Kamille vs. Leyla Hirsch made official for NWA EmPowerrr

Leyla Hirsch earned her shot at the NWA World Women's Championship and the match was made official for EmPowerrr

Leyla Hirsch is challenging for the NWA World Women’s Title in several weeks.

At AEW Homecoming, The Bunny and Leyla Hirsch went one-on-one to determine the next challenger to the NWA World Women’s Championship. Hirsch came out on top and secured the title match. She was then confronted by the champion Kamille who was ringside for Hirsch and The Bunny’s bout.

Kamille and Hirsch came face-to-face in the ring and soon after their confrontation, the NWA announced that Hirsch versus Kamille for the title is official for NWA’s all-women’s event EmPowerrr on August 28th.

The NWA World Women’s Champion will be in action at NWA 73rd Anniversary as well which is the following night.

On top of Kamille versus Hirsch, there will be an NWA Women’s Invitational tournament at EmPowerrr to determine the next challenger to the title.

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