Darby Allin to draft his will in June in case he does not survive Mount Everest climb

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Allin is set on climbing Mount Everest. 

Earlier this month, AEW’s Darby Allin expressed his desire to climb Mount Everest in 2024. On the lead up to the four-way AEW World Championship match he’ll be in at Double or Nothing, Allin made the media rounds. 

One of the platforms he guest appeared on was the Drinks With Johnny podcast. Allin stated that he’ll have to draft his will at some point next month to decide who gets his assets if he does not survive the climb. Allin added that he wants the climb documented. 

We wanna most likely document the whole thing (climbing Mount Everest). 

Like Discovery, some type of team like Discovery. (We’ve got) connections at Warner and stuff. It’d be really cool to, but I wanna summit it and then sometime next month, I gotta make my will. So if I die on that mountain, somebody will win this guy right here (Allin held up his dog). 

Gotta make the will and then just gotta see where all the dogs are gonna go and the house would go. For whatever reason, if there’s a huge ass avalanche. 

He explained that a big part of the reason why he’s choosing to climb Mount Everest is to prove to himself that he can pull it off. Darby said that out of everyone at AEW, he takes the most advantage of the freedom that’s given to him. 

I’ve been doing a lot of meditating and a big part of climbing Mount Everest is to prove to myself I’m capable of something so insane, because it’s just, you know, I don’t know. My day-to-day life, like doing crazy sh*t, I’ve said in promos before, I like to do the crazy sh*t because it breaks down the barriers in my head. I feel like I get stronger, you know? Become like the final boss of what Darby Allin is. I jump my house, I get bigger, boom. I jump off a waterfall, I get bigger and mentally, I’m breaking down things in my head. I’m like, f*ck yeah dude. Let’s go, let’s do it so, that’s why I love the crazy sh*t and that’s why I love AEW so much because there’s no company in the world that’s gonna let me skate with Tony Hawk or jump my house with Travis Pastrana. So I take full advantage of the creative freedom for sure. I feel like out of all the wrestlers in AEW, I take the most advantage of what we can do outside the ring.

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