Zachary Wentz knew for a month that’d he’d be returning to IMPACT, excited to be back in a tag team

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Zach Wentz is back in IMPACT. 

The June 29th episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS featured the return of Zachary Wentz. He was last with the company in 2020 before joining WWE alongside current NXT North American Champion Wes Lee. 

Wentz got involved in Trey Miguel’s X Division Title match and reunited with him to reform The Rascalz. While speaking to Darren Paltrowitz, Wentz said he knew he’d be coming back to IMPACT for a month. 

Honestly, not that long of a time (did I have to keep my return to IMPACT a secret). Everything was kind of very rushed. Maybe a month? Yeah, a month, yeah.

He stated that he knew he wanted to be back in a tag team. Members of the Rascalz include Wentz, Miguel, Myron Reed and Wes Lee and Wentz said that’s their baby. He did not want to let their name ‘float off into the breeze’. 

Absolutely (I wanted to be back in a tag team). The Rascalz is my baby. It’s myself, Trey (Miguel), Myron (Reed), Dez or Wes (Lee), whatever you wanna call him. That’s our baby and that’s where we feel the most comfortable, you know? And it would be a shame to just let The Rascalz name float off into the breeze, you know?

In the conversation, Wentz stated that both him and Trey are going to be at Slammiversary on July 15th. There is a four-way tag for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles already set for the show

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