Carmelo Hayes thinks being on WWE Raw would benefit him the most post-NXT

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Being called up to the main roster became the topic of conversation. 

Carmelo Hayes is nearly two months into his reign as NXT Champion. He defeated Bron Breakker at Stand & Deliver in April and at the Battleground Premium Live Event on 5/28, he’ll meet Breakker once again

Hayes has been making the media rounds ahead of the title bout and he joined WWE Die Woche to promote it. 

One of the questions asked of Hayes is would he prefer to head to Raw or SmackDown post-NXT and he explained why he feels Raw would be the better fit. 

I’d probably rather go to Raw (if I was called up to the main roster). 

I mean yeah, I’d probably go to Raw. SmackDown’s so stacked and in a good way. I think I would benefit a lot being on Raw and I think that they could benefit a lot by having me. 

Out of the NXT talents that were called up to the main roster in the 2023 WWE Draft, Hayes feels SmackDown’s Grayson Waller will make the biggest impact the quickest. He then shouted out J.D. McDonagh, Zoey Stark and Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson). 

I’d probably say Grayson Waller (is gonna make a big impact the quickest on WWE’s main roster post-NXT) and that’s not even biased. I just know his drive. I’ve been very close with him and I’ve trained closely with him and I’ve worked closely with him and I just know his passion and his drive and he has that relentless factor that I have as well. That you refuse to come in second, you refuse to accept less for yourself. He’s somebody that I see just taking the bulls by the horn and riding it all the way through, you know, given the opportunity so yeah, definitely would go with Grayson Waller but I mean, there’s a ton of talent, even Zoey Stark is killing it, J.D. McDonagh’s gonna be great, Pretty Deadly’s gonna thrive. There’s so many great talent that are up there that came from down here. I’m just super excited for them and excited to watch to see how it all plays out.

On Monday, the Poisonrana Podcast is going to be reviewing Battleground on the POST Wrestling site. 

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