GCW Take A Picture: Los Macizos retain titles, Mike Jackson beats Marko Stunt

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: Take A Picture
Saturday, January 21, 2023
Von Braun Center
Huntsville, Alabama 

Eight Way Scramble Match: Yoya vs. Donnie Primetime vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Brogan Finlay vs. Brandon Williams vs. Hunter Drake vs. Terry Yaki

Brandon Williams grabbed an ankle lock on Yaki, Drake, Yoya, and Mathers, but the hold was broken up by Jimmy Lloyd after he superkicked Williams in the head. Mathers and Lloyd paired off with Mathers getting the best of the exchange with a swinging neck breaker that sent Lloyd to the floor. Williams reentered the match and exchanged some holds with Mathers. Yaki and Yoya faced off briefly, Yaki spiked Yoya with a DDT followed by an around-the-world falcon arrow; Williams and Primetime faced off in the ring, Williams sent Primetime to the floor and took him out with a running cannonball. Primetime made his way back to the ring only to be taken out with a big boot from Yaki, Yaki didn’t last long in the ring as he was quickly wiped out by Marcus Mathers. There was a double tower of doom spot followed by tandem coast to coasts and 450s from Mathers and Yoya. Hunter Drake got the pinfall after a Spanish fly onto Terry Yaki. 

Hunter Drake won the Scramble Match 

Singles Match: Cabana Man Dan vs. Blake Christian 

The two men traded chops in the ring–every time Cabana would get on a little bit of a roll, Christian would bail to the outside. Cabana swung wildly at Christian but was ultimately caught with a side headlock followed by repeated chops and kicks to the chest. Christian’s momentum didn’t last too long as Cabana connected with a dropkick that sent Christian to the floor. Cabana threw a cup of ice at Christian’s head before being caught with a dragon screw as he was attempting to reenter the ring. The two continued with a pretty even back-and-forth match, Christian suckered Dan out onto the apron and took out his leg with a chop block followed by a tease of a dive but Christian slapped Dan in the face. Dan responded with a swinging DDT, with Blake down Cabana grabbed his flipflop and attempted to use it on Christian, Christian wrestled it out of Cabana’s hands and threw it into the crowd. Cabana connected with a spinning heel kick followed by a kick to the jaw and a Code Red for a two count. Dan grabbed the other flipflop but was kicked in the head by Christian a couple of times, Dan was able to get some separation and slapped Christian across the chest with the flipflop and planted him with a short arm DDT for a near fall. Christian hit Dan in the leg with a chair and connected with a 450 for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Cabana Man Dan 

Post Match: Christian attempted to Pilmanize Dan’s neck but Hunter Drake ran in to make the save

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Arez

The two ran wild with a long sequence of Lucha-based counters and reversals that sent the crowd into a frenzy. GCW’s investment in Lucha in the past year has paid off and has made them one of the top lucha companies in America. Arez took Gringo out on the floor with a moonsault followed by a slingshot senton back inside the ring, he then took his time to run up the back of Gringo Loco which resulted in the first near fall of the match-up. Gringo Loco bailed to the floor and sent a couple of chairs into the ring and set up a door bridge on the floor; Arez cleared the top rope and sent Gringo crashing through the door. Nasty landing for both men but they seemed to be ‘alright’, Arez used a piece of the broken door to inflict more punishment on Gringo Loco’s back. Loco teased hitting Arez with a powerbomb off of the apron but Arez escaped and took Loco out with a DDT off the apron onto a pile of broken pieces of door. Gringo caught Arez with a cutter but Arez was still able to kick out, Arez sprung to the top rope and took Gringo back into the ring with a super rana followed by a massive frog splash for a two-count. Arez set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and but it wasn’t a smart move as Gringo Loco sent him through it via a top rope sit-out powerbomb for the victory. 

Gringo Loco Defeated Arez

Single Match: Marko Stunt vs. Action Mike Jackson

They locked up, Jackson having the significant size advantage and quickly backed Marko up in the corner and took him down with a single leg Marko was able to get to the ropes for a little bit of break. Marko got Jackson in a headlock but was quickly dumped on his back and took a powder on the outside of the ring. Mike Jackson teased walking the ropes but Marko put a stop to it and attempted to do the spot himself, but only made it across one side of the ring before Jackson knocked him off and crotched him on the top rope. Mike Jackson then used this time to walk the ropes himself which always gets the crowd going wild. They went back and forth for a little more but Jackson ended up rolling up Stunt for the victory.

Mike Jackson Defeated Marko Stunt

Singles Match: Billie Starkz vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer connected with a big boot that knocked Billie Starkz to the floor, Billie responded with a chairshot to Sawyer’s face and back but Sawyer cut her off and planted Billie on the chair. Billie was set up in the corner and hit with a chair-assisted cannonball, she was then hit with a delayed vertical suplex. Sawyer was sent to the floor and was taken out twice by a charging Billie Starkz, Billie went to the top rope and connected with a Swanton bomb that resulted in a two count. Billie unloaded on Sawyer’s chest with a series of kicks followed by a bridging German suplex for another near fall. Wreck planted Billie with a brutal chokeslam but Billie was still able to kick out at the last second, a frustrated Sawyer Wreck went to the floor and retrieved a door and a couple of chairs for a door bridge. Sawyer Sabu’d a chair at the head of Billie Starkz as Sawyer and the ref set up a door bridge in the corner; Billie got Sawyer up on her shoulders but Sawyer escaped and pulled Billie up onto the second rope where she choke slammed her through the door for the victory. 

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Billie Starkz 

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Adam Priest

The match started with a fierce exchange of holds and grappling maneuvers, Priest kept getting the upper hand which was frustrating Tony Deppen who started to lay in on his strikes. They kept wrestling until they reached a stalemate after a bow-and-arrow reversal sequence; Priest and Deppen exchanged hard chops and forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Tony started to run the ropes but he was taken off of his feet by Priest and slammed in the face with an elbow. The pace of the match picked up as Deppen started to run wild with a series of chops and knee strikes, Deppen wiped Priest out on the floor with a running cannonball but Deppen started to get into it with a fan which allowed Priest time to recover and Sabu a chair at Deppen’s head. Priest dumped Deppen to the floor and went for a running baseball slide but Deppen got out of the way and body dropped him on the floor. They started exchanging near falls and clotheslines, Deppen was caught with a spike DDT and was pinned. 

Adam Priest Defeated Tony Deppen  

Single Match: Cole Radrick vs. Allie Katch

They both teased each other with the one-inch punch before Cole eventually delivered it and had Allie convulsing on the mat, he went to pin her but she rolled him up for a two count. Cole locked in an aggressive chin lock, and they went back and forth for a little while until Allie caught Cole with her hip attack cannonball combo but it only resulted in a two count. Cole caught Allie with a 619 followed by a springboard cutter for another close near fall, Cole started to get frustrated with the ref’s counting cadence. The two went back and forth with forearm strikes, Cole was able to take her to the mat and locked in a modified version of the rings of Saturn, Katch struggled for a little bit but eventually was able to make it to the bottom rope which broke the hold. Back on their feet, Katch and Cole traded kicks and forearms, Cole was able to hit Lil Sebastian’s Curse for the victory.

Cole Radrick Defeated Allie Katch

Singles Match: Chrisjen Hayme vs. Corey Hollis

Hayme chased Hollis around ringside to start, Hollis was able to make it back into the ring first and stomped away on Hayme’s back. Hayme was able to land a strike that grounded Hollis. Hollis went to the floor but Hayme didn’t give him a chance to breathe as he launched himself off the second rope with a moonsault. Hollis dumped Hayme on the ring frame and connected with a superkick for a near fall. This was a very slow match, I’m not sure why it was on the card, like watching a bad horse race in slow motion. They continued to go back and forth before Hayme sloppily pinned Hollis after a torture rack. 

Chrisjen Hayme Defeated Corey Hollis 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos (Champions) vs. East West Express 

All four men started brawling, Oliver was sent to the floor but quickly returned and doubled teamed Miedo Extremo hitting their signature tag team offense. Ciclope returned to the ring and they hit him with the Hart Attack followed by a camel clutch into a drop kick to the face. The momentum of the match switched and Los Macizos took control of the match with a tandem backbreaker into a superkick as the match spilled to the floor. Miedo grabbed a door and hit Jordan and Wayne over the head with it, Oliver had little time to react before the door met his skull. Los Macizos set up a couple of door bridges on the floor as they continued to hit Oliver in the head with the broken piece of door. Two more doors were brought into the ring and set up in the corners, Oliver grounded Miedo with a double knee followed by a cloutcutter to Ciclope and a Batista Bomb to Miedo for a very close near-fall. The champions got Nice Wayne up on their shoulders as they attempted a Doomsday Device but Wayne was able to wriggle out of it as Oliver and Miedo started to exchange forearms in the center of the ring. All four competitors were trading strikes in the center of the ring looking to get some sort of advantage. Wayne reversed a border toss into a Code Red but the pin was broken up by a charging Ciclope, Nick Wayne hit a Spanish fly on Miedo off the apron to the floor through the door. Oliver got a very close near fall after hitting a cloutcutter and Wayne took out Miedo on the floor with a flipping senton. Los Macizos dumped Wayne on his head with a Dragon Suplex but Ciclope was cut off with an Acid Kick from Oliver, Oliver went for the cloutcutter but was caught on Miedo’s shoulders and hit with a Doomsday device but still was able to kick out. Los Macizos set up a door bridge and hit Oliver with a Doomsday Destroyer but the pin was broken up by Wayne who was promptly hit with a sit-out piledriver for the victory. 

Los Macizos Defeated East West Express

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