Renée Paquette: Jon Moxley is the reason live mics are no longer being given to ‘Rulers of the Jungle’ at Cincinnati Bengals games

Renée Paquette tells the story of when Jon Moxley was given a live mic to pump up the crowd at an NFL Cincinnati Bengals game

Photo Courtesy: Cincinnati Bengals

Jon Moxley asked what he was allowed to say and was told to ‘let it fly’. 

For week 13 of the recent NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals selected AEW’s Jon Moxley and Renée Paquette to be ‘Rulers of the Jungle’ to get the crowd hyped up. 

Renée recounted this experience while chatting with Rick Ucchino on The Mo Egger Radio Show. She shared that Moxley is the reason why live mics are no longer being given to ‘Rulers of the Jungle’. 

Paquette stated that-that was not the case before them, but her and Moxley did well with their pre-tape and it was suggested that they be given live microphones. Moxley asked what he could and could not say and was told to let it fly.

So I’ll tell you a funny story about that day (when Jon Moxley & I were at a Cincinnati Bengals game) so with me working with the Bengals and doing Renee All Dey… and I’m interviewing some of the players, getting to hang out. I’m kind of getting my foot in the door so when they asked us could we come down and be the Rulers of the Jungle, I mean what a high honor as a Cincinnatian as we all know. So we’re super excited, we go down, we shoot some of the promo videos for us to get ready to do it and they’re like, ‘Oh! You guys are pretty good on the microphone. We’re gonna give you guys a live mic to be Rulers of the Jungle’ which apparently they never do. So, Jon, as he’s getting ready to cut this promo on (Patrick) Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, he’s like, ‘What can I say? What can’t I say?’ And they’re like, ‘Uh, I guess just let it fly.’ They no longer allow Rulers of the Jungle to have a live mic for pumping up in the arena. Yeah, I guess he maybe crossed the line a little bit as Jon does. I mean, what do you expect from the guy? You don’t want P.G. version of Jon. We’ve seen that. We like the other version of Jon.

Both Paquette and Moxley were featured on the 3/22 episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS. To get a recap of that show, check out POST Wrestling’s review of it

If the quote in this article is used, please credit The Mo Egger Show with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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