Becky Lynch comments on Vince McMahon lawsuit: ‘It’s horrible’

Becky Lynch
Photo Courtesy: WWE

Becky Lynch became the latest WWE wrestler to discuss Vince McMahon’s lawsuit when she appeared on The MMA Hour this week.

Lynch, who was a guest on the show as part of a press tour for her autobiography, The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, was asked her thoughts on the recent lawsuit filed against former WWE boss McMahon.

In January, former Janel Grant WWE staffer accused McMahon of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and physical and verbal abuse in a lawsuit. McMahon has since departed his roles in WWE and TKO Group Holdings, leaving the wrestling industry for the second time in recent years.

Lynch, who has been open about her positive interactions with McMahon in the past, was clearly grappling with the lawsuit. She mentioned the feeling that she now knows two different versions of McMahon: The one she had experienced with personally, and the one she heard about in the lawsuit.

“Those allegations are horrible, and it’s so hard to listen to because that’s not my experience,” Lynch said on The MMA Hour. “He was so good to me, and Vince had a genius about him. He was not the easiest to work with, but he also lived an extremely interesting life in terms of what he had built. And so, I like learning from him, I like talking to him, he’s responsible for all the things in my life by building WWE. For the most part, we’ve had some ups and downs, but he was always good to me as a person and always treated me with respect. I felt like I had earned a lot of respect from him and he had gave me respect.

“And then you’re hearing this other side, which is not the person that I know. And that’s really hard, especially when you’re a woman in this business. And you’re a woman who has been trying to push things to be equal. But, look, that’s the other part of it. There’s not a third party who was making things unequal, you know what I mean? That’s the other side of things, that’s the kind of things that I write about in the book, that was kind a little bit eye-roll-y. In that, ‘Here’s a women’s evolution! Here’s a women’s revolution!’ Who are you freeing us from? You? A lot of that felt very condescending in some regards.”

Lynch continued:

“It’s very hard to hear about these things because I didn’t experience them. And I hate that anybody experienced that in general, but especially [from] somebody that has been very kind to me in my life and career … It’s like two different people. He’s like a grandfather. I remember telling him that I was pregnant and how good he was to me and how happy he was for me. And you think of that kindness you felt, and you have to hear about this other side and it’s horrible. It’s horrible to put those two people together.”

With McMahon out of the WWE, many current employees have spoken about the allegations that he is facing. John Cena, Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins have all previously discussed the lawsuit in media appearances. Many of the quotes include a similar balancing of two realities, that being personal experiences versus horrifying alleged details in the lawsuit.

Later in the interview, Lynch was also asked about her contractual status in the WWE. She said her current deal will expire in two months, and that “we’ll see” what’s next for her after that. While Lynch was quite careful about what to say regarding her contract, she expressed no fears regarding what could be next for her.

“I am so confident in my ability and my worth that I’m not worried about it,” she said.

Lynch also channelled her on-screen character late in the hour-long interview, calling out Rhea Ripley and responding to a video sent in by the current WWE Women’s World Champion. You can watch the full segment here.

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