Thunder Rosa to do five-minute match on 8/12, Dr. Sampson thinks it’s fair to say she’ll be good to go in three weeks if all goes well

An update on Thunder Rosa. 

In early July, an update was provided regarding Thunder Rosa’s in-ring status when she recorded a conversation with herself and AEW/ROH ringside doctor Michael J. Sampson. 

She pushed out a new video of herself and Sampson chatting about a potential return. Sampson shared that Rosa is going to have a five-minute match on August 12th in Greensboro, North Carolina where AEW Collision is emanating from. 

He stated that her progression is coming along well and the match she has will let them know a lot. He went on to agree with Rosa that it’s fair to say she’ll be good to go in three weeks if all goes well. 

So, good news, she’s (Thunder Rosa) been doing well. We’re at week four. She’s been religious with her training as she always has been but, religious with her training, doing everything we’ve asked her to do. Next week if I can share, we’re gonna be in Greensboro, North Carolina (for AEW Collision) and we’re gonna do a five-minute mini match and see how you tolerate that and we’re just taking the steps up and if that looks good then, you’re almost there. You are almost there, yes. With following protocols, you’re doing everything as expected to be, your body is actually listening to you. Even though, still there, but you’re getting stronger around it so you’re taking stress off of it so no, you’re doing very well. 

You made the right decision (to step away) because it’s all about you going down the line after wrestling. But during that time, we’re gonna get you back as quickly as (we) possibly can… Yeah, I think that’s fair (to say three weeks until you’re good to go). Next week will be a telltale sign. 

Rosa is a part of the AEW Spanish commentary team. The former Women’s World Champion has been sidelined since the summer of 2022. 

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