Wrestling fan Mike Bieszck passes away

The Deathmatch wrestling world lost one of its best characters and fans this past week, Mike Bieszck. Mike was always front row at various GCW, ICW, and XPW shows with his trademark gallon jug of iced tea, which was affectionately called, The PissJug. You always knew Mike was at a show even before you saw him as he was probably chanting “Over Here” during a bloody brawl. The outpouring of love and respect that has been shown speaks to the kind of person Mike was. From fans to wrestlers, everyone has shared a memory of Mike that touches upon a common theme, how loving, caring, passionate, hilarious, and loyal he was. 

He never let his ‘fame’ as a fan go to his head or take him over as a person. He embraced the absurdity and uniqueness of life like no one else. He was always just Mike. To know Mike is to love him. The Deathmatch community is small enough and losing someone like Mike is a gut punch. I will miss seeing his smile, hearing his infectious laugh, and chanting at various shows. My thoughts are with him, his family, and his friends. I am looking forward to raising a glass of Ice Tea, Piss, in his honor at the Tournament of Survival. Thank you Mike for the memories and laughs. “It’s a tough league to get a hit in.” PissJug Forever. 

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