Vic Joseph regained his confidence doing WWE NXT commentary with Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix

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Joseph was asked what makes a good commentator. 

Coming up on three years, Vic Joseph has been the lead commentator for WWE’s NXT brand. The current NXT announce team consists of Joseph and Booker T. 

Joseph spoke about the partners he’s had over the last three years during his interview with Chris Van Vliet. Joseph mentioned that there was a point when his confidence took a hit. He stated that doing commentary with Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix helped him regain that. 

He commented on working with Booker and said a lot of what they do is off the cuff. Joseph said him and Booker allow each other to be themselves on commentary. 

Something you hit on earlier, not being the star. You know, knowing that you aren’t the focal point (Joseph responded when asked what makes a good commentator). Also having great teammates. You know, I want to give a huge shout out to Booker T. Booker is Booker, Booker and I do not talk about much, we hang out for hours before the show. When we go out there on Tuesdays, what you hear is-is just live, off the cuff, off the top of our heads. When I was coming back to NXT when we talk about Mauro (Ranallo), Wade Barrett came in, and having done Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live, Monday Night Raw, NXT U.K. and all these different shows to finally have a little bit more of a permanent home. My confidence was hit a little bit, in all honesty, and Wade Barrett specifically helped me, he gave me my confidence back. And I’d be wrong not to include Beth Phoenix in there. And so you have to have confidence. And those two, brought it back to me. Booker kind of lets me be me because I let him be him and it kind of goes, okay, I do know what I’m doing. And when Shawn Michaels is sitting back there and goes, nice job, kid, great job. It’s kind of like, okay, I do know. I don’t want to say self gratification. But you kind of have like, okay, I do know what I’m doing. So you have to have that confidence. But also, to me, it’s telling stories. Roman Reigns has had a beautiful story with The Bloodline that has included Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, and then you throw in Cody Rhodes.

Booker and Vic were on the call for NXT Battleground over the weekend. The Poisonrana Podcast’s review of the show is up on the POST Wrestling YouTube channel.

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