Kamille reacts to Tony Khan’s comments about her during media call, shares that she had talks with Shawn Michaels

Kamille was taken aback by Shawn Michaels knowing who she is. 

At the start of 2024, Kamille became a free agent after a run with NWA that dates back to 2018. She held the organization’s World Women’s Championship for 812 days, making her the fifth longest reigning NWA World Women’s Champion in history. 

Kamille told WrestlingNewsCo that she knew her time with NWA was coming to an end. When it came time for free agency, things got crazy in the best way. She added that she has made a decision about her wrestling future. 

I know that I did a wonderful job at NWA as champion but as we’ve talked about before, not a whole bunch of buzz, not a whole bunch of buzz around the NWA. But I knew my time was done there and I just — I had no idea what to expect in free agency. I really didn’t, and so when January 1st hit, yeah, things got crazy and in the best of ways, right?… I was just excited if people were interested and then I found out that lots of people were interested and so I decided to give myself — I like to really, really think about things and weigh out pros and cons and so, I was like, okay, I’m gonna give myself all of January to really make the best decision for not only myself. I’m a married woman, right? I have my family and so, just make the right decision for everything and yeah, then when February came, I said, alright, time to make a decision and as I said in my YouTube video, if you guys watch… I am releasing videos every Wednesday. Honestly, just something fun to do… So as I said in my video, February 1st came and I made the decision that I have made.

On the AEW Revolution media call, company President Tony Khan said ‘never say never’ to the idea of Kamille joining AEW and said he has his eyes on her. Kamille touched on that and shared that she had conversations with Shawn Michaels. 

‘Never say never’ is great in professional wrestling because, I mean, look at CM Punk, right? Going back to WWE. Literally never say never, and once again, I just appreciate it so much (Tony Khan’s words about her during AEW Revolution media call) that he’s even taking the time out to look at my work, to enjoy my matches, watch my promos, stuff like that. I mean, I had conversations with Shawn Michaels and I had no idea Shawn Michaels had any idea who in the world Kamille was and found out he was a big fan so, I mean, you know, it’s just stuff like that-that blew my mind and it was super humbling and amazing and yeah, to hear Tony have such nice feedback when you asked him the question the other day was just really refreshing because you know, we’ve talked about this before too, there’s times in wrestling where you feel like, I can’t do anything right. All the fans hate ya, and really since January 1st and I know it’ll be a rollercoaster, I know we’ll get back to them hating me at some point but, everything has been super positive. I’ll tell you what though, I try to stay off of Twitter and stuff as much as I can. I really am just using it mostly to promote my YouTube and everything. But, I find it very entertaining to see what the fans are speculating and think and I’m not mad at it in any kind of way because they’re talking and that’s a good thing.

Following up on that, Kamille said she’s never been backstage at NXT. She added that her conversation with Shawn Michaels was not face-to-face but she was backstage at an AEW event visiting friends. 

No, I’ve never been backstage at NXT. I was backstage at AEW because I was visiting friends and whatnot and no, Shawn Michaels was not face-to-face.

In 2021, Kamille appeared for AEW on Dynamite to promote an NWA Women’s Title defense she had against Leyla Hirsch at EmPowerrr

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