mike, trying to communicate with his son.


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