AEW’s Dr. Michael Sampson provides medical update on Thunder Rosa

An update from AEW/ROH’s Dr. Sampson. 

Since Thunder Rosa has been sidelined with a back injury, there have been multiple updates from her about how she’s feeling physically and what the future of her in-ring career could be. 

Rosa posted her newest vlog and she sat down with AEW/ROH ringside doctor Dr. Michael J. Sampson and he provided an update on her recovery. He stated that she is progressing well, but they’re taking their time pushing her limits. 

Dr. Sampson added that if they hit a roadblock, they’ll take a step back. He agreed with Rosa that six weeks is a good ‘goal point’. Rosa added that she has to manage pain in the future and that’s what they’ll focus on over the next six weeks. 

Dr. Sampson: Been a long process with you. So, looking at the most recent MRIs and all the conservative stuff we’ve done in the past, you’re progressing well right now. You still have all the pathology in your lower back; L4, L5 and you know, I think that with our progression going into pushing it to the limit, but taking it sequentially. So, going week to week to week, we push a little bit more. If we hit a roadblock, we back it up a step. But I think, you know, over the next four-to-six weeks, we’ll see how it’s going. So far, we’ve done like a week or two… and you’ve been progressing very well (in our few sessions so far), pain-free. I think if we continue to do that, we know where we stand, get you stronger, get you more in-ring ready. As long as you don’t have that pain, we’re good. We still have to protect your back. The pathology has not gone away. It’s just a matter of we’re treating it so that it helps you improve, yet also protects you from not worsening so, so that’s where we are with it… I would say that’s (six weeks) a good shooting point or goal point to go to is six weeks to see how we go with that. 

Rosa: As you heard, the pathology is still there which means whatever I had, still there. So I have to manage pain in the future and that’s what we’re trying to do right now in the next six weeks. 

Dr. Sampson: L4, L5, L5S1. So there’s a couple different pathologies on there. I think doing more of a picture I think would explain a lot better as far as just verbiage stuff. 

Rosa: It’s a lot of nerves and pinching, degeneration. There’s a lot of that stuff…

Rosa is a part of the Spanish commentary team for AEW events. In late May, she spoke candidly about the mental toll that being out of action has taken on her. To read more, click here.

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