Swerve Strickland & Prince Nana discuss their connection, Nana’s signature dance

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Strickland said it’s beautiful that he and his team own the song. 

Dating back to earlier this year, Prince Nana and Swerve Strickland have been associated with one another on-screen and they went on to combine their respective Mogul Affiliates and The Embassy groups to form Mogul Embassy. 

Nana and Strickland as a pair have garnered a great deal of attention through social media platforms because of Strickland’s theme song and Nana doing his signature dance when he hears the song. They were invited onto HOT 97 with DJ Drewski and Nana said the song is his ‘jam’. 

Strickland opened up about the connection they have and added that it’s beautiful that along with the producers, he owns the song. 

Strickland: It’s picking up a lot of traction (Swerve challenge). 

Nana: That’s right, that’s right (he responded to it being called the ‘Nana dance’). 

Strickland: First, a lot of the fan base and some of the podcasters out there, they didn’t understand the real connection between me and Nana, the purpose of us being together and I believe we were still trying to figure that out. We were trying to find that as we continued on this journey we call pro wrestling. But we always had the music connection. He’s known me for years. But it just made sense to really bond in that moment of joining the Mogul Affiliates at the time with The Embassy and really bridging that gap and bring us together because he’s still in the music industry. He’s been kind of involved in and out of the music industry for years. So, and he messes with the song heavy. 

Nana: That’s my jam. 

Strickland: He just made it a thing to swerve while he drives and then it became a thing and a lot of the fans started picking up on it and the camera, the people started shooting in the audience every week and we’re seeing more and more people dancing and then they started making their own things and tagging us on I.G., all social medias and Twitter and all that stuff, TikTok. So now, the numbers of it and the beautiful thing about, AEW didn’t make the song. It is my actual song. It is my song featuring Flash Garments, produced by Prophet, beats by Khalid Brooks and that is our actual song so our numbers are shooting up every week every time they TikTok or stream us. Keep streaming that thing, ‘Big Pressure’ by Sw3rve The Realest. 

Mogul Embassy’s Brian Cage, Kaun and Toa Liona are scheduled for AEW Rampage Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe Stadium. They’ll be defending the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles against The Elite (Hangman Adam Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson). 

On October 1st, AEW is presenting their WrestleDream pay-per-view from Seattle, Washington. Strickland, who hails from Washington state is taking on Hangman Page in singles competition at the event. 

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