Genichiro Tenryu undergoes emergency surgery for septic shock

The surgery was a success, per the Tenryu Project statement

Tenryu’s surgery was a success. 

The official Tenryu Project Twitter page pushed out a statement about the status of Genichiro Tenryu. On February 11th, he underwent surgery due to septic shock. 

One of the symptoms of septic shock is low blood pressure and in addition to that, Tenryu had a fever. An examination was conducted and it was discovered that action needed to be taken immediately. He was transported to a hospital where he could be treated and undergo surgery. 

The surgery was a success. Tenryu is conscious, but as of the statement being released, he was in ICU. Tenryu was scheduled to appear at a Legends Summit hosted by the Japan Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame on 2/19. 

Tenryu has been recovering since the fall of 2022 after undergoing spinal stenosis surgery

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