Lita reflects on WWE WrestleMania 39, filming A&E’s Most Wanted Treasures

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Lita did not think she would end up performing at WrestleMania 39. 

This coming weekend, the newest season of A&E/WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure series is premiering. Hosting the new season are WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley, Lita and Booker T. 

To promote the series, Lita chatted with Dean Muhtadi of TMZ Sports and during their chat, Lita looked back at getting the chance to compete at WrestleMania 39. She stated that she had no aspirations or any idea that she would ultimately end up competing at the event. 

I had no aspirations, no idea that I would be at WrestleMania 39 so just walking down that stage and everything, it was really surreal and to do (it) with two people that I’m so close to, or were close to (she smiled), it was really fun and I said to them, I remember saying to them before we went out, ‘Hey, it’s a really long ramp and I know we’re mad at Damage CTRL and we got business to take care of but for the first half, can we just have fun and take it in and then we can get serious?’ And they’re like, ‘Okay.’ I feel like only I did that though. I’m walking down being like, ‘Oh hell yeah! This is rad’ and they’re like, we’re gonna kick your ass.

Switching over to the topic of Most Wanted Treasures, Lita said filming for the show spanned over six months. 

Having just been working for the past year on this show (Most Wanted Treasures) which is honoring the past and honoring these legends in the industry that came before me, or during, you know? We’ve kind of spanned the whole gamut of superstars in this season and seeing the connection that the fans have, not only to the superstars but these moments in history and we go chasing these moments, gear from certain events, milk trucks from a certain event, you know? These moments in history that you remember where you were when you saw them and because of that, because of the family you were sitting around, you will always have these attachments to these superstars and so with Treasures, we were able to go and search the entire country and track down some of the most coveted memorabilia that our fans will know the second they see them and to have it retold by either the superstars themselves, where we were when we saw these moments or the collectors. It’s really hard a lot of times to get these items back because they’re like, ‘No. This means the world to me’ but we’re like, ‘But it means the world to so many fans and let’s put it in a place where fans can appreciate that’ so I loved these missions. Working with Mick (Foley) and Booker (T), it was a really great team. I mean, coming to work with those guys and you know, the show went on for seven-eight, eight-nine months and so, we just became such a good unit with the crew and the players involved and it was a lot of fun.

Lita was one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Becky Lynch. Lita was taken out so Trish Stratus filled in and unsuccessfully defended the titles with Becky. Stratus would later reveal that she ambushed Lita

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