No Peace Underground – Samsara: Six-Person Tag Deathmatch, Janela & Senegal team

Photo Courtesy: No Peace Underground

No Peace Underground: Samsara
Saturday, January 28, 2023, Soundbar, Orlando, Florida

Commentary: Ron Niemi and Dredden 

Singles Match: Treehouse Lee vs. Marcus Mathers

The two men locked up as they battled for control early on, Lee got a quick roll up but Mathers kicked out and Lee responded with a slap to Mathers’ face. Mathers fired up and landed a handful of kicks that sent Lee to the floor and continued his attack with a tope that wiped out Lee. Back in the ring, Lee kicked Mathers in the face a couple of times, Mathers went to the floor and Lee took him out with a Fosbury Flop. Lee then repeatedly drove Mathers into the guardrails before he threw him back into the ring. Lee tried to continue his momentum but Mathers caught him with a fisherman’s busters, Lee no sold it and landed a twisting leg drop for a two count. Treehouse took off his belt and started to whip and choke Mathers with it much to the chagrin of the crowd. Lee landed a couple of shots to Mathers’s kidneys and attempted to hit him with a back suplex but Mathers landed on his feet and connected with a superkick followed by a Lionsault for a two-count. Mathers connected with a buckle bomb followed by a running knee strike for another near fall; Lee then argued with the ref and landed a low blow on Mathers, followed by a twisting elbow drop for the victory.

Treehouse Lee Defeated Marcus Mathers

Pure Violence Title Qualifying Match: Alex Kane vs. Robert Martyr 

Rules: KO, Submission, Ref stoppage, No Weapons. 

The match began with some grappling with Martyr getting the early advantage with a single leg takedown, they reset as Martyr’s shoulder brace came loose. They locked up again. Kane got control of Martyr’s back but he was able to scramble to the ropes in order to break the hold. Kane dumped Robert on his head with a big backdrop driver, Robert backed off and started to nurse his shoulder in the corner. They locked back up, Robert slapped Kane in the face and started to run wild with a running forearm followed by a kick to the gut and a leaping knee strike. Robert climbed to the top rope and took out Kane with a crossbody, Kane stood stunned in the corner but when Robert rushed in he was caught with a backbreaker followed by repeated shots to Roberts’s head and face. Kane landed another backbreaker followed by shoulders to the gut in the corner, Kane continued his control landing more clubbing blows and backbreakers but Robert kept fighting back. Kane eventually won the match via ref stoppage after Robert was unable to make it back to his feet after getting knocked out. 

Alex Kane Defeated Robert Martyr 

Samsara Scramble Match: Dante Xavier vs. Killmeister vs. Chelsea Durden vs. Zicky Dice vs. KiLynn King vs. Tye Hyll vs. Killbilly 

Dice cut a heel promo to start which caused everyone to jump him and toss him over the top rope, the two women then faced off in the center of the ring but before they came to blows they bailed to the floor and retrieved some weapons. Everyone else was battling in the ring while Durden and King brought a door in the ring and landed some shots on Dice. Killmeister landed a big cutter on Killbilly, while King hit Dice over the back with a steel chair. Xavier hit a sloppy-looking crucifix bomb that resulted in a pin attempt that Tye broke up. King and Durden returned to the ring and faced off with each of them landing forearm strikes, King was able to get the best of the situation and threw Durden into the corner where she landed a spinning heel kick followed by an attempted fisherman’s buster. Dice threw Tye over the top rope with an Awesome Bomb, Dice and King faced off in the center of the ring, and Dice feigned a free shot but ended up striking King in the face. Everyone hit Dice with a light tube, while he was down a door bridge was set up in the center of the ring, King put Dice through the door with a Death Valley Driver but was still able to kick out. Tye broke a tube over King’s head and placed her in the corner then Dante placed a couple of tubes on her and hit her with a cannonball for a close near fall. Dice lit Tye on fire which resulted in a double pin with King and Dice rolling Tye up. 

Dice and King win the Scramble

Devil’s Big Red Dick Deathmatch (Marcus Crane Tribute Match) Lindsay Snow vs. Jimmy Lloyd 

Lindsay grabbed a gusset plate right away but Jimmy was able to fight it off and hammered it into her head busting her wide open. Jimmy got caught in a leg bar but he was able to break the hold with a light tube to Lindsay’s head; Lindsay responded by tripping Jimmy up and locking in a cross face. While he was trapped in the hold, Lindsay started to stick tattoo needles into Jimmy’s forehead; Jimmy removed them but was still planted sky high for a near fall. Snow retrieved a cooler from underneath the ring and threw chunks of dry ice in the center of the ring and suplexed Jimmy Lloyd onto them. Lloyd kicked out at 2 and hit Snow over the head with a bundle of tubes for a near fall of his own. He got Snow up on his shoulders and drove her through a pane of glass with a Death Valley Driver. Right before Jimmy could hit Snow with another bundle, Atticus Cogar, Eric Ryan, and Bobby Beverly jumped Jimmy Lloyd and Snow, cleared the ring, and drove Angelo Metro, Marcus Crane’s partner, and ref for this match, through a bundle of tubes that busted her wide open.

No Contest

Deathmatch: Mad Man Pondo vs. AJ Gray

A show of respect was shown before the bell rang but really didn’t mean much as AJ blasted a bundle over the head of Pondo and proceeded to use the broken edges to carve away at the legend’s forehead. Pondo quickly responded with a bundle of his own, he too used the jagged edges of the tubes to carve away at AJ’s forehead. Pondo then took out a knife and ‘cut’ away at AJ’s mouth; AJ went to the floor and threw a bundle at Pondo’s head and broke another bundle across Pondo’s leg. They battled on the apron, Pondo pushed Gray causing him to fall through two panes of glass that were set up on the outside. Pondo bounced AJ’s head off of a cinder block a couple of times, then pushed a shopping cart with light tubes on the front into AJ’s prone body. Back in the ring, Pondo blasted AJ over the head with a stop sign, placed a cinder block in AJ’s crotch, and broke it with a sledgehammer. Pondo put a bunch of tubes in the center of the ring and tried to dump AJ on them but AJ reversed it and DDT’d Pondo through them, climbed to the top rope, and connected with a stop sign-assisted leg drop for the victory. 

AJ Gray Defeated Mad Man Pondo

Singles Match: JJ Escobar vs. Alex Ocean

JJ had a weed whacker, Alex had a chair and they dueled, Ocean hit him with the weed whacker which caused JJ to go through a pane of glass, Ocean placed another one over JJ and again drove the whacker into the pane causing more pain for JJ Escobar. Ocean took a thing of firecrackers and put them on the crotch of JJ and lit them, JJ’s whole schtick is that he’s a backyard wrestler who does ‘insane’ things to his crotch during a match. He’s not impressive or talented, just takes a lot of punishment or does a stupid spot that goes viral like when he lit his crotch on fire and didn’t have anyone to put it out at IWA Mid-South. JJ took control of the match, started work over Ocean with various light tube shots, and dumped some lighter fluid in the ring. JJ got Ocean up on his shoulders and drove Ocean through a pane of glass with an Assault Driver, the ref was knocked out so no one could count the pin. JJ set up a door bridge in the center of the ring along with a ladder, JJ’s gimp climbed up the ladder and came off of it with a lawn chair, Ocean moved out of the way and pinned JJ with a roll-up. This match sucked, JJ is a talentless hack and there’s a reason why he’s never used. 

Alex Ocean Defeated JJ Escobar 

Tag Team Match: Jamie Senegal & Joey Janela vs. BestBros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga)

Janela and Jamie jumped the BestBros on the entrance ramp, the Bros got control and took out Jamie and Joey with a crossbody. All four competitors brawled on the floor, Joey grabbed a door and set it up, and Mei jumped in a shopping cart that Akki pushed which resulted in her clotheslining Joey and Jamie. Joey ended up in the cart and was pushed then launched into the door that he had previously set up; Joey placed Mei on top of the bar, and the two traded strikes with Mei getting the best of the citation with Mei taking Joey out with a rana to the floor. Joey had Mei up in a vertical suplex and walked her throughout the venue, outside to the locker room then back into the venue eventually dumping her onto a couch to a great reaction. Joey set up another door bridge and drove Akki through it with an elbow drop followed by a double stomp; the brawl continued throughout the venue with both teams inflicting a decent amount of punishment. Akki was spiked on his head with a swinging DDT from Joey Janela and was pinned.

Joey Janela and Jamie Senegal Defeated BestBros

Six-Person Tag Team Deathmatch: Parrow, Sawyer Wreck & Shlak vs. 44OH! (Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan)

Eric Ryan and SHLAK started with a lock-up and engaged in mat work before the ultraviolence began. Parrow and Cogar were next in, Cogar tried to push Parrow and quickly tagged out to Bobby Beverly, and Sawyer tagged herself in and took the fight to Bobby with a bundle of tubes over his head. Bobby responded with bundles of his own as the match broke down into your usual brawling ultraviolence. All 6 competitors started breaking tubes over each other’s heads, Eric Ryan and Parrow sent each other into bundles of tubes that were set up in the corner. Atticus hit Parrow with the headlock driver but Parrow kicked out, SHLAK came to the aid of his partner by powerbombing Atticus through an open folding chair, Sawyer took on Bobby with several tubes across his back and head, Sawyer connected with a big back fist followed a belly-to-back suplex onto all of the broken glass. Parrow climbed to the top rope but was cut off by Eric Ryan who hit him over the head with a bundle of tubes and threw him off the top rope onto the broken glass in the ring for a two-count. Atticus skewered Sawyer’s forehead and connected with a superkick, he was on the top rope but was attacked by Zack Wentz who threw him off the top through two panes of glass on the floor. Parrow pinned Bobby Beverly with a sit-out piledriver. 

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