Nic Nemeth open to defending IWGP Global Title against Will Ospreay, looking for match with Bryan Danielson

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Ospreay and Danielson are on Nemeth’s radar. 

It was at NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo that Nic Nemeth bested David Finlay to capture the IWGP Global Championship. It was Nemeth’s first title win post-WWE and his first title win since March 2022 when he won the NXT Title

Jamal Niaz of Monopoly Events caught up with Nemeth and the 19-year veteran said he’d be open to defending his newly-won title against Will Ospreay, but would want the story to matter.

(Will) Ospreay, I go, ‘Oh, he can do anything in the freaking world’ so to have a chance to be able to defend this title and having it mean more… I think the story matters more so I know Ospreay’s freaking awesome. I love that. If there is some story of like, I need to test myself and at that point, I’ve gone around the world and tested myself, I go, I haven’t been in the ring with you. Maybe this is how it goes down. That would be cool as hell. But, first things first, I wanna defend this every possible chance I get against some of the best in the world and let everybody know that not only am I the champ, I’m representing it properly every weekend.

Later on in the conversation, Nemeth stated that he’s looking to have a match against Bryan Danielson without WWE protecting Danielson and saying he’s going to win.

I like that and a really weird thing is I’d like to be back in there with Daniel Bryan too, without WWE saying he has to win and protecting him. I want to go one-on-one with a guy that everybody treats as one of the best of all-time and in the world. I go, you’re not better than me. Not by a long shot, so, I want to fight him one-on-one while everybody watches and goes, oh right, I guess Nic’s pretty good too. No, I’m freaking great at this. I would absolutely love that. I have a long list of some Japanese legends that I wanna get into because I wanna test myself but man, when I come out on the other side of that, I’m looking for Daniel Bryan. I’m going to headbutt him right in the head, knock him down, choke him out, tap him out, you name it. I can’t wait.

Nemeth was scheduled to defend the IWGP Global Title against Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW Sakura Genesis but the match was postponed due to Tanahashi dealing with an ankle injury

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