Deonna Purrazzo comments on Jordynne Grace’s absence from IMPACT, praises KiLynn King & Gisele Shaw

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Three talents who Purrazzo could see being the next Knockouts World Champion. 

Next up on the docket for Deonna Purrazzo derives from both she and Gisele Shaw putting NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion Giulia on notice for IMPACT x NJPW Multiverse United 2. 

Giulia responded by stating that she’ll be coming to America and Momo Kohgo threw her name in the conversation as well for the August 20th show. Days later, Purrazzo is going to be challenging Trinity Fatu for the Knockouts World Championship at Emergence. 

To promote that, Purrazzo guest appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event and was asked to name who she thinks could be the next Knockouts World Champion other than herself. She named Jordynne Grace, who has not wrestled since May when she lost to Purrazzo at Under Siege. Deonna doesn’t know what’s going on with Grace, but believes she could be champion if she comes back. 

She then went on to heap praise onto KiLynn King. She was excited when King was signed to IMPACT and thinks being introduced as a member of The Coven with Taylor Wilde was good for her. Purrazzo thinks when King breaks away, she’ll be a force. Deonna added that she feels Gisele can be champion as well. 

You know, if Jordynne Grace comes back — we don’t really know what’s happening or her contract status, if she’s a free agent. No one knows what’s next for Jordynne Grace. If she does decide to come back to IMPACT Wrestling and whenever that might be, I do think that she’s out for vengeance. We haven’t seen her since May at Under Siege when I defeated her and I think that she would definitely be in the running (to become Knockouts World Champion) if she was to come back. She would be the next Knockouts World Champion but, if I’m honest, there’s two people that have my biggest vote of confidence to carry on the legacy of the Knockouts World Championship and that is KiLynn King, who I think is just absolutely phenomenal and we are wrestling next week. I was so excited to find out that I would have a singles match with her because I was so excited when she got signed to IMPACT and then I was like, ‘Hell yeah. I wanna work with her.’ So I’m really excited for that match coming up and I just think she’s got it all. She’s such a great wrestler, the gear is great, she kind of knows herself and what she’s good at and what she brings to the table and I think that being in The Coven was a really great way to bring her in and introduce her to the audience and when she kind of breaks away from that whenever that is, she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. But then also, Gisele Shaw. I have said this endlessly, I absolutely love wrestling Gisele. I think she’s phenomenal. I think in the last year, she’s really come into herself and really shown the world that she’s more than just a phenomenal athlete. She is. She can do all the flips, she can do the hard-hitting. She’s crazy, what she can do in the ring but she’s really nailed all of the other little things that we have to worry about and I think that whether it’s — she was just announced to be in that four-way at Emergence for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships and I think if her and Savannah (Evans) are going to win that, it really would set the tone for the rest of her career and like, hey, I can be a kickass, legendary Knockouts World Champion as well.

Coming out of Emergence, IMPACT will be presenting their 1000th episode on September 9th featuring Team 3D (D-Von Dudley & Bully Ray), Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) and The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky). 

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