Joe Galli confirms NWA reality series will air on CW Channel, talks 76th Anniversary event & new talent signees

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A handful of updates about the NWA from Joe Galli. 

Beginning February 6th, new episodes of NWA Powerrr and matches from their specials are going to air on The CW App. It had been previously confirmed that NWA had been filming behind the scenes content for a reality series. 

NWA lead commentator Joe Galli touched on that during his appearance on Knockouts and 3 Counts. He confirmed that the reality show will air on The CW Channel. 

As of right now, we’re (NWA Powerrr) on The (CW) app. But television’s constantly moving and so we’re having all of these different conversations about what’s happening in the world and so there’s a possibility that it could. I will let you know that our secondary show, which I think a lot of podcasts and people have already talked about it which is basically a reality show. That is going to be CW, on their traditional network. It’ll have a timeslot and that’ll be really interesting to help tie people in and that’s more of a decision from CW to try to get people to migrate over to the app.

Looking ahead to the summer, Galli shared that there are plans to do an NWA 76th Anniversary Show. For the past several years, the event has emanated from The Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. Galli teased the idea of the event emanating from a new location on the east coast. 

This next year’s gonna be great. We’re already planning out our big Anniversary Show. There’s gonna be some changes for it, so there’s a little hit for you there. We might change a location, we might come to a bigger city. Perhaps somewhere on the east coast for it too.

Later in the conversation, Galli shared three names that have been signed to NWA contracts. Those talents are Carson Drake and a tag team named The Slimeballz (Sage Chantz & Tommy Rant). 

I’m gonna throw some names at you that probably are not familiar to your audience. But, people that show enormous promise and that are already contracted NWA talents. One of them is Carson Drake, who came from Exodus Pro Midwest–is under that learning tree of EC3. Guy’s got a great look, he’s got the size. He’s got that perfect face to be the heel that you want to get punched in the face. He’s got a punchable face, and so that’s great and there’s also other teams like The Slimeballz and at first brush, a lot of people would go, oh, Slimeballz. It’s like some weird indie team from wherever. It’s like, who cares? But, you see these guys in the ring and the show that they put on and the character they have is so inviting and I think what really is super beneficial with a team like that is it appeals to kids.

At NWA’s Paranoia special in Florida, BLK Jeez was scheduled to make his return to the organization after overcoming multiple myeloma which is a form of blood cancer. 

The day prior to the taping, Jeez was shot in an attempted carjacking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The NWA released a statement about the situation and Jeez added that he is recovering and looks forward to returning at the next NWA event. 

Galli stated that Jeez is in good spirits and there was a running joke that Jeez described the pain as charley horse-like. Galli added that Jeez will be back for the Hard Times show in March

And the last thing I’ll say is I really wish we had an opportunity to let BLK Jeez come back… Incredible. Survives cancer and then the day before he’s supposed to come to the taping, he gets shot when dudes try to carjack him, and I hope they catch those motherf*ckers. So, I know he’s doing well. I think the joke everybody was making because everybody was texting him and stuff and they’re like, ‘So what’s up with Jeez?’ And I’m like, ‘Well he got shot but he says it feels like a charley horse,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ That’s one tough sumb*tch if he’s gonna do that. So, you know, I can’t wait for him to come back in Dothan with us too (for Hard Times) and that’s gonna be a huge welcome back party with him so…

In addition to the aforementioned Paranoia taping on 1/13, immediately after the taping, NWA partnered with Coastal Championship Wrestling to present ‘Viva Revolution’.

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